Shalfleet Census 1871

R.G.10 1171

District  8

Census taken 2 April 1871 - Enumerator Mr Thomas Westmore

Bounded on the east by the detached part of the Parish of Shalfleet, on the west by the mill stream, on the north by the High road running from Shalfleet Bridge to the parish boundary at Little Watchingwell and on the south side by the High Road leading from Ashen Grove to the mill stream at Newbridge. Comprising the cottages near Shalfleet, Reaches, Fry’s, Heberdens, Fullholding, Five Houses, North ?, Swainston, Northfields, Flatbrooks, Pounds, ??, Gustars, ??, Winefield, Longs and Coopers and others, Stone Steps, Bank Cottage, Langbridge, Glebe Quarry, Sisford, Taggs, ??, Lower Mill and every other unnamed house or habitation within the prescribed boundary. 

This is not a full transcription and includes only the areas appropriate to Shalfleet.

    Name and Surname of each person Relation to Head Marriage Condition Age Male Age Female Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born
25 Sisford Cottage Isaac Taylor Head Widower 68   Labourer Calbourne, Hants
26 Cottage John Groves Head Mar 66   Labourer Calbourne, Hants
    Ann Groves Wife Mar   49   Calbourne, Hants
27 Shalfleet Joseph H Westmore Head Widower 40   Labourer Calbourne, Hants
    Joseph Westmore Son     14 Labourer Calbourne, Hants
28 Shalfleet Mary Squibb Head Widow   50 Pauper Ireland
29 Cottage Charles Ford Head Mar 32   Labourer  
    Ellen Ford Wife Mar   29   Salisbury, Wilts
    Robert W Westmore Nurse child   2     Calbourne, Hants
30 Shalfleet Jane Pitman Head Widow   42 Pauper Thorley, Hants
    James Pitman Son Mar 12   Labourer Thorley, Hants
    Frank Pitman Son   9   Scholar Calbourne, Hants
    Eliza Pitman Daur     6 Scholar Calbourne, Hants
    John Pitman Son   4     Calbourne, Hants
    Alfred Pitman Grandson   4     Calbourne, Hants
    Alice Pitman Grand-daughter     2   Calbourne, Hants
31 Shalfleet James Sanctuary Head Mar 46   Groom Tatterford, Norfolk
    George H Thompson Lodger Unmar 28   Labourer London
Not transcribed              
44 Nr Shalfleet Alice Gubbins Head Widow   55 Huckster Shalfleet, Hants
    Thomas Westmore Lodger Unmar 68   Butcher Newchurch, Hants

Shalfleet Census 1871

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