Shalfleet Census 1861

 District 4 Reference R.G.9 / 662

The area south of the Dodpits to Thorley road

Infirmities are marked with an asterisk and recorded below. 

    Name and Surname of each person Relation to Head Marriage Condition Age M Age F Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born
1 Ningwood Brick Yard Cottage Jacob Pritchett Head Mar 22   Brick Maker Hants, Shalfleet
    Christian Pritchett Wife Mar   20   Hants, Newport
    Sabrina Pritchett Daur     2   Hants, Shalfleet
    Prudence Christian Pritchett Daur     1   Hants, Shalfleet
    Elizabeth Pritchett Sister Un   14 Servant Hants, Shalfleet
2 Ningwood Brick Yard Cottage George Pritchett * Head [Blank] 69   Brick Maker Wiltshire, Alderbury
    James Pritchett Grand Son   12     Hants, Shalfleet
    Mary Pritchett Grand Daur     10 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Amy Pritchett Grand Daur     7 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Ann Coombs * House Keeper Un   62   Hants, Shalfleet
3 Stonehavens James Brewer Head Mar 35   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Eliza Brewer Wife Mar   37 Formerly Dairy Maid Hants, Calbourne
    William Brewer Son   15   Plough Boy Hants, Shalfleet
    Jason Brewer Son   11     Hants, Shalfleet
    James Brewer Son   10     Hants, Shalfleet
    Ann Brewer Daur     7   Hants, Shalfleet
    Mary Jane Brewer Daur     5   Hants, Shalfleet
    Frank Brewer Son   3     Hants, Shalfleet
    Dorcus Brewer Daur     6m   Hants, Shalfleet
    Jane Wadham Mother in Law W   67 Formerly House Servant Hants, Brixton
    Jane Wadham Sister Un   20 Farm Servant, Cook Hants, Shalfleet
4 Churchills Cottage Charles Tiller Head Mar 32   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Fordingbridge
    Jane Tiller Wife Mar   32   Hants, Fordingbridge
    James Tiller Son   10     Hants, Fordingbridge
    Ann Tiller Daur     8   Hants, Fordingbridge
    Ellen Tiller Daur     6   Hants, Fordingbridge
    Henry Tiller Son   3     Hants, Fordingbridge
    George Tiller Son   6m     Hants, Brook
5 Churchills Cottage Henry Rashley Head Mar 40     Hants, Calbourn
    Hannah Rashley Wife Mar   39   Hants, Bieuley
    William Rann Son in Law   10     Hants, Arreton
    Mary Ann Rann Daur in Law     4   Hants, Brixton
    Nicholas Rann Son in Law   7     Hants, Arreton
    Henry Rashley Son   2     Hants, Calbourn
6 Churchills Farm House William Baker Head Mar 62   Retired Farmer Hampshire, Calbourn
    Hannah Baker Wife Mar   65 Retired Farmers Wife Hampshire, Godshill
7 Churchills Farm House John Baker Head Mar 30   Farmer 200 acres, 2 men, 2 boys Hampshire, Northwood
    Eliza Baker Wife Mar   27   Hampshire, Portsmouth
    William John Baker Son   1     Hampshire, Shalfleet
    Mary Brett Serv Un   20 House Servant Hampshire, Shalfleet
8 Wellow Down Cottage John Groves Head Mar 51   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Calbourne
    Ann Groves Wife Mar   39 Formerly Farm Servant Hants, Calbourne
    Richard Woodford Lodger Un 38   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Boldre
9 Prospect Place Leonard Cooper Head Mar 35   Farmer 12 acres Hants, Shalfleet
    Martha Bailey Cooper Wife Mar   28 Farmers Wife Hants, Yarmouth
    Herbert Cooper Son   4     Hants, Shalfleet
    Alfred Cooper Son   3     Hants, Shalfleet
    Bailey Cooper Daur     2   Hants, Shalfleet
10 Prospect Place Mary Daw Head Wid   75 Farmers Widow Retired Hants, Shorwell
11 Prospect Cottage James Brett Head Mar 36   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Thorley
    Jane Brett Wife Mar   33   Hants, Newchurch
    Henry Brett Son   12   Plough Boy Hants, Shalfleet
    Emmily Brett Daur     11 Scholar Hants, Thorley
    Mary Ann Brett Daur     9 Scholar Hants, Brook
    Fanny Brett Daur     6 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Elizabeth Brett Daur     4   Hants, Shalfleet
    Caroline Brett Daur     10m   Hants, Shalfleet
12 Wellow James Rashley Head Mar 80   Retired Innkeeper Hants, Shalfleet
    Hannah Rashley Wife Mar   78 Retired Innkeepers Wife Hants, Niton
13 Wellow James Seager Head Mar 58   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Ann Seager Wife Mar   56   Hants, Niton
    George Gutteridge Lodger Un 66   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Niton
14 Wellow Richard Shotter Head Mar 43   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shorwell
    Jane Shotter Wife Mar   37 Formerly Farm Servant Hants, Thorley
    Margaret Shotter Daur     12 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    William Unwin Shotter Son   7   Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Ellen Amey Shotter Daur     3   Hants, Shalfleet
15 Wellow Edward Millmore Head Mar 29   Brick Maker Hants, Wellow
    Sarah Jane Millmore Wife Mar   30   Hants, Cowes
    Elizabeth Millmore Daur     6   Hants, Cowes
    Mary Ann Millmore Daur     3   Surrey, Ash
    Sarah Jane Millmore Daur     10m   Hants, Cowes
16 Wellow William Bush Head Un 50   Agricultural Labourer Carter Hants, Shorwell
    Jane Hendy Lodger Widow   78   Surrey, Epsom
17 Wellow Farm Robert Lock Head Mar 41   Farmer of 640 acres, 9 lab, 2 boys Hants, Shalfleet
    Emma Lock Wife Mar   44 Farmers Wife Hants, Alverstoke
    Robert Lock Son   5   Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Louisa Parsons Serv Un   19 Dairy Maid Hants, Calbourn
