Shalfleet census 1841

HO  107 / 408 / 8

Liberty of West Medina, Isle of Wight Division, Parish of Shalfleet, Part of the Registration District of Calbourne

District 4 

Census taken 6 June 1841

All that part of the parish of Shalfleet which lies from the South of the Road from the Mill Stream at Shalfleet Bridge through Warlands Lane (passing South of the Church) Ningwood & Wellow (passing North of the Sun Inn) to the Bound Stone near Lee and Course which divides the Parishes of Shalfleet and Thorley. East of a line from the Bound Stone aforesaid to the Southern boundary of the Parish of Shalfleet on Shalcomb Down. North of the Road on Shalcomb Down leading to the Brook Road. West of the Road from Shalcomb to Dodpits Cross. North  of the Road from Dodpits Cross to the Mill Stream at Newbridge and West of the millstream from Newbridge to Shalfleet Bridge. - N.B. Shalcomb Farm and Cottages in the Parish of St. Nicholas not included.

Place Name of Each Person Age/sex Trade of Profession Whether born in County
Male Female
Shalfleet John Day 50   Grocer Yes
  Sarah Day   38   Yes
  Frances Day   18   Yes
  John Day 15     Yes
  Robert Day 10     Yes
  Jane Day   8   Yes
  David Day 4     Yes
  Alice Day   1   Yes
Shalfleet Richard Buckett 35   Labour Yes
  Ann Buckett   30   Yes
  Mary Buckett   8   Yes
  Andrew Buckett 4     Yes
  Fanny Buckett   2   Yes
  William Buckett 20   Stone Mason Yes
  Eliza Buckett   25   Yes
Shalfleet James Prince 60   Labour Yes
  Mary Prince   53   Yes
  Luke Prince 21     Yes
  George Prince 17     Yes
  Roda Prince   13   Yes
  Clara Prince   9   Yes
Vicarage John Woodford 50   Relief Officer Yes
  John Woodford 25   Tailor Yes
  Emma Woodford   20   Yes
  Aimy Woodford   20   Yes
  Richard Woodford 18   Joiner Ap. Yes
  Saul Woodford 15   Joiner Ap. Yes
Cooks Farm Daniel Morris 50   Yeoman Yes
  Elizabeth Morris   50   Yes
  Levi Morris 20     Yes
  Caroline Morris   20   Yes
  Prescilla Morris   15   Yes
  Daniel Morris 15     Yes
  Alfred Morris 10     Yes
Shisford Thomas Meason 38   Labour Yes
  Amelia Meason   35   Yes
Shisford William Taisley 37   Miller Yes
  Ann Taisley   25   Yes
  Thomas Taisley 12     Yes
  William Taisley 10     Yes
  Mary Ann Taisley   8   Yes
  Jane Taisley   2   Yes
Shisford William Tutton 25   Labour Yes
  Ann Tutton   25   Yes
  Marie Tutton   10   Yes
  Fanny Tutton   7   Yes
  James Tutton 3     Yes
  Jane Tutton   3m   Yes
Newbridge Charlotte Wood   23   Yes
  George Wood 6     Yes
Shalfleet Field James Whittington 57   Miller Yes
  Sarah Whittington   49   Yes
  Jeremiah Whittington 16     Yes
  Leonard Whittington 13     Yes
  Benjamin Whittington 9     Yes
Shalfleet Field William Warren 45   Labourer No
  Charlotte Warren   41   Yes
  Harriet Warren   10   Yes
Newbridge James Whittington 36   Labourer Yes
  Mary Whittington   28   Yes
Newbridge Abraham Cotton 30   Fisherman Yes
  Elizabeth Cotton   29   Yes
  Alfred Cotton 7     Yes
  Francis Cotton 2     Yes
  Ellen Cotton   1   Yes
Newbridge Henry Cook 30   Labourer Yes
