Shalfleet Census 1861

 District 3 Reference R.G.9 / 662

This is probably the area between the Dodpits to Thorley road and the Bouldnor to Yarmouth Road, but has no locations included ( names)

Infirmities are marked with an asterisk and recorded below, uncertainties are marked in italics 

    Name and Surname of each person Relation to Head Marriage Condition Age M Age F Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born
1   Henry Hayes Head Married 59   Blacksmith Hants, Shalfleet
    Eliza Hayes Wife Married   59   Hants, Gatcombe
    Thomas Hayes Son Un 20   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Francis Hayes Son Un 16   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Thomas Hayes Lodger Un 61   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
2   Francis Gatrell Head Mar 24   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Fanny Gatrell Wife Mar   24   Hants, Shalfleet
    Frederick Gatrell Son   3     Hants, Shalfleet
    Julia Ann Gatrell Daughr     2m   Hants, Shalfleet
3   Robert Lock Head Mar 75   Retired Farmer Hants, Shorwell
    Marie Lock [Blank] Mar   62 Housekeeper Hants, Shalfleet
    Ann Read [Blank] Widow   68 Visitor Hants, Shalfleet
4   James Beere Head Mar 71   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Hannah Beere Wife Mar   65   Hants, Shalfleet
    Eliza Beere [Blank] Un   38 Relation Hants, Shalfleet
    Robert Whittington Grandson   2     Hants, Ryde
5   Francis Cooper Head Mar 24   Carpenter Hants, Shalfleet
    Ellen Cooper Wife Mar   24   Hants, Cowes
    Gertrude Cooper Daugh Un   9m   Hants, Cowes
6   Robert Hills Head Mar 33   Farmer of 150 acres, 2 men, 1 boy Hants, Shalfleet
    Martha Ann Hills Wife Mar   26   Hants, Arreton
    James Hill Son   3m     Hants, Shalfleet
    Emma Broomfield Serv Un   22 Dairy Maid Hants, Eling
    Daniel Grist Serv Un 16   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
7   James Hills Lodger Mar 72   Retired Farmer Hants, Shalfleet
    Hannah Hills Wife Mar   66   Hants, Newchurch
8   Joseph Chessell Head Mar 58   Shoemaker Hants, Shalfleet
    Margaret Chessell Wife Mar   57   Dorset, Kingstone
    William Lock Grandson     9   Hants, Carisbrooke
9   George Wardel Head Mar 54   Inland Revenue Officer Lincolnshire, Spilsby
    Mary Ann Wardel Wife Mar   59   Dorsetshire, Dorchester
10   James Sprack Head Mar 32   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Wootton
    Jane Sprack Wife Mar   38   Hants, Calbourn
    Marie Sprack Daur Un   10 Scholar Hants, Godshill
    James William Sprack Son   3     Hants, Shalfleet
11   Sarah Barton Head Widow   87 Agricultural Labourers Widow Hants, Ningwood
    Robert Barton Son Un 62   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Ningwood
12   James Reynolds Head Mar 61   Labour Drying Gravel Hants, Thorley
    Charlotte Reynolds Wife Mar   61 Formerly Farm Servant Hants, Mottiston
    Andrew Reynolds Son Un 21   Labour Drying Gravel Hants, Shalfleet
    Barton Reynolds Son Un 19   Labour Drying Gravel Hants, Shalfleet
    Edward Reynolds Son Un 17   Labour Drying Gravel Hants, Shalfleet
    Harriott Reynolds Daur Un   14 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    John Wm Reynolds Son   9   Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
13   Isaac Brett Head Mar 55   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Freshwater
    Hannah Brett Wife Mar   56 Formerly Farm Servant Hants, Godshill
    George Brett Son Un 27   Labour Hants, Shalfleet
    John Brett Son Un 16   Labour Hants, Shalfleet
    Joseph Brett Son Un 9   Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
14   Henery Baker Head Mar 30   Farmer of 200 acres, 2 men, 1boy Hants, Shalfleet
    Edith Baker Wife Mar   30   Hants, Whitwell
    Jane Baker Daur     5   Hants, Shalfleet
    Rose E Baker Daur     4   Hants, Shalfleet
    Edith Baker Daur     3   Hants, Shalfleet
    Ellen Hyde Serv Un   25 House Servant Hants, Freshwater
