Shalfleet Census 1881

R.G.11 1187

District 1

Census taken 3 April 1881 - Enumerator Mr Albert Wykes

All that part of the parish which Shalfleet lies to the north of the high Road leading from Shalfleet Bridge to Yarmouth Toll Gate comprising Mrs Sergeants, The Post Office, the Mill, Bucklers, Salterns, the Vicarage, Shalfleet Farm, Shotters, Horse and Groom, Ningwood Common, Hamstead House and Cottages, Horsford,  Hilliers & Hollis, Hamstead Farm, Cranmore, Lucketts, and every other house unrecorded.

    Name and Surname of each person Relation to Head Marriage Condition Age Male Age Female Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born
1 Newport Rd Edward Waterfield Head Mar 53   Bailee Army Pension Leicester, Leicestershire
    Sarah Ann Waterfield Wife Mar   46   Broadstairs, Kent
    Edward Ert.Waterfield Son Unm 17   Railway Clerk Surrey, Rotherhithe,
    George C. Waterfield Son   15   Stationers Assistant St. Lukes, Middlesex
    Elizabeth S. Waterfield Daur     8 Scholar Bouldner, Shalfleet
2 Newport Rd Ellen Biddlecombe Head Widow   55 Farmer of 30 acres employing 1 man and boy Calbourne, Southampton
    Harry Bright Serv   14   Farm Labourer Wellow, Southampton
3 Newport Rd William Bright Head Mar 46   Dairyman Hurstbourn, Hants
    Agnes Bright Wife Mar   43   Newbridge, Southampton
    Emily Bright Daur Unm   22   Elsom, Hants
    George Bright Son Unm 20     Wellow, Southampton
    Robert Bright Son Unm 17     Wellow, Southampton
    Bertram Bright Son   6     Shalfleet, Southampton
    Ada Bright Daur     4   Shalfleet, Southampton
  Cranmore & Ningwood Common - 2 uninhabited              
4 Newport Rd Elizabeth Buckett Head W   44 Laundress Shalfleet, Southampton
    Henry Buckett Son   14   Scholar Shalfleet, Southampton
    Beatrice Buckett Daur     12 Scholar Shalfleet, Southampton
    Flora Buckett Daur     10 Scholar Shalfleet, Southampton
    Effie Buckett Daur     7 Scholar Shalfleet, Southampton
5 Newport Rd George Ablitt Head Mar 67   Dairyman and Market Gardner 1 man Parish N.K. Suffolk
    Caroline Ablitt Wife Mar   62   Carisbrooke, Southampton
    George H Ablitt Son Unm 32     Shalfleet, Southampton
    Caroline A Ablitt Daur Unm   31   Shalfleet, Southampton
    Drusilla Ablitt Daur Unm   28   Shalfleet, Southampton
    Edward A Ablitt Son Unm 25     Shalfleet, Southampton
6 Horse and Groom George Reynolds Head Mar 36   Carrier and Publican Thorley, Southampton
    Louisa Reynolds Wife Mar   37   Bere Regis, Dorsetshire
    Ellen Reynolds Daur     11   Portland, Dorsetshire
    Kate Reynolds Daur     9   Shalfleet, Southampton
    Percy Reynolds Son   7     Shalfleet, Southampton
    Fred Reynolds Son   5     Shalfleet, Southampton
    Willian Reynolds Son   2     Shalfleet, Southampton
7 Ningwood Thomas Hollis Head Mar 76   Jobbing Gardener Shalfleet, Southampton
    Jane Hollis Wife Mar   73   Shalfleet, Southampton
    George Hollis Son Unm 18   Gen Labourer Shalfleet, Southampton
8 Ningwood Lucy Ann Reynolds Head Widow   77 Grocer Hustbourn Prior, Hants
9 Ningwood Abraham Munday Head Mar 38   Gen Labourer Shere, Surry
    Marry Munday Wife Mar   52   Shalfleet, Southampton
    Emma Munday Daur     13 Scholar Wandsworth, Surry
10 The Vicarage William F Fisher Head Mar 54   Vicar of Shalfleet, I.W. Keswick, Cumberland
    Thomas C Fisher Son Son 6   Scholar Arreton, Southampton