  Elizabeth Cook   30   Yes
  James Drake 20   Labourer Yes
  William Drake 15   Labourer Yes
  Ellen Cassell   8   Yes
Newbridge Jacob Frey 26   Labourer Yes
  Hannah Frey   20   Yes
  James Frey 6m     Yes
Newbridge Joseph Sargeant 45   Mason Yes
  Elizabeth Sargeant   40   Yes
  Mary Sargeant   20   Yes
  Maria Sargeant   15   Yes
Newbridge William Waddam 40   Labourer Yes
  Jane Waddam   40   Yes
  Eliza Waddam   17   Yes
  James Waddam 15     Yes
  Mary Waddam   12   Yes
  Ann Waddam   10   Yes
  Frank Waddam 6     Yes
  Emma Waddam   4   Yes
  Jane Waddam   5m   Yes
Newbridge Richard Gladdis 35   Labourer Yes
  Eliza Gladdis   30   Yes
  Eliza Gladdis   9   Yes
  James Gladdis 6     Yes
  Ellen Gladdis   3   Yes
  William Gladdis     Yes
  Martha Butcher   65   Yes
Newbridge Thomas Whittington 50   Labourer Yes
  Jane Whittington   50   Yes
  Charles Whittington 25   Ag Lab Yes
  John Whittington 25   Ag Lab Yes
  William Whittington 20   Ag Lab Yes
  Henry Whittington 20   Ag Lab Yes
  Edwin Whittington 15   Ag Lab Yes
Newbridge William Hendy 30   Labourer Yes
  Hannah Hendy   25   Yes
  Mary Ann Hendy   5   Yes
  Elizabeth Hendy   4   Yes
  James Hendy 2     Yes
  Jane Hendy   4m   Yes
Horse and Jockey William Pressey 25   Landlord Yes
  Jacob Gladdis 29   Ag Lab Yes
  Ann Gladdis   26   Yes
  Mark Gladdis 4     Yes
  Bartha Gladdis   3   Yes
Newbridge John White 44   Maltster Yes
  Ann White   44   Yes
  Robert White 18     Yes
  Isaac White 16     Yes
  Louisa White   12   Yes
  John White 10     Yes
  Alfred White 8     Yes
  Ann White   6   Yes
  Sarah White   4   Yes
  William White 2     Yes
Newbridge Richard Good 45   Carpenter No
  Keziah Good   45   Yes
  Richard Good 20   Carpenter Yes
  William Good 15     Yes
Churchills Farm William Baker 42   Yeoman Yes
  Hannah Baker   44   Yes
  Caroline Baker   19   Yes
  Jane Baker   17   Yes
  Prescilla Baker   15   Yes
  Henry Baker 13     Yes
  John Baker 10     Yes
  Benjamin Scott 22   Ag Lab Yes
  Moses Legg 24   Ag Lab Yes
Chessell Farm Benjamin Skeet 45   Yeoman Yes
  Ann Skeet   47   Yes
  Mary Dore   80   Yes
  Charles Leacourt 18   Ag Lab Yes
Prospect Cottage William Daw 50   Ind Yes
  Mary Daw   55   Yes
Lawkains Benjamin Stephens 30   Ag Lab Yes
  Mary Stephens   30   Yes
  Jane Stephens   12   Yes
  Henry Stephens 9     Yes
  George Stephens 6     Yes
  Charles Stephens 7m     Yes
Prospect Place James Carpenter 60   Ag Lab Yes
  Hannah Carpenter   55   Yes
  George Carpenter 30     Yes
  Martha Carpenter   20   Yes
Prospect Place James Read 45   Ag Lab Yes
  Ann Read   40   Yes
  Ann Read   12   Yes
  George Read 6     Yes
Wellow Farm Robert Lock 55   Yeoman Yes
  Sophia Lock   45   Yes
  Robert Lock 20     Yes
  Elizabeth Lock   15   Yes
  James Lock 15     Yes
  Sophia Lock   10   Yes
  George Lock 9     Yes
  Charles Lock 3     Yes
  Maria Lock   40   Yes
  Joseph Morey 25   Ag Lab Yes
  George Gutteridge 40   Ag Lab Yes
Wellow David Scammel 55   Ag Lab Yes
  Marie Scammel   50   Yes
  Charles Collyer 8     Yes
