Shalfleet Census 1881

R.G.11 1187

District 5

Census taken 3 April 1881 - Enumerator: Mr James A Kingswell

 Part of the Parish of Shalfleet. Bounded as follows, on the east by the mill stream, from Newbridge to Hawly and thence by the boundary of the Parish of Mottistone on the west by Dodpitts Lane from Dodpitts Cross to Chessell Farm and thence by the boundary of Brooke; on the north by the High Road from the mill stream at Newbridge to Dodpitts Cross and on the south by the High Sea comprising Spring Hill, south side of Newbridge village, Eades Farm, Clay Lane, Pigtails, Little Chessell, Chessell Farm and Cottage, the Hamlets of Hulverstone and Brook Green

Note: Uncertainties in italics, invalidities marked with * and shown at foot of table.

    Name and Surname of each person Relation to Head Marriage Condition Age Male Age Female Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born
1 Dodpitts House Fanny Way Head W   62   St. Nicholas, Hants
    Thomas E Way Son Unmar 30   Farmer employing 7 men, 3 boys Shalfleet, Hants
    Mabel Way Daur Unmar   23   Shalfleet, Hants
    Ernie Jolliffe Visitor Unmar   49   Carisbrook, Hants
    Jane Blow Serv     13 Servant Shalfleet, Hants
2 Newbridge William Tutton Head Widr 69   Agricultural Labourer Calbourne, Hants
3 Newbridge Edwin Long Head Mar 39   General Labourer Shalfleet, Hants
    Emily Long Wife Mar   37   Calbourne, Hants
    Frank E Long Son Unmar 17   Stone Mason Shalfleet, Hants
4 Newbridge Mark Hunt Head Mar 37   Farm Servant Thorley, Hants
    Sarah A Hunt Wife Mar   31   Carisbrook, Hants
    George Hunt Son   10   Scholar Thorley, Hants
    Louisa A Hunt Daur     4   Shalfleet, Hants
    Frederick W Hunt Son   2     Shalfleet, Hants
5 Newbridge Thomas Creeth Head Mar 37   General Painter Brighstone, Hants
    Ellen Creeth Wife Mar   36   Shalfleet, Hants
    George Creeth Son   11   Scholar Ryde, Hants
    Herbert Creeth Son   9     Shalfleet, Hants
    Frederick Creeth Son   6     Shalfleet, Hants
    Mabel Creeth Daur     11m   Shalfleet, Hants
    Beatrice Creeth Daur     11m   Shalfleet, Hants
6 Newbridge James M Twyman Head Mar 41   Grocer and Shoemaker West Cowes, Hants
    Mary Twyman Wife Mar   37   Shalfleet, Hants
    James Twyman Son   15     Shalfleet, Hants
    Dora J Twyman Daur     13 Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    Elizabeth Twyman Daur     6 Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    William Twyman Son   1     Shalfleet, Hants
7 Newbridge William Young Head Mar 30   Agricultural Labourer Lymington, Hants
    Elizabeth Young Wife Mar   30   Newport, Hants
    George Young Son   6   Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    Frances Young Daur     4 Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    Frederick Young Son   1     Shalfleet, Hants
8 Newbridge John Taylor Head Mar 70   General Labourer Calbourne, Hants
    Elizabeth Taylor Wife Mar   44   Shalfleet, Hants
    Martha Taylor Daur     10 Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    George Taylor Son   8   Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    Louisa Taylor Daur     6 Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    Charles Taylor Son   4     Shalfleet, Hants
9 Newbridge Joseph Munt Head Mar 67   Labourer Brixton, Hants
    Harriet Munt Wife Mar   67   Shalfleet, Hants
10 Newbridge James Baker Head Mar 62   Grocer and Dairyman Calbourne, Hants
    Laura Baker Wife Mar   55   Shalfleet, Hants
