Shalfleet census 1841

HO  107 / 408 / 8

Liberty of West Medina, Isle of Wight Division, Parish of Shalfleet, Part of the Registration District of Calbourne

District 3

Census taken 6 June 1841

All that part of the Parishes of Calbourne and Shalfleet which lies to the West of the High Road from Calbourne Cross to Calbourne Bottom, North of Mottistone Down and Chessell Down, East of the Road from Chessell to Dodpits Cross, South of the High Road from Dodpits Cross aforesaid to Calbourne Cross.

Place Name of Each Person Age/sex Trade of Profession Whether born in County
Male Female
Little Chapel John Carben 45   Ag Lab Yes
  Mary Carben   35   Yes
  William Carben 14     Yes
  Martha Carben   10   Yes
  Thomas Carben 5     Yes
Little Chapel Isaac Lewis 30   Ag Lab Yes
  Pheobe Lewis   30   Yes
  Eliza Lewis   10   Yes
  George Lewis 8     Yes
  Ann Lewis   5   Yes
  Jemima Lewis   3   Yes
  Davis Lewis 1m     Yes
Little Chapel Isaac Wickens 46   Ag Lab Yes
  Charlotte Wickens   44   Yes
  Ann Wickens   19   Yes
  James Wickens 14     Yes
  Harriet Wickens   12   Yes
  Jane Wickens   10   Yes
  Joseph Wickens 6     Yes
  Kitty Wickens 2     Yes
  Robert Holbrook 2     Yes
Little Chapel Charles Greenham 40   Ag Lab Yes
  Edith Greenham   39   Yes
  Harry Greenham 13     Yes
  Frank Greenham 10     Yes
  Emma Greenham   7   Yes
  Rebecca Greenham   4   Yes
  George Greenham 3     Yes
  Ann Greenham   1   Yes
Little Chapel Andrew Cook 27   Ag Lab Yes
  Elizabeth Cook   25   Yes
  Angelina Cook   3   Yes
  Mary Agnes Cook   1   Yes
  Harriet Milaner   13   Yes
Dodpitts William Way 30   Farmer Yes
  Ann Way   60 Ind Yes
  William Gallop 25   Ag Lab Yes
  John Cook 18   Ag Lab  
  Thomas Wolgar 17   Ag Lab Yes
  Ellen Pitman   17 F S Yes
Spring Hill William Jupe 30   Carpenter Yes
  Jane Jupe   30   Yes
Spring Hill Henry Jolliffe 35   Ag Lab Yes
  Ann Jollife   30   Yes
  Henry Jolliffe 4     Yes
  Andrew Jolliffe 2     Yes
Spring Hill James Greenham 20   Ag Lab Yes
  Anne Greenham   20   Yes
  Bertha Greenham   8m   Yes
  James Carley 50   Ag Lab Yes
Spring Hill Henry Meaning 30   Ag Lab Yes
  Sarah Meaning   25   Yes
  Rosetta Meaning   3   Yes
  Louisa Meaning   1   Yes
  Martha Morris   1   Yes
Spring Hill William James 30   Ag Lab Yes
  Harriet James   25   Yes
  Ann James   9   Yes
  Charles James 8     Yes
Newbridge Elizabeth Brewer   30   Yes
  James Brewer 15   Ag Lab Yes
  Jane Brewer   11   Yes
  Susannah Brewer   5   Yes
  Dorcas Brewer   2   Yes
Newbridge Charles Jolliffe 44   Ag Lab Yes
  Elizabeth Jolliffe   40   Yes
  Frances Jolliffe   18   Yes
  James Jolliffe 15     Yes
  John Jolliffe 13     Yes
  Ann Jolliffe   11   Yes
  William Jolliffe 8     Yes
  Henry Jolliffe 5     Yes
  Jane Jolliffe   3   Yes
Newbridge George Whittington 30   Ag Lab Yes
  Mary Whittington   25   Yes
  Jane Whittington   4   Yes
  Ann Whittington   2   Yes
Newbridge Jacob James 42   Ag Lab Yes
  Mary Ann James   35   Yes
  Willam James 13     Yes
  John James 10     Yes
  Mary Ann James   8   Yes
  Henry James 6     Yes
  Louisa James   2   Yes
Newbridge John Taylor 30   Ag Lab Yes
  Sarah Taylor   30   Yes
  Ann Taylor   12   Yes
  Charlotte Taylor   9   Yes
  Isaac Taylor 6     Yes
Newbridge Hannah Spence   25   Yes
Newbridge James Baker 45   Grocer Yes
  Frances Baker   50   Yes
  Elizabeth Baker   25   Yes
  Julia Baker 13     Yes
Newbridge William Bull 24   Baker Yes
  Hannah Bull   28   Yes
  Elizabeth Bull   2m   Yes
  Mary Bull   12   Yes
Newbridge William Scovell 30   Ag Lab Yes
  Eliza Scovell   24   Yes
  Ann Scovell   15   Yes
  Leonard Scovell 10     Yes
  Ellen Scovell   11   Yes