    Ann Meadow Servant W   55 Cook Domestic Servant Newport, Southampton
    Eliza Meadow Serv Unmar   17 Housemaid Domestic Servant Shide, Southampton
    Ann Bower Serv Mar   56 Nurse Domestic Servant Shalfleet, Southampton
11 Shalfleet Hill Adam Hendy Head Mar 59   Gen Labourer Freshwater, Southampton
    Maria Hendy Wife Mar   66   Shalfleet, Southampton
    Herbert Hendy Grand Son   6   Scholar Shalfleet, Southampton
    Thomas Turnbull Lodger Unmar 46   Horse Breaker Roxboroughshire, Scotland
12 Newport Road Sarah Wheeler Head W   83 Annuitant Bowcombe, Hants
    Annie Hendy Servant Unmar   22 General Domestic Servant Shalfleet, Southampton
13 New Inn Emma Shotter Head W   68 Licensed Victualler Brixton, Southampton
    Clement Shotter Son Unmar 32   Assistant to Licensed Victualler Shalfleet, Southampton
    Selina Shotter Daur Unmar   28 Assistant to Licensed Victualler Shalfleet, Southampton
14 Grocer's Shop Eliza Sargeant Head W   75 Grocer Carisbrooke, Southampton
    Ellen Sargeant Daur Unmar   49 Grocer's Assistant Shalfleet, Southampton
    John Sweet Lodger Widr 46   Carpenter and Dairyman Meciat, Somerset
15 Post Office Thomas Hollis Head Mar 55   Tailor (Master) Shalfleet, Southampton
    Jane E Hollis Wife Mar   58   Whippingham, Southampton
    Minnie Hollis Daur Unmar   17   Shalfleet, Southampton
16 Cottage Joseph Morey Head Mar 65   Gen Labourer Calbourn, Southampton
    Mary A Morey Wife Mar   63   Calbourn, Southampton
    Mary A Morey Daur Unmar   21 Dressmaker Shalfleet, Southampton
17 Cottage Frank Paul Head Mar 30   Ag Shepherd Calbourn, Southampton
    Eliza Paul Wife Mar   43   Freshwater, Southampton
    Jane Paul Daur     5 Scholar Shalfleet, Southampton
    Samuel Monkley Lodger Unmar 20   Miller Stock Common, Devonshire
    John Harris Lodger Unmar 26   Gen Labourer Warnford, Hants
18 Shalfleet Farm House Thomas Dacombe Head Mar 48   Dairyman Wimborne, Dorsetshire
    Sarah Dacombe Wife Mar   46   Wimborne, Dorsetshire
    William H Dacombe Son   14     Wimborne, Dorsetshire
19 Shalfleet Farm House Thomas Wilkinson Head Widr 81   Retired Farmer Shalfleet, Southampton
20 Shalfleet Mill Alfred Henley Head Mar 36   Miller Mambury, Devonshire
    Sarah Henly Wife Mar   38   Chardswell, Dorsetshire
    George Henly Son   3     Shalfleet, Southampton
    Annie Henly Daur     2   Shalfleet, Southampton
    Kate Henly Daur     4m   Shalfleet, Southampton
    Mary A Allen Boarder     14 Visitor Chardswell, Dorsetshire
21 Shalfleet Mill Edward Buckler Head Mar 65   Baker - Master, 1man Calbourn, Southampton
    Jane Buckler Wife Mar   64   N.K. Suffolk
    Henry Buckler Son Unmar 39   Baker Calbourn, Southampton
    Jane Buckler Daur Unmar   36   Calbourn, Southampton
    Emma Buckler Daur Unmar   33   Calbourn, Southampton
    Kate Buckler Daur Unmar   33   Calbourn, Southampton
22 Millbank Cottage Wallace Greenen Head Mar 28   Carrier and Coal dealer, 1 man Shalfleet, Southampton
    Mary Greenen Wife Mar   30   Newbridge, Southampton
    Gertrude Greenen Daur     8 Scholar Shalfleet, Southampton
    Beatrice Greenen Daur     6 Scholar Shalfleet, Southampton
    Cyril Greenen Son   4   Scholar Shalfleet, Southampton
    Mabel Greenen Daur     2   Shalfleet, Southampton
    Doris Greenen Daur     2m   Shalfleet, Southampton
    Noah Parsons Lodger Unmar 30   Police Constable Durley, Hants
23 Salterns Benjamin C Drayton Head Mar 49   Mason Shalfleet, Southampton
