Shalfleet census 1841

HO  107 / 408 / 8

Liberty of West Medina, Isle of Wight Division, Parish of Shalfleeet, Part of the Registration District of Calbourne

District 2 (Part)

Census taken 6 June 1841

The description of the District is very confused and it has apparently been split into two. It appears to cover mainly the Parish of Calbourne, but also a limited part of Shalfleet, although it is difficult to determine where. I suspect this is the part of the village which is the area to the east of the Mill Stream, and which should correctly be described as being in Calbourne, and possibly part of the detached part of the parish around Watchingwell. Only areas described as Shalfleet (and Watchingwell) have been transcribed.

Place Name of Each Person Age/sex Trade of Profession Whether born in county
Male Female
Sishford William Beck 35   Ag Lab Y
  Ann Beck   30   Y
  Ann Beck   15   Y
  Mary Ann Beck   7   Y
  Elizabeth Beck   4   Y
  Martha Beck   2   Y
  Isaac Taylor 40   Ag Lab Y
  Sarah Taylor   8   Y
  Henry Taylor 5     Y
Shalfleet Richard Gill 45   Shoemaker Y
  Francis Gill   15   Y
  Frances Gill 12     Y
  Ann Gill   6   Y
  James Gill 4     Y
Shalfleet Robert Buckett 75     Y
  Henry Buckett 25   Ag Lab Y
  Jane Buckett   25   Y
  George Buckett 6     Y
  John Buckett 5     Y
  William Buckett 4m      
Shalfleet Mary Simmonds   65 Washerwoman Y
Shalfleet Timothy Morey 55   Ag Lab Y
  Elizabeth Morey   53   Y
  Jane James   7   Y
  James Merwood 40   Ag Lab Y
Shalfleet William White 30   Ag Lab Y
  Edith White   25   Y
  John White 5     Y
  Edith White 2     Y
  Edward White 30   Ag Lab Y
Shalfleet William Urry 55   Ag Lab Y
  William Urry 25   Labourer Y
  Mary Anne Urry   20   Y
Shalfleet William Stretch 70   Sawyer Y
  Ann Stretch   70   Y
  James Stretch 40   Sawyer Y
  Barnabas Stretch 35   Sawyer Y
Lower Watchingwell Henry Damp 40   Ag Lab Y
  Maria Damp   40   Y
  Fanny Damp   15   Y
  Eliza Downer   20   Y
Heath Cottage James Millmore 30   Ag Lab Y
  Fanny Millmore   20   Y
  Charles Millmore 5     Y
  George Millmore 1     Y

Shalfleet 1841 census

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