    George Grist Serv   13   Plough Boy Hants, Shalfleet
18 Wellow George Millmore Head Mar 67   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Mary Millmore Wife Mar   67   Hants, Shalfleet
19 Wellow George White Head Mar 28   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Sophia White Wife Mar   2   Hants, Shalfleet
    Julia White Daur     2   Hants, Shalfleet
    Sabina White Daur     5m   Hants, Shalfleet
20 Wellow Henry Shotter Head Mar 67   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shorwell
    Jane Shotter Wife Mar   69   Hants, Shorwell
21 Wellow Benjamin Cooper Head Mar 62   Blacksmith Hants, Brook
    Elizabeth Cooper Wife Mar   58   Hants, Botley
    Edward Cooper Son Un 26   Blacksmith Hants, Shalfleet
22 Wellow Silas Hockley Head Mar 28   Labourer Somersetshire, Chisselbrook
    Fanny Hockley Wife Mar   19   Hants, Shalfleet
    Walter Hockley Son   4m     Hants, Shalfleet
23 Wellow Jeremiah Cass Head Mar 68   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Newchurch
    Edith Cass Daur Un   18   Hants, Shalfleet
24 Wellow Charles Mew Head Mar 52   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Thorley
    Elizabeth Mew Wife Mar   43   Hants, Northwood
    Ann Mew Daur     10 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Jaissey Mew Daur     7 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Walter Mew Son   3     Hants, Shalfleet
    1 Unoccupied - newly built            
    1 Unoccupied            
25 Wellow William Seager Head Mar 48   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Harriet Seager Wife Mar   51   Hants, Thorley
    Edward Seager Son Un 19   Groom Hants, Shalfleet
    George Seager Son   10   Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
26 Wellow George Whittington Head Mar 29   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Brading
    Jane Whittington Wife Mar   26   Hants, Godshill
27 Wellow Frederick Salter Head Mar 30   Carpenter Hants, Thorley
    Eliza Salter Wife Mar   29   Hants, Shalfleet
28 Wellow Hannah Carpenter Head Widow   76 Needlewoman Hants,Carisbrook
29 Wellow James Drake Head Mar 41   Common Carrier Hants, Mottiston
    Martha Drake Wife Mar   42   Hants, Shalfleet
    Louisa Drake Daur     17   Hants, Shalfleet
    George Drake Son   15   Carrier Hants, Shalfleet
    Charles Drake Son   12   Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Alas Drake Daur     9 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Eva Rebecca Drake Daur     7 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    James Harry Drake Son   5     Hants, Shalfleet
    Robert Alfred Drake Son   2     Hants, Shalfleet
30 Wellow John Collins Head Widr 47   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Calbourn
    Elizabeth Collins Daur     13   Hants, Thorley
    George Collins Son   8   Scholar Hants, Thorley
31 Wellow Charles Saulter Head Mar 37   Agricultural Labourer Hants,Carisbrook
    Jane Saulter Wife Mar   35 Formerly Farm Servant Hants,Newchurch
    Charles Saulter Son   12   Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Elizabeth Saulter Daur     10 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    James Saulter Son   8   Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Joseph Saulter Son   5   Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
32 Wellow Charlotte Perkins Head Wid   49 Formerly Farm Servant Hants, Arreton
    James Perkins Son   13   Plough Boy Hants, Shalfleet
33 Wellow Sun Inn Daniel Long Head Mar 52   Innkeeper Hants, Calbourne
    Jane Long Wife Mar   49   Hants, Thorley
34 Wellow Joseph Salter Head Mar 63   Carpenter Hants, Arreton
    Charlotte Salter Wife Mar   59   Hants, Milford, Lymington
    Emily Salter Daur Un   25 Dressmaker Hants, Thorley
35 Wellow James Foy Head Mar 72   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Carisbrooke
    Hester Foy Wife Mar   64   Hants, Shalfleet
36 Wellow Matilda Button Head Mar   27 Formerly Farm Servant Hants, Shalfleet
    James Button Son   4     Hants, Shalfleet
    John Button Son   1     Hants, Shalfleet
37 Wellow David Kent Head Mar 70   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Yarmouth
    Elizabeth Kent Wife Mar   60   Hants, Shalfleet
    William Kent * Son Un 25   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
38 Wellow Peter Scovell Head Mar 48   Gardener Hants, Calbourne
    Eliza Scovell Wife Mar   44   Hants, Arreton
    George Scovell Son   15   Gardener Hants, Shalfleet
    Jennett Scovell Daur     12 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Mary Scovell Daur     9 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    David Scovell Son   5   Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Frederick Scovell Son   2     Hants, Shalfleet
39 Wellow Maria Coombs Widow Un   39   Hampshire, Shalfleet
    Edward Blake Lodger Un 37     Hampshire, Godshill
    Selina Coombs Daur     13   Hampshire, Shalfleet
    George Coombs Son   11     Hampshire, Shalfleet
    James Coombes Son   8     Hampshire, Northwood
    Edward Alfred Coombs Son   6     Hampshire, Shalfleet
    Isaac Coombs Son   4     Hampshire, Shalfleet
    Clement Coombs Son   9m     Hampshire, Shalfleet

* George Pritchett - Deaf

* Ann Coombs - Deaf

* William Kent - Deaf

Shalfleet 1861 census

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