Shalfleet Census 1881

R.G.11 1187

District 4

Census taken 3 April 1881 - Enumerator: Mr George A Kingswell

Part of the Parish of Shalfleet bounded on the east by Ningwood Green and Dodpits Lane on the west by the parish of Thorley on the north by the high Road leading from Palmers Pond to Lee Gate and on the south by the parish of St Nicholas. Comprising the Brick Cottages, Stone havens, Churchills Farm and Cottages, Prospect, South side of Wellow including the Sun Inn, Frank Coopers, Bradleys, Isaac Drake's shop and cottages, Heartshole, and every other unnamed house or habitation within the prescribed boundary.

Note: Uncertainties in italics, invalidities marked with * and shown at foot of table.

    Name and Surname of each person Relation to Head Marriage Condition Age Male Age Female Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born
1 Wellow Charles Bradley Head Mar 44   Gardener Lyndhurst, Hants
    Jane Bradley Wife Mar   33 Gardeners Wife Bewley, Hants
    Liza Bradley Daur     13   Longbourn, Hants
    Elizabeth Bradley Daur     11   Ealing, Hants
    Emily Bradley Daur     9   Aldmore, Hants
    Ellen Bradley Daur     7   Aldmore, Hants
    Willam Bradley Son   4     Wellow, Isle of Wight
    George Bradley Son   2     Wellow, Isle of Wight
    Beatrice M Bradley Daur     4m   Wellow, Isle of Wight
2 Wellow Charles Isaacs Head Mar 23   Farm Labourer Blandford, Dorset
    Charlott Isaacs Wife Mar   24 Dressmaker Colwell, Herefordshire
    James Bayner Lodger Widr 36   Farm Labourer Whippingham, I.O.Wight
    Richard Broom Lodger Widr 25   Farm Labourer Donyat, Somerset
3 Wellow Frank Cooper Head Mar 45   Carpenter Wellow, Shalfleet
    Ellen Cooper Wife Mar   45   Cowes, Isle of Wight
    Rose Cooper Daur     12   Wellow, Shalfleet
    Theresa Cooper Daur     11   Wellow, Shalfleet
    Laura Cooper Daur     8   Wellow, Shalfleet
4 Sun Inn George Jones Head Mar 50   Publican Angmering, Arundle
    Eliza Jones Wife Mar   34   Brickfields, Isle of Wight
    Edith Jones Daur     14   Marvel? Isle of Wight
    Amy Jones Daur     12   Marvel? Isle of Wight
    Frances Jones Daur     10   Marvel? Isle of Wight
    George Jones Son   7     Marvel? Isle of Wight
    Florance Jones Daur     4   Marvel? Isle of Wight
    Albert Jones Son   1     Marvel? Isle of Wight
5 Wellow John Collins Head Widr 70   Labourer Calbourne, Isle of Wight
6 Grocers Shop, Wellow Alice Drake Head Unmar   29 Grocer Wellow, Shalfleet
    Maurice Drake Brother Unmar 19   Carrier Wellow, Shalfleet
7 Wellow Richard Rice Head Widr 63   Cowman Shalfleet, Hants
7a Wellow Alfred Hands Head Mar 21   Carrier Downton, Wilts
    Eleanor Hands Wife Mar   27   Shalfleet, Hants
Note: The above entry was amended to 8 and all subsequent numbers increased by one.Original numbers are shown.                
8 Wellow Frank Smith Head Mar 32   Agricultural Labourer Brading, Hants
    Agnes Smith Wife Mar   33   Shalfleet, Hants
    Annie Smith Daur     6   Yarmouth, Hants
    Amy Smith Daur     4    
9 Wellow George White Head Mar 47   Farm Labourer Wellow, Hants
    Sophia White Wife Mar   42   Wellow, Hants
    Julia White Daur Unmar   21 Laundress Wellow, Hants
    Maurice White Son Unmar 18   Farm Labourer Wellow, Hants
    Alice White Daur     14 Domestic Servant Wellow, Hants
    George White Son   9   Scholar Wellow, Hants
    Eva White Daur     7 Scholar Wellow, Hants
    Emily White Daur     5 Scholar Wellow, Hants
10 Wellow William Seager Head Mar 69   Agricultural Labourer Shalfleet, Hants