15   William Russell Head Mar 74   Pauper Hants, Shalfleet
    Frances Russell Wife Mar   53   Hants, Shalfleet
16   William Wright Head Wid 75   Labourer Suffolk
    Chas Wright Son Un 35   Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Emma Wright Daur Un   23 House Keeper Hants, Shalfleet
17   Isaac Hendy Head Mar 65   Pauper Hants, Shalfleet
    Jane Hendy Wife Mar   66   Hants, Calbourn
18   James Faulknor Head Mar 35   Schoolmaster Staffordshire
    Harriett Faulknor Wife Mar   29   Gloucestershire, Birton
    William H Faulknor Son   5     Oxon, Gt Tew
    Oden H Faulknor Son   9m     Hants, Shalfleet
19   John Wheeler Head Mar 61   Drainer Hants, Godshill
    Ann Wheeler Wife Mar   59   Hants, Shalfleet
    Amelia J Wheeler Daur Un   17   Hants, Shalfleet
    Lousia E Salter Grandaughter     7   Hants, Cowes
20   William Buckett Head Mar 43   Bricklayer Hants, Shalfleet
    Eliza Buckett Wife Mar   43   Hants, Shorwell
    John Buckett Son Un 18   Carpenter Hants, Shalfleet
    Henery Buckett Son   12   Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Frederick Buckett Son   10   Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    George Buckett Son   6     Hants, Shalfleet
    Frank Buckett Son   4     Hants, Shalfleet
    Fanny Buckett Daur     2   Hants, Shalfleet
21   John Sweet Lodger Widr 27   Carpenter Summerset, Merriot
22   Mary Hodge Lodger Un   42 Dressmaker Hants, Shalfleet
    Ann Hodge Lodger Un   15 Dressmaker Hants, Newport
23   William Wheeler Head Mar 48   Stone Mason Hants, Shalfleet
    H Wheeler Wife Mar   53   Hants, Arreton
24   Thomas Shorter [Blank] Un 47   Labour Hants, Brixton
25   William Hodge Head Mar 49   Labour Hants, Shalfleet
    Charlotte Hodge Wife Mar   53   Hants, Shalfleet
    Silas H Hodge Son   15     Hants, Shalfleet
    Thomas Hodge Son   12     Hants, Shalfleet
    Exuas Hodge Son   9     Hants, Shalfleet
    George Hodge Son   7     Hants, Shalfleet
    William R Hodge Son   5     Hants, Shalfleet
26   Thomas Kenley Head Mar 44   Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Blanford
    Mary Ann Kenley Wife Mar   36   Hants, Calbourn
    Thomas Kenley Son   15   Labouring Boy Hants, Freshwater
    Henery Kenley Son   11   Labouring Boy Hants, Gosport
    Elizabeth Kenley Daur     10 Scholar Hants, Gosport
    Mary A Kenley Daur     9 Scholar Hants, Gosport
    Charles Kenley Son   8     Hants, Gosport
    Alice Kenley Daur     5   Hants, Yarmouth
    William Kenley Son   2     Hants, Yarmouth
    George Kenley Son   1     Hants, Wellow
    Robert Kenley Son   3m     Hants, Wellow
27   Robert Mew Head Mar 43   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Calbourn
    Ann Mew Wife Mar   38   Hants, Chillerton
    Edwin Mew Son   11   Scholar Hants, Calbourn
    Jane Mew Daur     8 Scholar Hants, Freshwater
    Francis Mew Son   5   Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Isaac Mew Son   3     Hants, Thorley
    James Mew Son   1     Hants, Shalfleet
28   Charles Grist Head Mar 40   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Fanny Grist Wife Mar   34   Hants, Brixton
    Mary J Grist Daur Un   16   Hants, Shalfleet
    Mark Grist Son   10     Hants, Shalfleet
    Martha Grist Daur     8 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Matilda Grist Daur     6 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Benjamin Grist Son   3     Hants, Thorley
    William Grist Son   7m     Hants, Thorley
29   Jacob Cooper Head Mar 40   Farmer of [Blank] Hants, Carisbrooke
    Emily F Cooper Wife Mar   26   Hants, Whitwell
    Alfred H Cooper Son   6     Hants, Newchurch
    Fanny A Cooper Daur     4   Hants, Newchurch
    Wallace C Cooper Son   2     Hants, Newchurch
    Marton C Cooper Son   2m     Hants, Shalfleet
    Mary A Hooper Serv Un   18 House Servant Somersetshire, Norton
    Henry Mew Serv Un 13   Carters Mate Hants, Calbourn
30   Richard Barton Head Mar 59   Woodman Hants, Shalfleet
