Shalfleet Census 1861

 District 6 Reference R.G.9 / 662

This covers the detached part of the parish around Watchingwell and the Porchfield part of Calbourne parish.

Infirmities are marked with an asterisk and recorded below.

    Name and Surname of each person Relation to Head Marriage Condition Age M Age F Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born
1 Watchingwell Farm William Young Head of Family Widowr 62   Farmer of 100 acres, 4 men Hants, Shalfleet Parish
    William Young Son Un 16   Farmers Son Hants, Shalfleet Parish
    Harriett Fisk [Blank]     40 Visitor Norfolk
    Ann Mew Serv     13 House Servant Hants, Thorley Parish
    Frank Ruple Serv   16   House Servant Hants, Brixton Parish
    Thomas Cotten Serv   14   House Servant Hants, Shalfleet Parish
2 Lower Watchingwell Farm Henery Rolf Head Mar 44   Farmer of 235 acres, 5 men, 2 boys Hants, Whippingham Parish
    Elizabeth Rolf Wife Mar   23 Farmers Wife Hants, Newport Parish
    Henery James Rolf Son   9m   Farmers Son Hants, Whippingham Parish
    Mary Rolf Mother Wid   85 Farmers Mother Hants, Whippingham Parish
    Sophia Rolf Sister Un   41 Farmers Sister Hants, Whippingham Parish
    Louisa Lock Sister in Law     16 Farmers Sister in Law France
    Thomas Bullock Serv Un 60   Carter Hants, Shorwell Parish
    Joseph Hobbs Serv   13   Cowboy Hants, Whippingham Parish
3 Heath Cottage, Newport Rd William Rolf Head Widowr 53   Small Farmer employing 2 boys Hants, Whippingham Parish
    Elizabeth Rolf Daur Un   24 Housekeeper Hants, Whippingham Parish
    Sarah A Young Daur Mar   22 Ag Labourers Wife Hants, Whippingham Parish
    Frank Rolf Son   14   Ag Labourer Hants, Whippingham Parish
    Scilia Randal Rolf Daur     10 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet Parish
    Rodah Rolf Daur     7 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet Parish
    Alfred William Rolf Son   3   Scholar Hants, Shalfleet Parish
    Mary Ann Young Niece     3m   Hants, Shalfleet Parish
    Kate Rolf Daur     7 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet Parish
4 Dinglers Cottage Henry Moses Head Mar 48   Farm Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Maria Moses Wife Mar   44 Labourers Wife Hants, Shalfleet
    Amos Moses Son Un 16   Labourers Son Hants, Shalfleet
    Henry Moses Son   15   Labourers Son Hants, Shalfleet
    Maria Moses Daur     12 Labourers Daughter Hants, Shalfleet
    Jane Moses Daur     7 Labourers Daughter Hants, Shalfleet
    Fanny Moses Daur     4 Labourers Daughter Hants, Shalfleet
    Joseph Moses Son   2   Labourers Son Hants, Shalfleet
5 Durrents Cottage, Newport Rd Isaac Saunders Head Widowr 59   Ag Labourer Hants, Carisbrooke
    Jane Saunders Daur Un   30 Housekeeper Hants, Godshill
    Henery Saunders Son Un 20   Ag Labourer Hants, Carisbrooke
    Georg Saunders Son   14   Ag Labourer Hants, Carisbrooke
    James Saunders Son   7   Scholar Hants, Carisbrooke
    Alfred Saunders Son   5   Scholar Hants, Carisbrooke
    Ellen Saunders Daur     2 Ag Labourers Daughter Hants, Carisbrooke
6 Durrents Cottage, Newport Rd Henery Cotten Head Mar 27   Farm Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Mary Cotten Wife Mar   22 Farm Labourers Wife Hants, Arreton
    Frederick Cotten Son   5   Farm Labourers Son Hants, Arreton
    Mary Cotten Daur     3 Farm Labourers Daughter Hants, Shalfleet
    Alfred Cotten Son   2m   Farm Labourers Son Hants, Shalfleet
7 Little Locks Rhuben Roach Head Mar 65   Ag Labourer Hants, Whitwell
    Eliza Roach Wife Mar   56 Ag Labourers Wife Hants, Calbourne
    William Roach Son   21   Ag Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Sarah Ann Roach Grand Daur     6   Hants, Northwood
    Henery Roach Son   15   Ag Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
8 Coleman Farm James Broom Head Mar 33   Farm Labourer Somersetshire
    Martha Broom Wife Mar   28 Ag Labourers Wife Somersetshire
    Caroline Broom Daur     6 Ag Labourers Daughter Devonshire
    Elizabeth Broom Daur     4 Ag Labourers Daughter Devonshire
    George Henery Broom Son   2   Ag Labourers Son Hants, Shalfleet