  Louisa Scovell   6   Yes
  Harriet Scovell   4   Yes
  William Scovell 1     Yes
Newbridge John Harden 60   Ag Lab Yes
  Hannah Harden   50   Yes
  Hannah Harden   20   Yes
  James Harden 14     Yes
  Charles Harden 12     Yes
  William Harden 16     Yes
  Jane Harden   9   Yes
Newbridge Thomas Hensler 48   Ag Lab Yes
  Jane Hensler   30   Yes
  Thomas Hensler 9     Yes
  William Hensler 5     Yes
  James Hensler 4     Yes
  Matilda Hensler   2   Yes
Newbridge James Gillingham 50   Shoe Maker Journeyman Yes
  Jane Gillingham   55   Yes
  James Gillingham 20   Ag Lab Yes
  William Gillingham 17   Ag Lab Yes
  Caroline Gillingham   15   Yes
Newbridge Isaac Young 45   Ag Lab Yes
  Keziah Young   40   Yes
  Henry Young 15     Yes
  James Young 12     Yes
  George Young 10     Yes
  Anna Young   7   Yes
  Edith Young   3   Yes
Newbridge Isaac Stephens 57   Ag Lab Yes
  Ann Stephens   45   Yes
  Frances Stephens   19   Yes
  William Stephens 15     Yes
  George Stephens 10     Yes
Newbridge John Pitman 30   Ag Lab Yes
  Maria Pitman   31   Yes
  Henry Pitman 12     Yes
  Frances Pitman   7   Yes
  Jane Pitman   9   Yes
  Edith Pitman   5   Yes
  William Pitman 2     Yes
Newbridge Henry Grunsell 40   Ag Lab Yes
  Mary Grunsell   40   Yes
  Ann Grunsell   18   Yes
  Eliza Grunsell   12   Yes
  Ellen Grunsell   8   Yes
  Louisa Grunsell   5   Yes
  Emily Grunsell   2   Yes
Newbridge James Plumley 37   Ag Lab Yes
  Mary-Ann Plumley   27   Yes
  Mary-Ann Plumley   9   Yes
  Elizabeth Plumley   4   Yes
  Jane Plumley   2   Yes
Newbridge James Wilkins Ford 35   Police Constable Yes
  Jane Ford   31   Yes
  Mary Jane Ford   10   Yes
  Emma Elizabeth Ford   9   Yes
  John James Ford 8     Yes
  Andrew Ford 6     Yes
  Frank Ford 3     Yes
  Caroline Ford   2   Yes
Newbridge Ruth Baker   44   Yes
  Charles Baker 18   Shoemaker Yes
  Frederick Baker 16   Ag Lab Yes
  Ann Baker   14   Yes
  William Baker 12     Yes
  Richard Baker 9     Yes
  Peter Baker 7     Yes
Newbridge Adam Redstone 38   Mason Yes
  Mary Redstone   40   Yes
  Joseph Redstone 14     Yes
  Mary Redstone   12   Yes
  Isabella Redstone   6   Yes
Newbridge Robert Skeats 38   Ag Lab Yes
  Maria Skeats   39   Yes
  Joseph Skeats 12     Yes
  Henry Skeats 9     Yes
  Walter Skeats 6     Yes
  Frank Skeats 4     Yes
Newbridge William Thorn 51   Blacksmith Yes
  Kezia Thorn   42   Yes
  Emma Thorn   16   Yes
  William Thorn 13     Yes
  Ann Thorn   10   Yes
  Maria Thorn   7   Yes
  Joseph Thorn 5     Yes
  Jane Thorn   3   Yes
  Charles Thorn 6 m     Yes
Newbridge Thomas Warne 30   Ag Lab Yes
  Eliza Warne   30   Yes
  Fanny Warne   10   Yes
  Henry Warne 8     Yes
  William Warne 6     Yes
  George Warne 3     Yes
Newbridge John Wadham 50   Army Yes
  Mary Wadham   45   Yes
  Robert Wadham 16   Ag Lab Yes
  Ann Wadham   11   Yes
  James Wadham 8     Yes
  George Wadham 6     Yes
  William Wadham 4     Yes
Newbridge Robert Warren 40   Ag Lab Yes
  Harriet Warren   45   Yes
  Henry Warren 10     Yes
  Joseph Warren 7     Yes
  William Warren 4     Yes
  Frank Warren 1     Yes
  Emma Stretch   20   Yes
Pigtile George Thorn 40   Ag Lab Yes
  Lydia Thorn   40   Yes
  Michael Thorn 15     Yes
  George Thorn 12     Yes
  John Thorn 10     Yes
  Isaac Thorn 8     Yes
  Edward Thorn 6     Yes
  William Thorn 4     Yes
  Maria Thorn   2   Yes
Eades Joseph Pritchett 26   Brick Burner Yes
  Elizabeth Pritchett   27   Yes
  Anne Pritchett   5   Yes
  Joseph Pritchett 3     Yes
  Jacob Pritchett 2     Yes
  Jesse Pritchett 5m     Yes
  Ann Coombs   46 FS  
  John Treloar 80   Dependent  

Shalfleet 1841 census

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