Wellow Isaac Gutteridge 25   Ag Lab Yes
  Harriett Gutteridge   21    
Wellow Benjamin Cooper 45   Smith Yes
  Elizabeth Cooper   40   Yes
  Frederick Cooper 18   Smith Yes
  Caroline Cooper   14   Yes
  Eleanor Cooper   12   Yes
  Edward Cooper 8     Yes
  Frank Cooper 5     Yes
  Selina Cooper   2   Yes
  Charles Grey 13     Yes
  William Groves 25   Sawyer Yes
Wellow Jeremiah Cass 45   Yeoman Yes
  Hannah Cass   44   Yes
  Richard Cass 16     Yes
  William Cass 14     Yes
  Mary Cass   12   Yes
  Jane Cass   10   Yes
  John Cass 7     Yes
  Leonard Cass 5     Yes
  Levi Cass 2     Yes
  Ellen Cass   1   Yes
Wellow William Daw 35   Ag Lab Yes
  Sophia Daw   30   Yes
  Frank Daw 1     Yes
  Amelia Green   12   Yes
Wellow James Seager 35   Ag Lab Yes
  Ann Seager   35   Yes
  Ellen Seager   10   Yes
  Maria Seager   9   Yes
  Sarah Seager   5   Yes
  James Gutteridge 72   Ag Lab Yes
Wellow Stephen Mew 50   Ag Lab Yes
  Charles Mew 36   Ag Lab Yes
Wellow Joseph Salter 40   Carpenter Yes
  Charlotte Salter   35   Yes
  FrderickSalter 15     Yes
  Eliza Salter   11   Yes
  Emily Salter   5   Yes
  Georgina Kennis   11   Yes
Wellow James Salter 25   Mason J Yes
  Ann Salter   20   Yes
  Emma Salter   6   Yes
  Louise Salter   4   Yes
  Barton Salter 1     Yes
Wellow James Gladis 41   ? Drover Yes
  Elizabeth Gladis   35   Yes
Wellow John Perkins 50   Ag Lab Yes
  Charlotte Perkins   30   Yes
  Ann Perkins   9   Yes
  Betsey Perkins   7   Yes
  Sarah Perkins   5   Yes
Sun Inn James Rashley 60   Innkeeper Yes
  Hannah Rashley   55   Yes
  Sarah Scott   20 F S Yes
  Alfred Lambert 11     Yes
  James Chessell 50   Ag Lab Yes
  John Snow 50   Sawyer Yes
Wellow James Foy 45   Ag Lab Yes
  Esther Foy   35   Yes
  Caroline Foy   15   Yes
  Mary Anne Foy   10   Yes
  Matilda Foy   7   Yes
  William Foy 5     Yes
Wellow William Elliott 40   Dissenting Minister No
  Elizabeth Elliott   35   No
  Caroline Elliott   15   No
  Rowland Elliott 13     No
  Elizabeth Elliott   11   No
  Mary Ann Elliott   9   No
  Jane Rowland   70 Ind No
  Ann James   15 F S Yes
Wellow David Kent 50   Ag Lab Yes
  Elizabeth Kent   41   Yes
  James Kent 13     Yes
  John Kent 10     Yes
  William Kent 5     Yes
Wellow William Gatrel 60   Ag Lab Yes
  Hannah Gatrel   55   Yes
  Ann Gatrel   28   Yes
  Frances Gatrel 18     Yes
  Joseph Gatrel 20     Yes
  Frank Gatrel 5     Yes
Wellow George Baskem 78   Gardener Yes
  Martha Baskem   82   Yes
  Henry Grimshaw 15   M S Yes
Wellow William Long 50   Carpenter Yes
  Mary Long   50   Yes
  Elizabeth Long   24   Yes
  Sarah Long   7   Yes
Wellow William Drake 67   Cordwainer Yes
  Mary Drake   67   Yes
Wellow William Brookham 63   Sawyer Yes
  Sarah Brookham   60   Yes
  Joseph Brookham 20   Sawyer Yes
Wellow John Collins 30   Ag Lab Yes
  Mary Collins   24   Yes
  Jacob Collins 6     Yes
  John Collins 2     Yes
Wellow Robert Brett 40   Ag Lab Yes
  Mary Brett   40   Yes
  Jacob Brett 20   Ag Lab Yes
  Leonard Brett 15   Ag Lab Yes
  Francis Brett   12   Yes
  Sophia Brett   8   Yes