9 Colemans Farm Charles Jolliffe Head Mar 65   Ag Labourer Hants, Carisbrooke
    Elizabeth Jolliffe Wife Mar   63 Ag Labourers Wife Hants, Godshill
    James Jolliffe Son Widr 33   Ag Labourer Hants, Wroxall
    Henry Jolliffe Son Un 23   Ag Labourer Hants, Chale
10 Clay Lane, Portsfield William Holbrook Head Mar 32   Ag Labourer Hants, Calbourne
    Maria Holbrook Wife Mar   30 Ag Labourers Wife Hants, Gatcombe
    William Holbrook Son   9   Scholar Hants, Carisbrooke
    Ellen Holbrook Daur     6 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Henry Holbrook Son   2     Hants, Shalfleet
11 Clay Lane, Portsfield Phillip Fallick Head Mar 32   Ag Labourer Hants, Calbourne
    Edith Fallick Wife Mar   34 Ag Labourers Wife Hants, Godshill
    Ann Fallick Daur     10 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    James Fallick Son   7   Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Jane Fallick Daur     5 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Phillip Fallick Son   1     Hants, Shalfleet
12 Clay Lane, Portsfield Charles Osbourne Head Mar 47   General Dealer Marine Stores Hants, Sandown
    Mary Ann Osbourne Wife Mar   39 General Dealers Wife Hants, Shalfleet
    William Osbourne Son   15   Ag Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Harry Osbourne Son   12   Ag Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Ann Osbourne Daur     9 Scholar Hants
    Mary Osbourne Daur     6 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Clara Osbourne Daur     5 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Joseph Osbourne Son   2     Hants, Shalfleet
13 Clay Lane, Portsfield Andrew Parsons Head Mar 58   Ag Labourer Hants, Calbourne
    Jane Parsons Wife Mar   49 Ag Labourers Wife Hants, Chale
    Emley Parsons Daur     9   Hants, Calbourne
14 Clay Lane, Portsfield Thomas Bennett Head Mar 63   General Labourer of all Work Hants, Whippingham
    Charlotte Bennett Wife Mar   43 General Labourers Wife Wiltshire
    Albert Henry Bennett Son   1     Hants, Shalfleet
15 Clay Lane, Portsfield David Saunders Head Mar 62   Farmer of 62 acres Hants, Shalfleet
    Amelia Saunders Wife Mar   60 Farmers Wife Hants, Carisbrooke
    William Saunders Son Un 22   Mason Hants, Shalfleet
    Frederick Saunders Son Un 19   Carpenter Hants, Shalfleet
    Robert Saunders Son   16   Office Clerk Newport Hants, Shalfleet
    Jane Arnold Neice     17 Servant Hants, Shalfleet
    John Howard Servant   15   Ag Labourer Hants, Calbourne
16 Clay Lane, Portsfield Henery Day Head Mar 81   Retired Labourer Ag Hants, Calbourne
  Bethesda Chapel Mary Day Wife Mar   80 Retired Labourer Ag Wife Hants, Calbourne
17 Clay Lane, Portsfield John Taylor Head Widr 68   Ag Labourer Hants, Carisbrooke
18 Clay Lane, Portsfield James Taylor Head Mar 29   Ag Labourer Hants, Carisbrooke
    Charlotte Taylor Daur Mar   27 Ag Labourers Wife Hants, Carisbrooke
    James William Taylor Son   2   Ag Labourers Son Hants, Carisbrooke
    Mary Jane Taylor Daur     1 Ag Labourers Daughter Hants, Shalfleet
19 Clay Lane, Portsfield John Punch * Head Mar 84   Ag Labourer Hants, Brading
    Hanna Punch Wife Mar   78 Ag Labourers Wife Hants, Calbourne
20 Clay Lane, Portsfield George Osman Head Mar 29   Ag Labourer Carisbrooke
    Charlotte Osman Wife Mar   30   Shalfleet
    Kate Osman Daur     2   Shalfleet
21 Clay Lane, Portsfield Luke Saunders Head Mar 31   Ag Labourer Carisbrooke
    Hannah Saunders Wife Mar   33   Northwood
22 Clay Lane, Portsfield Charles Denness Head Mar 35   Ag Labourer Gatcombe
    Melia Denness Wife Mar   38   Calbourne
    Martha Denness Daur     4   Shalfleet
    Mary Denness Daur     2   Shalfleet
23 Clay Lane, Portsfield Thomas Jacob Head Un 43   Ag Labourer Whitwell
    Fany Jacob Mother Widow   77   Whitwell
24   Barnabas Downer Head Mar 43   Ag Labourer Carisbrooke
    Eliza Downer Wife Mar   47   Shorwell
    Jane Downer Daur     15 Scholar Shalfleet
    Melia Downer Daur     11 Scholar Shalfleet
25 Portsfield Village Isaac Arnold Head Mar 39   Builder Mason Carpenter Calbourne
    Fanney Arnold Wife Mar   38 Builders Wife Calbourne
