Strays - People detailed in the census as being born in Shalfleet, but living off the Isle of Wight.

Name and Surname of each person Location   Age M Age F Rank, Profession or Occupation
James H ARNOLD West Meon, Hants Son 43   Farmer
Matthew ARNOLD West Meon, Hants Son 42   Farmer
Julia ARNOLD Potsea Niece   20 Milliner
Mary H ARNOLD Streatham Visitor   40  
George BARTON Colchester Soldier 18   Foot Guard Soldier
Emily BERRY Kingston Wife   27 Shirt Maker
Emily BIDDLECOMBE Islington Servant   17 General Servant
Martha CAMMELL Boldre, Hants Head   41 Domestic Servant in charge
William CHIVERTON Hambledon, Hants Head 42   Ag Lab
Alice L COMPTON Frome, Somerset Daur   9 Scholar
Walter I COMPTON Hereford Boarder 11   Scholar
F B COOPER Vessels, Hampshire   40   Blacksmith
Frederick B COOPER Hound, Hampshire Head 48   Blacksmith
Ann COVEY Godalming, Surrey Wife   28  
Ellen CUBBITT Westminster, London Wife   46  
George DRAKE Maidstone, Kent Lodger 25   Grocers Poster
John DRAYTON Westminster, London Head 49   Clerk
Andrew DRAYTON Westminster, London Brother 45   Warehouseman
Frances FARNALL Lymington, Hants Daur   27  
Herbert G FARNALL Lymington, Hants Son 29   Lieutenant 28th Regiment
Harry B FARNALL Woolston, Southampton Lodger 32   Allowance from Father
Jane FOSTER Marylebone, London Wife   36  
Albert E FROST Thornton Watlass, Yorkshire Son 7    
Edgar FROST Thornton Watlass, Yorkshire Son 4    
Jane FRYER St Mary's, Southampton Widow   40 Nurse
Francis GILL Portsea Head 42   Labourer, H M Dockyard
James GILL Portsea Brother 32   Seaman
Cephas GLADDIS St Margarets, London Boarder 25   Metropolitan Police Constable
William HENDY Brighton, Sussex Patient 49   Brickmaker
Robert HILLS Hambledon, Hants Head 43   Farmer
James HILLS Hambledon, Hants Son 10    
Sophia HILLS Hambledon, Hants Daur   8  
Christianna R HODGES Boldre, Hants Daur   12 Scholar
Joseph Robert HODGES Boldre, Hants Son 10   Scholar
Grace Harriett HODGES Boldre, Hants Daur   9 Scholar
Samuel James HODGES Boldre, Hants Son 6   Scholar
Thomas HOLBROOK Vessels, Hampshire   38   Master
Austin HOLBROOK Vessels, Hampshire   21   Mate
Robert HOLBROOK Woolwich Soldier 32   Bombadier, Royal Artillery
Eliza HOLLIS Milverton, Warwick Head   62 Annuitant
Frederick HOLLIS Huish Champflower, Somerset Servant 21   Groom
James HOLLIS Westminster, London Head 54   Detective
Charles HUNT Southwark, London Head 61   Labourer
Augustus JACKMAN Widley, Hants Son 14   Labourer
Edwin JACKMAN Widley, Hants Son 16   Chemists Shop Boy
Frances JACOB Newbury, Berks Wife   49 Wife of Butler
Cecilia LUCEY Bermondsey, London Daur   17  
Hannah LUCEY Bermondsey, London Wife   49 Charwoman
John J MARRINER Baughurst, Hants Son 3    
Elizabeth MILLER Chelsea, London Widow (Visitor)   81 Interest on Money
Elizabeth MILTON St Mary's, Southampton Wife   36  
Eliza MONK St Mary's, Southampton Widow   53 Laundress
Frances NEWBERRY Portland, Dorset Widow   48  
Harriett NORRIS St Decuman, Somerset Wife   39  
Harriett PERKINS Long Buckby, Northampton Wife   47 Farmers Wife
Fanny PAYN Leamington, Warwicks Wife   62  
Albert PRIEST Lymington, Hants Son 13   Scholar
Edmund PRITCHETT North Stoneham, Hants Head 53   Brickmaker
Charles SALTER St Mary's, Southampton Head 38   Bricklayer
John SCOTT Bexley, Kent Boarder 23   Police Constable
Eliza SLOPER Turnworth, Dorset Servant   37 Domestic Servant, Ladies Maid
Elizabeth SMALL Portsea Wife   35  
Albert R SMALL Portsea Son 13   Scholar
James E SMALL Portsea Son 10    
James TERRY Prescot, Lancs Widower 60   Shopman
Kate WARE Portsea Wife   31  
Mabel WAY Islington, London Boarder   14 Scholar
Susannah WHEELER Lee, Kent Servant   19 Housemaid
Ellen C WINGATE Deptford, London Boarder   5 Scholar
Ellen WYKES Isleworth, Middlesex Wife   28  
Ann YOUNG Clapham, Surrey Wife   49  

Note: This is not complete, it includes only those with 'Shalfleet' given as birthplace. 

Shalfleet 1871 Census

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