  Charles Brett 6     Yes
  Emma Brett 4     Yes
  Albert Brett 1     Yes
Wellow Daniel Dove 30   Ag Lab Yes
  Jane Dove   30   Yes
  Henry Dove 8     Yes
  Charles Dove 6     Yes
  Jacob Dove 4     Yes
  Edwin Dove 2     Yes
  Albert Dove 1     Yes
  Michael Dove   65 Ag Lab Yes
Wellow John Salway 25   Excise Officer No
  Mary Ann Salway   25   No
Wellow James Chessell 75   Ag Lab Yes
  Sarah Chessell   65   Yes
Wellow Peter Scovel 25   Ag Lab Yes
  Eliza Scovel   20   Yes
Wellow James Beere 45   Ag Lab Yes
  Hannah Beere   35   Yes
  Ann Beere   11   Yes
  James Beere 9     Yes
Stonovers George Warder 65   Ag Lab Yes
  Ann Warder   60   Yes
  Jane Warder   15   Yes
  Ann Marie Warder   2   Yes
  Charlotte Warder   20   Yes
Wellow George Millmore 45   Brickmaker Yes
  Mary Millmore   45   Yes
  George Millmore 20   Ag Lab Yes
  Jane Millmore   18   Yes
  James Millmore 16   Ag Lab Yes
  Pheobe Millmore   14   Yes
  Edward Millmore 9     Yes
  Sophia Millmore   6   Yes
Brickyard Cottage George Pritchett 56   Yeoman No
  Ann Pritchett   54   Yes
  Mary Pritchett   25   Yes
  Amelia Pritchett   19   Yes
  Benjaman Whillard 53   Brickmaker No
Ningwood James Reynolds 40   Ag Lab Yes
  Charlotte Reynolds   40   Yes
  Ann Reynolds   14   Yes
  Caroline Reynolds   11   Yes
  Charlotte Reynolds   9   Yes
  Andrew Reynolds 2     Yes
Ningwood Edmund Pritchett 23   Brickmaker Yes
  Elizabeth Pritchett   24   Yes
  William Pritchett 4     Yes
  Frank Pritchett 2     Yes
  Ellen Pritchett   9m   Yes
Ningwood James Wheeler 65   Ag Lab Yes
  Sarah Wheeler   60   Yes
  Ann Wheeler   20   Yes
Stonovers David Dove 35   Ag Lab Yes
  Martha Dove   30   Yes
  Elizabeth Dove   14   Yes
  Fanny Dove   12   Yes
Ningwood Green Farm William Wheeler 45   Yeoman Yes
  Sarah Wheeler   42   Yes
  Caroline Groves   19 F S Yes
  James Wheeler 35   Ag Lab Yes
Ningwood Thomas Jacobs 60   Yeoman Yes
  Mary Jacobs   55   Yes
  Thomas Shotter 25   Smith Yes
  William Mitchell 16   M S Yes
Ningwood Stephen Churchman 60   Brickmaker Yes
  Frances Churchman   55   Yes
Warlands Farm Maria Woodford   28   Yes
  Frederick Woodford 3     Yes
  Louisa Woodford 4     Yes
  Stephen Silsbury 55   Ag Lab Yes
  Charles Munt 18   Ag Lab Yes
  Elizabeth West   55 F S Yes
Eddys William Fiander 34   Ag Lab Yes
  Ann Fiander   31   Yes
  William Fiander 9m     Yes
  William Hendy 55   Ag Lab Yes
  Abagail Hendy   50   Yes
  Andrew Hendy 11     Yes
Lower House Jane Drayton   50   Yes
  James Drayton 25   Carrier Yes
  William Drayton 25   Ag Lab Yes
  Elizabeth Drayton   20   Yes
  Sarah Drayton   20   Yes
  Andrew Drayton 13     Yes
  Robert Drayton 11     Yes
  Charles Drayton 9     Yes
  Ann Drayton   5   Yes
Shalfleet Jonathan Chiverton 38   Ag Lab Yes
  Ann Chiverton   38   Yes
  William Chiverton 12     Yes
  James Chiverton 9     Yes
  Charles Chiverton 5     Yes
Shalfleet Peter Wheeler 68   Ag Lab Yes
  Dinah Wheeler   61   Yes

Italics denote some degree of uncertainty

Shalfleet 1841 census

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