    Frank Arnold Son   14   Scholar Shalfleet
    Caroline Arnold Daur     16 Scholar Shalfleet
    Susannah Arnold Daur     8 Scholar Shalfleet
    Fanney Arnold Daur     6 Scholar Shalfleet
26 Portsfield Village Louisa Riddett Head Widow   46   Kingston, Portsmouth
    Martha Riddett Daur Un   21   Shalfleet
    Joseph Riddett Son   19   Ag Labourer Shalfleet
    Fanny Riddett Daur     17   Shalfleet
27 Portsfield Village Joseph Morey Head Widr 53   Labourer Hants, Calbourne
    Henery Morey Son Un 22   Shipwright Royal Navy Hants, Shalfleet
    Frank Morey Son   9   Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    George Cooper Son in Law Mar 26   Boot Maker Hants, Brixton
    Fanny Cooper Wife Mar   24 Boot Binder Hants, Shalfleet
28 Portsfield Village Maria Mew Head Widow   62 Formerly Dairywoman Hants, Calbourne
    Henry Edward Mew Son Mar 27   Dairyman Carpenter Hants, Shalfleet
    Louisa Mew Daughter in Law Mar   21 Dairymans Wife Hants, Northwood
    George Legg [Blank]   14   Servant Hants, Northwood
29 Portsfield Village Jacob Dore Head Mar 64   Farmer 9 acres Hants, Chillerton
    Catherine Dore Wife Mar   61 Farmers Wife Halam, Notts
    Martha Thomas [Blank]     14 Servant Hants, Exbury
30 Portsfield Village Moses Grist Head Mar 36   Ag Labourer Hants, Arreton
    Eliza Grist Wife Mar   44 Laundress Hants, Carisbrooke
    Elizabeth Hayward Mother in Law Widow   64 Ag Widow Hants, Fawley, Exbury
31 Portsfield Village Henry Hayward Head Mar 23   General Labourer Hants, Calbourne
    Jane Hayward Wife Mar   21 General Labourers Wife Hants, Carisbrooke
32 Bank House Henery Saunders Head Mar 24   Carpenter Joiner Hants, Shalfleet
    Jermima Saunders Wife Mar   25 Carpenter Joiners Wife Hants, Shalfleet
    Infant Son   1w     Hants, Shalfleet
    Mrs John Rice Nurse Widow   50 Nurse Hants, Shalfleet
33 Bank House Mary Jane Arnold Head Un   19 Dressmaker Hants, Calbourne
34 Bank House Jacob Hayward Head Mar 20   Ag Labourer Hants, Carisbrooke
    Eliza Hayward Wife Mar   22 Ag Labourers Wife Hants, Shalfleet
    Eliza Ann Hayward Daur     11m   Hants, Shalfleet
35 Portsfield Village Henery Jeans Head Mar 54   Ag Labourer Hants, Kingston, Portsmouth
    Jane Jeans Wife Mar   54 Ag Labourers Wife Hants, Northwood
    Sarah Jeans Daur     14 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
36 Portsfield Village Jane Fallick Head Widow   73   Hants, Carisbrooke
    Aron Fallick Son Un 35   Pensioner Royal Marines Hants, Brook
    Andrew Fallick Son Un 29     Hants, Brook
37 Portsfield Village Robert Atkins Head Mar 37   Ag Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Fanny Atkins Wife Mar   35 Ag Labourer Hants, Northwood
    Mary Jane Atkins Daur     9   Hants, Northwood
38 Bunts Hill, Portsfield James Saunders Head Mar 33   Small Farmer Hants, Shalfleet
    Sarah Atkey Saunders Wife Mar   27 Small Farmer Hants, Yarmouth
    John Hawkins Saunders Son   8     Hants, Shalfleet
    David James Saunders Son   5     Hants, Shalfleet
    Maria Saunders Daur     3m   Hants, Shalfleet
39 Bunts Hill, Portsfield William Osman Head Mar 56   Ag Labourer Hants, Arreton
    Jane Osman Wife Mar   51 Ag Labourers Wife Hants, Carisbrooke
    Jane Osman Daur Un   18 Ag Labourers Daughter Hants, Shalfleet
    Charles Osman Son   15   Ag Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Harriet Osman Daur     13   Hants, Shalfleet
    Emma Flux Grand Daur     4   Hants, Shalfleet
40 Bunts Hill, Portsfield Benjamin Ford Head Mar 48   Ag Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Emma Ford Wife Mar   39   Hants, Northwood
    Mary Ann Ford Daur Un   20   Hants, Shalfleet
    William Ford Son   14     Hants, Shalfleet
    Benjamin Ford Son   13   Ag Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    John Ford Son     4   Hants, Shalfleet
41 Portsfield Village Mary Arnold Head Wid   72 Washerwoman Hants, Shalfleet
    Mary Ridet Lodger     12 Lodger Child Hants, Shalfleet
  Bethel Chapel              

* John Punch - deaf

Shalfleet 1861 census

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