    Ann Barton Wife Mar   31   Exeter, Devonshire
    William Barton Son   15   Stable Bay Hants, Thorley
    Louisa Barton Daur     3m   Hants, Shalfleet
31   James Hollis Lodger Widr 75   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Calbourn
32   Benjimin Baskem Head Mar   65 Carpenter and Wheelwright Hants, Shalfleet
    Elizabeth Baskem Wife Mar   60   Poole, Dorsetshire
    George W Knocher Visitor Un   60 Proprietor of Securities Kent, Pover
33   James Barton Head Mar 34   Labourer Hants, Calbourn
    Ann Barton Wife Mar   30   Hants, Arreton
    Frederick Barton Son   6     Hants, Shalfleet
    Emily Barton Daur     4   Hants, Shalfleet
    Ellen Barton Daur     1   Hants, Shalfleet
34   James Groves Head Mar 56   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Lymington
    Lucy Groves Wife Mar   54   Hants, Freshwater
35   Andrew Coaks Head Mar 46   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Brook
    Elizabeth Coaks Wife Mar   44   Hants, Shalfleet
    Emily Coaks Daur Un   19   Hants, Shalfleet
    Sophia Gallop Visitor Un   19   Hants, Mottiston
    William Bright Visitor Mar 25   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Hurstbourne
    Agnes Bright Wife Mar   21   Hants, Shalfleet
    Emily Bright Daur     2   Hants, Shalfleet
36   William Young Head Mar 72   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Alicia Young * Wife Mar   63   Hants, Thorley
    Ellen Young Daur Un   19   Hants, Shalfleet
    Annie Sutter Grandaur Un   16 Pupil Teacher Hants, Northwood
37   Charles Gutteridge Lodger Un 19   Shoemaker Hants, Shalfleet
38   Eliza Marsh Head Un   50 Laundress Hants, Fareham
    Emma Marsh Daur Un   27 School Mistress Hants, Fareham
39   James C Green Head Mar 40   Baptist Minister Wellow Chapel. Farmer 93 acres, 1man, 1 boy Hants, Southsea
    Mary E Green Wife Mar   47   Hants, Portsea
    James C Green Son Un 15   Farmers Son Hants, Bitterne
    Mary L Green Daur Un   13   Hants, Southsea
    Sarah L Green Daur Un   12   Hants, Niton
    Jessy Green Daur     10   Hants, Niton
    Frederick Green Son   8     Hants, Niton
    Miriam Green Daur     6   Hants, Niton
    Samuel B Green Son   4     Hants, Niton
    Manley Clements Boarder Un 22     Middlesex, St Pancras
40   Mary Ann Stallard Wife Mar   26 Carpenters Wife Hants, Wimbourne
    Jane Williams Visitor Un   26   Hants, Calbourn
41   Hannah White Wife Mar   57 Laundress Hants, Brook
    Jacob White Son Un 26   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Edward White Son Un 23   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Albert White Son Un 20   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Leonard White Son Un 18   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Sarah White Daur Un   16   Hants, Shalfleet
42   William Dove Head Mar 44   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Ann Dove Wife Mar   47   Hants, Shalfleet
    Betty Dove Daur Un   16   Hants, Freshwater
    Sharlotte Dove Daur Un   14   Hants, Freshwater
    Caroline Dove Daur     12 Scholar Hants, Freshwater
    Ann Dove Daur     10 Scholar Hants, Freshwater
    Louisa Dove Daur     8 Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
    Harry Dove Son   5     Hants, Shalfleet
43   Charles Cook Head Mar 34   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Ann Cook Wife Mar   29   Hants, Shalfleet
    Charles W Cook Son   4   Scholar Hants, Shalfleet
44   William Cook Lodger Widr 64   Gardener Hants, Brook
45   James Hunt Lodger Un 22   Agricultural Labourer Hants, Thorley
    William Hunt Lodger   14   Stock Boy Hants, Thorley
    George Barton Boarder   6   Scholar Hants, Yarmouth
46   Charles Lock Head Mar 23   Farmer 100 acres, 2 men, 1 boy Hants, Shalfleet
    Jane Lock Wife Mar   25   Hants, Gatcombe
    Fanny Downer Serv     15 House Servant Hants, Gatcombe

* Alicia Young - blind

Shalfleet 1861 census 

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