    Agnes Baker Daur     14 Scholar Yarmouth, Hants
    Fanny Jackman Visitor Unmar   27 Dressmaker Brixton, Hants
11 Newbridge Edwin Whittington Head Mar 56   Farmer Brixton, Hants
    Isabella Whittington Wife Mar   50   Shalfleet, Hants
12 Newbridge Jacob Jackman Head Mar 35   Bricklayer Brixton, Hants
    Fanny Jackman Wife Mar   30   Shalfleet, Hants
    Harry Jackman Son   5     Shalfleet, Hants
    Ethel Jackman Daur     3   Shalfleet, Hants
13 Newbridge George Baker Head Mar 57   Carpenter Calbourne, Hants
    Fanny Baker Wife Mar   57   Shalfleet, Hants
    Jane Baker Daur Unmar   21   Shalfleet, Hants
    Kate Baker Daur Unmar   18   Shalfleet, Hants
    William Baker Son Unmar 17   Apprentice to Carpenter Shalfleet, Hants
    Lily Baker Daur     15   Shalfleet, Hants
14 Newbridge James Russell Head Mar 33   Mason Newport, Hants
    Grace Russell Wife Mar   27 Masons Wife Shalfleet, Hants
    Frank Russell Son   5     Shalfleet, Hants
    Allan Russell Son   2     Shalfleet, Hants
    Caroline Warren Grand Mother W   69   Shalfleet, Hants
15 Newbridge Charles Morris Head Mar 54   Farm Labourer Godshill, Hants
    Eliza Morris Wife Mar   46   Calbourne, Hants
    Charles Morris Son Unmar 23   Farm Labourer Carisbrook, Hants
    Alfred Morris Son Unmar 17   Farm Labourer Merston, Hants
    Adolphis Morris Son   15   Boy on Farm Merston, Hants
    Herbert Morris Son   9   Scholar Carisbrook, Hants
    Frederick Morris Son   8   Scholar Carisbrook, Hants
    Sidney Morris Son   8   Scholar Carisbrook, Hants
    Mary A Morris Daur     6 Scholar Brixton, Hants
    Frank Young Boarder Unmar 16   Farm Labourer Shalfleet, Hants
16 Newbridge William Brett Head Mar 47   Farm Labourer Thorley, Hants
    Elizabeth Brett Wife Mar   46   Sandown, Hants
    Charles Brett Son Unmar 17   Farm Labourer St Nicholas, Hants
    Jane Brett Daur     14 Scholar St Nicholas, Hants
    William Brett Son   11     St Nicholas, Hants
    Frank Brett Son   8     St Nicholas, Hants
    George Brett Son   7     Shalfleet, Hants
    Frederick Brett Son   3     Shalfleet, Hants
17 Newbridge Charles Young Head Widr 82   Farm Labourer Shalfleet, Hants
    William Simmonds Head Mar 79   Farm Labourer Godshill, Hants
    Ann Simmonds * Wife Mar   56   Calbourne, Hants
18 Clay Lane James E Gubbins Head Mar 44   Carpenter and Joiner Calbourne, Hants
    Ellen Gubbins Wife Mar   36   Newport, Hants
    Jane A Dove Daur     18   Kingston, Hants
    Laura Dove Daur     1   Shalfleet, Hants
    George Thompson Lodger   36   Baker London
19 Clay Lane Henry Stone Head Widr 69   Game Keeper / Rabbit Trapper Throup, Hants
20 Clay Lane Frank Stone Head Mar 29   General Labourer Shalfleet, Hants
    Loiusa Stone Wife Mar   27   Shalfleet, Hants
    Alma Stone Daur     7   Shalfleet, Hants
    Frank Stone Son   4     Shalfleet, Hants
    Henry Stone Son   9m     Shalfleet, Hants
21 Clay Lane Jeremiah Redstone Head Mar 74   Stone Mason Brook, Hants
22 Clay Lane Henry Harding Head Mar 64   Farm Labourer Shorwell, Hants
    Mary Harding Wife Mar   58   Shorwell, Hants
    William Harding Son   11   Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
23 Clay Lane Henry Thearl Head Mar 76   Farm Labourer Shorwell, Hants
    Jane Thearl Wife Mar   69   Shalfleet, Hants
    Lucy Thearl Daur Unmar   19   Shalfleet, Hants
24 Clay Lane Henry Gosden Head Mar 65   Market Gardener Shalfleet, Hants
    Alice Gosden Wife Mar   68   Shalfleet, Hants
25 Clay Lane George Buckett Head Mar 47   Mason Shalfleet, Hants