    Harritt Seager Wife Mar   73 Labourers Wife Shalfleet, Hants
11 Hartshole William Newbury Head Mar 54   Labourer Donyatt, Somerset
    Susan Newbury Wife Mar   53   Elmisaton, Somerset
    Caroline Newbury Daur Unmar   22 Dressmaker Donyatt, Somerset
    James Newbury Son Unmar 19   Labourer Thorley, Hants
    Arthur Newbury Son   11   Scholar Thorley, Hants
    Wilson Newbury Son   8   Scholar Thorley, Hants
12 Wellow Harriet Collins Wife Mar   50   Shalfleet, Hants
13 Wellow John Bunday Head Mar 58   Brick Maker Redlynch, Wilts
    Elizabeth Bunday Wife Mar   61   Redlynch, Wilts
    Hubert Bunday Son Unmar 22   Brickmaker Clevendon, Wilts
    Anna M Bunday Daur Unmar   20   Clevendon, Wilts
    Edgar M W Bunday Grandson     2m   Shalfleet, Hants
14 Wellow Benjamin Cooper Head Widr 82   Formerly Blacksmith Brook, Hants
    Frederick Cooper Son Unmar 47   Blacksmith Shalfleet, Hants
15 Wellow Farm Robert Lock Head Unmar 25   Farmer Shalfleet, Hants
    Emma Lock Mother W   64 Farmers Widow Alverstoke, Hants
    Emily Woodford Cousin Unmar   19   Yarmouth, Hants
16 Wellow Henry Woodford Head Mar 47   Thatcher Mottistone, Hants
    Edith Woodford Wife Mar   47   Northwood, Hants
    Robert Woodford Son Unmar 17   Labourer Brook, Hants
    George Woodford Son Unmar 16   Labourer Carisbrook, Hants
    Eliza Woodford Daur     15 Domestic Servant Carisbrook, Hants
    Isaac Woodford Son   13   Labourer Shalfleet, Hants
    Frank Woodford Son   12   Scholar Carisbrook, Hants
    James Woodford Son   11   Scholar Carisbrook, Hants
    Emily Woodford Daur     10 Scholar Carisbrook, Hants
    Ollive Woodford Daur     9 Scholar Carisbrook, Hants
    Edward Woodford Son     5   St Nicholas, Hants
    William Woodford Son     3   Freshwater, Hants
17 Wellow Joseph Salter Head Widr 82   Carpenter Havenstreet, Hants
    Emily Salter Daur Unmar   42   Wellow, Hants
18 Wellow George Ayles Head Mar 35   Labourer Burley
    Kate Ayles Wife Mar   30   Burley
    Allen Ayles Son   10   Scholar Woodbridge, Suffolk
    Everard Ayles Son   7   Scholar Burley
    Vide Ayles Daur     3   Lyndhurst, Hants
    Forrester Ayles Son   2     Lyndhurst, Hants
    Vance Ayles Son   4m     Shalfleet, Hants
19 Wellow George Holbrook Head Mar 40   Farm Labourer Shorwell, Hants
    Jane Holbrook Wife Mar   45   Atherfield, Hants
    George H Holbrook Son   9   Scholar Brixton, Hants
    Elizabeth Holbrook Daur     5 Scholar Wellow, Hants
20 Wellow Andrew Cook Head Mar 66   Farm Labourer Brook, Hants
    Fanny Cook Wife Mar   36   Wellow, Hants
    Frank A Warne Son     11 Labourer Wellow, Hants
    Ellen Warne Daur     9 Scholar Newport, Hants
    Andrew Cook Son   4   Scholar Wellow, Hants
    Charles Cook Son   1     Wellow, Hants
21 Wellow John Scovell Head Mar 40   Labourer Newbridge, Hants
    Fanny Scovell Wife Mar   28   Prospect, Hants
    Rose E Scovell Daur     7 Scholar Calbourne, Hants
    Eveline E Scovell Daur     6 Scholar Wellow, Hants
    Jennet L Scovell Daur     4 Scholar Wellow, Hants
    William H Scovell Son   2     Wellow, Hants
22 Wellow Peter Scovell Head Mar 67   Market Gardener Calbourne, Hants
    Eliza Scovell Wife Mar   63   Arreton, Hants
23 Stonehavens William Downer Head Mar 50   Farm Labourer Carisbrook, Hants
    Emma Downer Wife Mar   48   Godshill, Hants
    Frank Downer Son Unmar 22   Farm Labourer Carisbrook, Hants
    Charles Downer Son Unmar 17   Farm Labourer Gatcomb, Hants
    Ellen Downer Daur     12 Scholar Gatcomb, Hants
24 Brickyard Lane Mark Fulford Head Mar 38   Farm Labourer Downton, Wilts
