Shalfleet census 1841

HO  107 / 408 / 8

Liberty of West Medina, Isle of Wight Division, Parish of Shalfleet, Part of the Registration District of Calbourne

District 5 

Census taken 6 June 1841

All that part of the Parish of Shalfleet which lies North of the Road leading from the Mill Stream at Shalfleet Bridge (passing South of the Church) through Warlands Lane, Ningwood and Wellow (North of the Sun Inn) to the Bound Stone at Lee and Course which divides the Parishes of Shalfleet and Thorley. East of a line from the bound stone aforesaid to Gravel Lane in the Bouldner Road. North of the Road from Gravel Lane aforesaid to Yarmouth Toll Gate, South of the Hamstead Shore and West of Newtown River.

Place Name of Each Person Age/sex Trade of Profession Whether born in County
Male Female
Shalfleet Saltern Cottage John Foss 25   Salt maker Yes
  Elizabeth Foss   20   Yes
  Ann Foss   3    
Millbank Cottage William Taylor 40   Labourer Yes
  Elizabeth Taylor   50   Yes
  Harriett Wadham   21 F S Yes
  Frederic Wadham 12     Yes
  James Wadham 4     Yes
Mill House Mary Hollis   25 F S Yes
  Ann Buckett   64 Char Woman Yes
Mill Place William Hollis 55   Ind Yes
Village of Shalfleet James Cotten 31   Labourer Yes
  Martha Cotten   28   Yes
  Charles Cotten 5     Yes
  Harriett Cotten   3   Yes
  Cornelius Cotten 5m     Yes
Village of Shalfleet Hannah Wheeler   77 Ind Yes
  Ann Wheeler   40   Yes
  Selina Wheeler   5   Yes
Village of Shalfleet William Pinhorn 68   Tailor Yes
  Mary Pinhorn   67   Yes
Village of Shalfleet William Shotter 30   Shoemaker Yes
  Emma Shotter   27   Yes
  Barton Shotter 4     Yes
Village of Shalfleet William Dyer 35   Schoolmaster Yes
  Ann Morris   30 F S Yes
Parsonage Barnabas Cotten 25   Game Keeper Yes
  Ann Cotten   25   Yes
  Henry Cotten 7     Yes
  John Cotten 5     Yes
  William Cotten 3     Yes
  Jane Cotten   8m   Yes
Village of Shalfleet John Hammond 30   Potter Yes
  Jane Hammond   35   Yes
  William Hammond 5     Yes
  Jane Hammond   1   Yes
Shalfleet Farm Charles Hawker 65   Yeoman Yes
  Ann Hawker   50   Yes
  Charles Hawker Jnr 20     Yes
  Edward Hawker 20     Yes
  Ellen Anne Hawker   15   Yes
  Anne Sophia Hawker   15   Yes
  Elizabeth Frances Hawker   15   Yes
  Caroline Anne Hawker   13   Yes
  James Parry Hawker 8     Yes
  Isaac Brewer 15   F S Yes
  Jane Barter   18 M S Yes
Ningwood William Wheeler 65   Ind Yes
  William Wheeler   65   Yes
Fays Cottage, Ningwood Henry Therle 30   Labourer Yes
  Jane Therle   30   Yes
  Elizabeth Therle   4   Yes
  Mary Therle   2   Yes
  John Therle 6m     Yes
Ningwood John Marks 40   Carpenter Yes
  Sarah Marks   40   Yes
  Jane Marks   20   Yes
  William Marks 18   Carpenter Yes
  Mary Marks   15   Yes
  Frederick Marks 12     Yes
  Ellen Marks   10   Yes
  James Marks 6     Yes
  John Marks 84   Labourer Yes
Ningwood Isaac Hendy 40   Labourer Yes
  Jane Hendy   40   Yes
  William Hendy 20   Brick Maker Yes
  Edith Hendy   15   Yes
  Jesse Hendy 16   Labourer Yes
  Henry Hendy 8     Yes
  Isaac Hendy 5     Yes
  Jane Hendy   3   Yes
  Sophia Hendy   1   Yes
Ningwood John Coombs 80   Labourer Yes
  Jane Coombs   79   Yes
Ningwood John Scovell 72   Labourer Yes
  Hannah Scovell   70   Yes
Ningwood Benjamin Morey 25   Labourer Yes
  Elizabeth Morey   25   Yes
  John Morey 8     Yes
  James Morey 6     Yes
  Ann Morey   4   Yes
  Henry Morey 1     Yes
  William Morey 1     Yes
Ningwood George Coombs 24   Labourer Yes
  Maria Coombs   22   Yes
  Emily Coombs   2   Yes
  Henry Coombs 2m     Yes
Ningwood Hezekiah Hills 75   Carpenter Yes
  Martha Hills   25   Yes
  Ellen Hills   15   Yes
  Laura Hills   2   Yes
Ningwood, Sparks Farm William Russell 50   Yeoman Yes
  Ann Russell   50   Yes