    Ann Buckett Wife Mar   47   Shalfleet, Hants
    Isaac H Buckett Son   18   Bricklayer Shalfleet, Hants
    Sarah Buckett Daur     16   Shalfleet, Hants
    Edgar E Buckett Son   12   Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    Walter J Buckett Son   10   Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    Georgina Buckett Daur     3   Shalfleet, Hants
    William G Buckett Son   1     Shalfleet, Hants
26 Clay Lane Robert Buckett Head Mar 28   Bricklayer Shalfleet, Hants
    Eava A Buckett Wife Mar   29   Whippingham, Hants
    Eava A Buckett Daur     10 Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    Henry W Buckett Son   7   Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    Obadiah Buckett Son   5   Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    Amos Buckett Son   2     Shalfleet, Hants
27 Clay Lane William Buckett Head Mar 40   Mason Shalfleet, Hants
    Mary Buckett Wife Mar   39   Shalfleet, Hants
    William Buckett Son Unmar 19   Mason Shalfleet, Hants
    Maryann Buckett Daur     10 Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    Robert Buckett Son   13   Mason Shalfleet, Hants
    Roseelenor Buckett Daur     7   Shalfleet, Hants
    Isaack Brett Grand Father Widr 74   Farm Labourer Shalfleet, Hants
  Pigtails Uninhabited            
28 Eades Isaac Holbrooke Head Mar 38   Agricultural Carter Shalfleet, Hants
    Mary Holbrooke Wife Mar   39   Freshwater, Hants
    Louisa Dimdrock Step Daur     14   Freshwater, Hants
    Charles Holbrooke Son   7   Scholar Brixton, Hants
    Frank Holbrooke Son   5   Scholar Freshwater, Hants
    George Holbrooke Son   3     Calbourne, Hants
    Alfred Holbrooke Son   4m     Shalfleet, Hants
    William Holbrooke Son   4m     Shalfleet, Hants
29 Eades Isaac Baker Head Mar 42   Shephard Godshill, Hants
    Emily Baker Wife Mar   36   Arreton, Hants
    Frank Baker Son   11     Calbourne, Hants
    Isaac Baker Son   7     Freshwater, Hants
    Emily Baker Daur     5   Freshwater, Hants
    Georgina Baker Daur     3   Freshwater, Hants
30 Little Chessell William Morey Head Mar 43   Farm Servant and Dairyman Arreton, Hants
    Rebecca Morey Wife Mar   45   Shalfleet, Hants
    Edith Greenham Mother W   75   Calbourne, Hants
31 Little Chessell Isaac Wickens Head Mar 88     Newchurch, Hants
    Charlotte Wickens Wife Mar   86   Bowcomb, Hants
32 Little Chessell Andrew Porter Head Widr 76   Agricultural Labourer Freshwater, Hants
    George J Porter Grand Son Unmar 21   Agricultural Labourer Freshwater, Hants
33 Little Chessell Thomas Carvin Head Unmar 45   Shephard Shalfleet, Hants
    Mary Carvin Mother Wid   76   Wroxall, Hants
34 Chessell Farm Jeremiah Whittington Head Mar 61   Farmer Dairyman Portsmouth
    Priscilla Whittington Wife Mar   54   Shalfleet, Hants
35 Chessell James Wickens Head Mar   52 Ag Labourer Shalfleet, Hants
    Jane Wickens Wife Mar   45   Freshwater, Hants
    William Wickens Son Unmar 19   Ag Labourer Freshwater, Hants
    Fanny Wickens Daur Unmar   17   Freshwater, Hants
    Mary J Wickens Daur     11 Scholars Freshwater, Hants
    Kate Wickens Daur     9 Scholars Freshwater, Hants
    Anne Wickens Daur     6 Scholars Shalfleet, Hants
    Harry Wickens Son   2     Shalfleet, Hants
36 Brook Green William Cook Head Mar 69   Fisherman Motterstone, Hants
    Mary Cook Wife Mar   68 Laundress Chale, Hants
37 Brook Green William Tomkins Head Mar 47   Farmer Shalfleet, Hants
    Ann Tomkins Wife Mar   30   Shalfleet, Hants