    Sarah A Fulford Wife Mar   36   Britford, Wilts
    George Fulford Son Unmar 17   Farm Labourer Britford, Wilts
    John Fulford Son Unmar 12   Plough Boy Aldermoth, Dorset
    Frank Fulford Son   11   Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    Charles Fulford Son   9   Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    Kate Fulford Daur     5 Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    William Fulford Son     6m   Shalfleet, Hants
25 Brickyard Lane George Trott Head Mar 52   Farm Labourer Donyatt, Somerset
    Mary A Trott Wife Mar   51   Coombitt, Somerset
    Thomas H Trott Son Unmar 17   Farm Labourer Thorley, Hants
    Samuel Trott Son   16   Farm Labourer Thorley, Hants
    Fred Trott Son   9   Scholar Thorley, Hants
    Ada Trott Daur     7 Scholar Thorley, Hants
26 Churchills Cottage Sarah Woodford Head W   77   Brixton, Hants
    Leah Woodford * Daur Unmar   41   Mottistone, Hants
    Charles Angel Grandson Unmar 38   Labourer Calbourne, Hants
    Richard Woodford * Grandson   20     Mottistone, Hants
    William E C Woodford Grandson   14   Labourer Banbury, Hants
27 Churchills Cottage James Broom Head Mar 48   Labourer Donyatt, Somerset
    Martha Broom Wife Mar   46   Donyatt, Somerset
    George Broom Son Unmar 22   Labourer Thorley, Hants
    Mary Broom Daur     12 Scholar Prospect, Hants
    Annie Broom Daur     9 Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    John J Broom Son   5     Shalfleet, Hants
    George H Westmore Grandson   4     Carisbrook, Hants
28 Churchills Farm John Wm Barker Head Mar 50   Farmer Shalfleet, Hants
    Eliza H Barker Wife Mar   46   Shalfleet, Hants
    Eliza H Barker Daur Unmar   22   Shalfleet, Hants
    William J Barker Son Unmar 20   Farmers Son Shalfleet, Hants
    Edward Barker Son Unmar 19   Farmers Son Shalfleet, Hants
    Charles J Barker Son   14   Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    Flora A Barker Daur     11 Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    Ada E Barker Son     9 Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    Emma Brown Servant Unmar   27 Domestic Servant Shalfleet, Hants
29 Prospect James Brett Head Mar 60   Labourer Freshwater, Hants
    Jane Brett Wife Mar   52   Ashey, Hants
    Caroline Brett Daur Unmar   22   Shalfleet, Hants
    John J Brett Son   10   Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    George Brett Son   9   Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    Jane Brett Grand daur     4   Shalfleet, Hants
    Henry Whittington Grand Father   70   Labourer Godshill, Hants
30 Prospect Joseph Lawes Head Mar 61   Carpenter Godshill, Hants
    Mary Lawes Wife Mar   44   Shorwell, Hants
    Sarah J Lawes Daur     9   Mottistone, Hants
    Elizabeth Lawes Daur     7   Mottistone, Hants
    George Lawes Son   4     Prospect, Hants
    Beatrice E Lawes Daur     2   Prospect, Hants
31 Prospect George Earney Head Mar 42   Shepherd Whitbury, Hants
    Emily Earney Wife Mar   48   Downham, Hants
    Thomas E Earney Son   14   Farm Servant Shalfleet, Hants
    Charles H Earney Son   11   Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    Emily Earney Daur     9 Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
32 Prospect Isaac Merwood Head Mar 44   Labourer Godshill, Hants
    Jany Merwood Wife Mar   36   Godshill, Hants
33 Prospect Henry Buckett Head Mar 68   Lime Burner Hants
    Fanny Buckett Wife Mar   68   Shalfleet, Hants

* Leah Woodford and Richard Woodford shown as Imbeciles.

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