  Henry Russell 15     Yes
Ningwood William Read 30   Shoemaker Yes
Pitts Cottage William Collins 37   Labourer Yes
  Sarah Collins   37   Yes
  Henry Collins 3     Yes
  Ann Collins   9m   Yes
Ningwood William Hodges 29   Labourer Yes
  Charlotte Hodges   30   Yes
  Jane Hodges   1   Yes
  Elizabeth Hodges   5   Yes
  William Hodges 2      
Ningwood James Ridet 60   Bricklayer Yes
  Sarah Ridet   60   Yes
  Anna Ridet   30   Yes
Ningwood John Wheeler 40   Labourer Yes
  Ann Wheeler   35   Yes
  Susannah Wheeler   13   Yes
  Charlotte Wheeler   11   Yes
  Emma Wheeler   9   Yes
  Ellen Wheeler   7   Yes
  Mary Ann Wheeler   6   Yes
  John Wheeler 4     Yes
  Kate Wheeler   1   Yes
Ningwood Peter Wheeler 40   Yeoman Yes
  Rose Ellen Wheeler   30   No
  William Wheeler 10     Yes
  Mary Ann Wheeler   8   Yes
  Barton Wheeler 3     Yes
  Louisa Wheeler   2   Yes
  Henry Hendy 21   M S Yes
  Fanney Warren   18 F S Yes
Ningwood Thomas Hollis 35   Labourer Yes
  Jane Hollis   35   Yes
  Charles Hollis 15     Yes
  Mary Hollis   10   Yes
  Jesse Hollis 8     Yes
  Ellen Hollis   4   Yes
  Thomas Hollis 2     Yes
Ningwood Thomas Bowerman 65   Ind Yes
  Elizabeth Bowerman   60   Yes
  Jane Hicks   60 Ind Yes
  Elizabeth Bowerman   30   Yes
  Margaret Bowerman 20     Yes
  William Coombs 30   M S Yes
  Henry Dyer 20   M S Yes
  Harriett Downer   20 F S Yes
  Jane Salter   25 F S Yes
Ningwood John Cotten 60   Labourer Yes
  Robert Cotten 18   Labourer Yes
Ningwood Dan James 64   Labourer Yes
  Jane James   60   Yes
  Mary James   30   Yes
  Harriett James   20   Yes
  Jane James   7   Yes
  James Daw 39   Labourer Yes
  James Brett 15   Labourer Yes
Ningwood Isaac Brett 30   Labourer Yes
  Hannah Brett   30   Yes
  James Brett 13     Yes
  Thomas Brett 11     Yes
  George Brett 9     Yes
  Ann Brett   6   Yes
  William Brett 3     Yes
  Marey Brett   3m   Yes
Ningwood Thomas Meador 60   Tailor Yes
Ningwood Richard Barton 71   Labourer Yes
  Sarah Barton   64   Yes
  Jane Barton   28   Yes
Ningwood Henry Wheeler 30   Labourer Yes
  Harriet Wheeler   30   Yes
  Charles Wheeler 10     Yes
  Emma Wheeler   9   Yes
Ningwood George Guest 65   Yeoman No
  Penelope Guest   25   Yes
Ningwood Joseph Chessell 35   Shoemaker Yes
  Margaret Chessell   35   Yes
  Alice Chessell   15   Yes
  William Chessell 7     Yes
Wellow William Read 65   Dissenting Preacher Yes
  Mary Castle   55 Housekeeper No
Wellow Thomas Hayles 40   Labourer Yes
  James Hayles 40     Yes
Wellow William Urry 56   Yeoman Yes
  Sarah Urry   55   Yes
  Sarah Urry   20   Yes
  Sophia Barton   25 Millinor Yes
Wellow James Burt 72   Labourer Yes
  Jane Burt   72   Yes
  William Burt 30   Labourer Yes
Wellow George Woodford 56   Labourer Yes
  Ann Woodford   56   Yes
  John Hollis 73   Labourer Yes
Wellow James White 46   Labourer Yes
  Hannah White   37   Yes
  Charles White 15     Yes
  Henry White 13     Yes
  George White 9     Yes
  Jacob White 6     Yes
  Edward White 4     Yes
  Albert White 2m     Yes
  Elizabeth Daw   63 Washer Woman Yes
Wellow James Long 25   Sawyer Yes
  Jane Long   26   Yes
  Alfred Long 2     Yes
Ningwood Manor Farm James Hills 52   Yeoman Yes
  Hannah Hills   46   Yes
  Louisa Hills   18   Yes
  George Hills 16     Yes
  Robert Hills 13     Yes
  Ann Hills   10   Yes
  Henry Hills 8     Yes
  Sophia Hills   6   Yes
Wellow Joseph Seagar 60   Labourer Yes
  Sarah Seagar   62   Yes
  Mary Seagar   25   Yes
  Fanny Seagar   20   Yes
Wellow James Gatrill 36   Labourer Yes
  Hannah Gatrill   35   Yes
  Merry Gatrill   7   Yes
Wellow Andrew Taylor 35   Carrier Yes
  Eliza Caroline Taylor   34   Yes
  Henry Taylor 10     Yes
  George Taylor 8     Yes
  Brown Taylor 4     Yes