    Louisa Tomkins Daur     7   Shalfleet, Hants
    John Tomkins Son   4     Shalfleet, Hants
    William Tomkins Son   1     Shalfleet, Hants
38 Brook Green Jacob Plumbly Head Unmar 55   Labourer Shalfleet, Hants
    Barney Plumbly Brother Unmar 52   Labourer Shalfleet, Hants
39 Brook Green Isaac Gutteridge Head Mar 64     Shalfleet, Hants
    Harriet Gutteridge Wife Mar   60   Brixton, Hants
    William Gutteridge Son Unmar 20   Cowman Shalfleet, Hants
    Elizabeth Gutteridge Daur Unmar   27 Cook Thorley, Hants
    Mary Gutteridge Daur     16 Housmaid Shalfleet, Hants
40 Hulverstone Henry Woodford Head Widr 53   Carrier Shalfleet, Hants
    John L Woodford Son Unmar 26   Carrier Shalfleet, Hants
    Fanny Woodford Daur Unmar   18   Shalfleet, Hants
    Frances D Woodford Daur     8 Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
41 Hulverstone Farm Albert Selby Head Mar 31   Farmer Shalfleet, Hants
    Sarah Selby Wife Mar   30 Farmers Wife Truckels, Hants
    Percy W Selby Son   7   Scholar Brook, Hants
    Florence M Selby Daur     6 Scholar Brook, Hants
    Arthur J Selby Son   3     Shalfleet, Hants
    Edith T Selby Daur     6m   Shalfleet, Hants
    Alice H Holbrook Servant     15 General Servant Shalfleet, Hants
42 Hulverstone James Collis Head Mar 31   General Labourer Ibberton, Dorset
    Charlotte Collis Wife Mar   35   Brighstone, Hants
    William Collis Son   16   Labourer Brighstone, Hants
    Mary A Collis Daur     3   Shalfleet, Hants
43 Hulverstone Archelaus White Head Mar 37   Farm Labourer Chale, Hants
    Ellen E White Wife Mar   53   Chale, Hants
    Emily E Rayner Daur Unmar   19 Domestic Servant Lincolnshire
    Leonard Rayner Son Unmar 17   Domestic Servant Cheshire
    Walter W White Son   9   Scholar Shorwell, Hants
    Alice J White Daur     7 Scholar Godshill, Hants
44   Richard C Rawles Head Mar 46   Ag Lab / Dairyman Netherbury, Dorset
    Sarah A Rawles Wife Mar   45 Dairywoman Misterton, Somerset
    Susan H Rawles Daur     15   Storridge, Dorset
    John C Rawles Son   14   Scholar Storridge, Dorset
    Mary Rawles Daur     11 Scholar Storridge, Dorset
    Richard T Rawles Son   8   Scholar Misterton, Somerset
    Elizabeth Rawles Daur     5 Scholar Misterton, Somerset
45 Hulverstone Charles Wheeler Head Unmar 48   Farm Servant Shalfleet, Hants
    Emma Hall Sister W   44 Housekeeper Shalfleet, Hants
46 Hulverstone Richard Trickett Head Widr 66   Wheelwright Shalfleet, Hants
    Joseph Trickett Son Mar 37   Wheelwright Mottistone, Hants
    Patience Trickett Daur Mar   37   Shalfleet, Hants
    Richard Trickett Son   3     Shalfleet, Hants
    William Leigh Lodger Unmar 88   Wheelwright Freshwater, Hants
47 Hulverstone George Whittington Head Mar 49   Carter Sandown, Hants
    Jane Whittington Wife Mar   45   Rookley, Hants
    Fanny Whittington Daur Unmar   15   Thorley, Hants
48 Hulverstone Hepzibar Hollis Head Unmar   37 School Mistress Newport, Hants
    Edith Churcher Boarder Unmar   16 PupilTeacher Wickham, Hants
    Margarette Hollis Visitor Mar   72   Poole Dorset
49 Hulverstone Edwin Willington Head Mar 72   Grocer Carisbrook, Hants
    Elspeth Willington Wife Mar   64   Newport, Hants

* Ann Simmonds shown as deaf.

Note: Brooke is included in the 'Other information' column in the latter part of the District (from 36 onwards). There is no explanation for this, although it is possible that these properties were to move to Brooke parish.

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