Shalfleet census 1841

HO  107 / 408 / 8

Liberty of West Medina, Isle of Wight Division, Parish of Shalfleet, Part of the Registration District of Calbourne

Note: My copy of this census is partially of poor quality and parts are illegible. I am in the process of validating against another copy.  I take no responsibility  for accuracy, but I have tried my best.

District 6

 There is no description of this district. It is a small district, 22 people, at the west end of the parish which appears to be a few properties to the south of the Shalfleet to Yarmouth road at Bouldnor. 

Place Name of Each Person Age/sex Trade of Profession Whether born in county
Male Female
West Bouldner Robert Mew 40   Ag Lab Y
  William Mew 15   M S Y
  Harriet Mew   11   Y
  John Mew 7     Y
  Charlotte Mew   6   Y
West Bouldner Robert Burt 35   Ag Lab Y
  Hannah Burt   30   Y
  Mary Burt   15   Y
  Esther Burt   10   Y
  Maria Burt   6   Y
  Robert Burt 4     Y
Sea Cottages William Gutteridge 25   Ag Lab Y
  Priscilla Gutteridge   25   Y
  Jane Gutteridge   4   Y
  Charles Gutteridge 2     Y
  Harriett Gutteridge   1   Y
  Henry Brett 1     Y
Sea Houses William Gutteridge 70   Ag Lab Y
Sea Houses Thomas Hollis 70   Ind Y
  Fanny Hollis   70   Y
  Eliza Hollis   30   Y
  Martha Cartelas   50   Y

Shalfleet 1841 census

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