  Andrew Taylor 1     Yes
Wellow Charles Carpenter 24   Labourer Yes
  Ann Carpenter   20   Yes
  Robert Carpenter   3   Yes
  Louisa Carpenter   3m   Yes
Wellow William Young 49   Labourer Yes
  Ann Young   44   Yes
  Elizabeth Young   20   Yes
  Fanny Young   20   Yes
  Ellen Young   1   Yes
Wellow William Seager 36   Labourer Yes
  Hannah Seager   25   Yes
  Fanny Seager   5   Yes
  Sophia Seager   3   Yes
Wellow Jeremiah Brown 59   Merchant No
  Thomas Brown 10     No
  John Brown 30     No
  William Brown 26     No
  Eliza Brown   50   No
  Emily Brown   16   No
  Sarah Ann Brown   14   No
  Sophia Brown   12   No
Wellow Benjamin Baskem 40   Carpenter Yes
  Mary Baskem   45   Yes
  James White 8     Yes
Boldner House Robert Richard Christie 16   Ind No
  Elizabeth Ford   34 F S Yes
  Leonard Cooper 16   M S Yes
  Eliza Lale   30 F S Yes
  James Stay 25   M S Yes
Little Lucketts James Biddlecombe 55   Sawyer Yes
  Hannah Biddlecombe   54   Yes
  James Biddlecombe 28   Sawyer Yes
  Barnabas Biddlecombe 15   Sawyer Yes
  Eliza Biddlecombe   22   Yes
  Fanny Brown   24 Lodger Yes
  Andrew Brown 6     Yes
  Barnabas Brown 3     Yes
Grove Cottage Rachael Hodges   57 Widow Yes
  James Hodges 10     Yes
West Hamstead Jonathan Marks 40   Labourer Yes
  Lucy Marks   40   Yes
  Sarah Marks   18   Yes
  William Marks 14     Yes
  Harriott Marks   10   Yes
  Mary Marks   7   Yes
  Henry Marks 5     Yes
  Keziah Marks   2   Yes
  Louisa Marks   1 week   Yes
Hamstead Farm Mary Ann Nash   68   No
  John Pennethorne 30   Mathematician No
  Ann Pennethorne   41   No
  Mary Potter   56 F S No
  Maria Chick   19 F S Yes
Hamstead Farm William Selby 30   Yeoman Yes
  Louisa Selby   30   Yes
  Georgeina Selby   3   Yes
  William Selby 2     Yes
  Ellen Ann Selby   1   Yes
  Joseph Stringer 60   Ind No
  George Gough 67   Printer No
  Edward Cassell 20   M S Yes
  Benjamin Coombs 20   M S Yes
  Albert Young 15   M S Yes
  Charles Greenham 15   M S Yes
  William Thomas 40   Labourer Yes
  Sarah Russell   15 F S Yes
  Sarah Salter   15 F S Yes
  Betsy Marks   12 F S Yes
Lower Hamstead Timothy Pittman 45   Labourer Yes
  Ann Pittman   45   Yes
  William Pittman 19     Yes
  John Pittman 13     Yes
  Harriet Pittman   12   Yes
  Elizabeth Pittman   10   Yes
  Maria Pittman   9   Yes
  James Pittman 6     Yes
  Sarah Pittman   2   Yes
Lower Hamstead William Wright 50   Labourer No
  Frances Wright   45   Yes
  Charles Wright 10     Yes
  Leonard Wright 8     Yes
  Emma Wright   4   Yes
Lower Hamstead Thomas Holbrook 40   Mariner Yes
  Charlotte Holbrook   30   Yes
  Henry Holbrook 12     Yes
  Ann Holbrook   10   Yes
  Thomas Holbrook 8     Yes
  Francis Holbrook 6     Yes
  Mary Holbrook   4   Yes
  Eliza Holbrook   9m   Yes
  Catherine Pink   50 Lodger No
Hamstead Brick Yard Emanuel Pragnell 69   Labourer Yes
  Hannah Pragnell   59   Yes
  Henry Pragnell 29   Brick Burner Yes
  Edward Pragnell 20   Brick Maker Yes
  Alfred Pragnell 17   Tile Maker Yes
Ningwood John Hendy 50   Labourer Yes
  Ann Hendy   45   Yes
  Andrew Hendy 11     Yes
  Selina Hendy   8   Yes
  George Hendy 4     Yes
Ningwood Charles Meaning 25   Labourer Yes
  Ann Meaning   25   Yes
  Sarah Meaning   6   Yes
  Henry Meaning 5     Yes
  Ellen Meaning   3   Yes
Cranmore Farm Robert Seagar 37   Yeoman Yes
  Mary Seagar   37   Yes
  Burges Seagar 12     Yes
  Charles Seagar 10     Yes
  Emma Seagar   8   Yes
  Jane Seagar   4   Yes
  Kate Seagar   2m   Yes
Shalfleet James Sargeant 37   Grocer Yes
  Eliza Sargeant   35   Yes
  Ellen Sargeant   12   Yes
  Emma Sargeant   9   Yes
  Catherine Sargeant   70   Yes
  James Green 60     Yes

Shalfleet 1841 census

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