    Martha Drayton Wife Mar   39   Lymington, Hants
    Thomas H Drayton Son   15   Bricklayers, Labourer Shalfleet, Southampton
    Ambrose Drayton Son   13   Scholar Shalfleet, Southampton
    Louis Drayton Son   11   Scholar Shalfleet, Southampton
    Annie W Drayton Daur     9 Scholar Shalfleet, Southampton
24 Lower Hamsted John Hillier Head Mar 55   Farmer of 200 acres, 2 men and 1 boy Niton, Southampton
    Mary A Hillier Wife Mar   57   Carisbrook, Southampton
    Mary A Hillier Daur Unmar   25   Northwood, Southampton
    Alfred Hillier Son Unmar 24   Farmers Son Northwood, Southampton
    Ellen M Hillier Daur Unmar   21   Northwood, Southampton
    Kate E Hillier Daur Unmar   18   Northwood, Southampton
    Emma J Hillier Daur     12   Shalfleet, Southampton
25 Lower Hamstead Isaac Adams Head Mar 50   Labourer (Agricultural) Brixton, Hants
    Mary Adams Wife Mar   46   Shalfleet, Hants
    Harriet Adams Daur Unmar   23   Carisbrook, Hants
    Kezia Adams Daur Unmar   16   Hamstead, Hants
    William Adams Son Unmar 16   Labourer Hamstead, Hants
    Hester Adams Daur     9 Scholar Hamstead, Hants
26 Brickyard Farm Thomas Hollis Head Mar 40   Farmer of 95 acres, 1 man Shalfleet, Hants
    Matilda Hollis Wife Mar   50   Brockenhurst, Hants
27 The Cottage John M Henderson Head Mar 37   Consul for the German Empire Scotland
    Jane M Henderson Wife Mar   33   Scotland
    Maria Hooke Servant Unmar   21 General Servant Not Available
28 The Fisheries James Rider Head Mar 41   Fisherman East Cowes, Hants
    Sarah Rider Wife Mar   37 Wife of Fisherman West Cowes, Hants
    Annie Rider Daur     12 Scholar West Cowes, Hants
    James M Rider Son   10   Scholar West Cowes, Hants
    Emilie Rider Daur     7 Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    William Rider Son   4   Scholar Shalfleet, Hants
    Alice M Rider Daur     2   Shalfleet, Hants
    Thomas E Rider Son   7m     Shalfleet, Hants
29 Hamstead Farm Isaac Horsford Head Widr 81   Farmer of 300 acres, 2 men and 1 boy Godshill, Hants
    Jacob Horsford Brother Widr 78     Godshill, Hants
    Sarah Horsford Daur Unmar   44 Farmers Daughter Shorwell, Hants
    Robert Horsford Son Unmar 41   Farmers Son Shorwell, Hants
    Emily Horsford Daur Unmar   33 Farmers Daughter Shorwell, Hants
30 Hamstead Farm James Downer Head Mar 35   Labourer (Agricultural) Shorwell, Hants
    Emma Downer Wife Mar   31   Gatcombe, Hants
    Edgar P Downer Son   2     Shorwell, Hants
31 Hamstead House George H Secker Head Mar 38   No profession or occupation Berks, Windsor
    Helen Secker Wife Mar   37   Salop, Shrewsbury
    Selina Heathcote Sister in law Unmar   35   Salop, Shrewsbury
    Julia Rees Niece     7 Scholar India
    Emily Rees Niece     6 Scholar India
    May Rees Niece     4 Scholar Dorset, Swanage
    William Rees Nephew   2   Scholar India
    Emily Fyffe Serv Unmar   20 Governess Hants, Southsea
    Eliza Battwick Serv Unmar   19 Servant (Domestic) Dorset, Raunstone
32 Hamstead (Manor House) John Pennethorne Head Unmar 73   Landower Worcester
    Anne Pennethorne Sister Unmar   80 Landower Worcester
    Sarah Pennethorne Sister Unmar   77 Spinster No Occupation Worcester
    Anne Wright Servant Unmar   67 Servant Worcester
    Elizabeth Birt Servant Unmar   59 Servant Worcester
    Helen Elderfield Servant Unmar   31 Servant Calbourne, IW
    Ellen Brimson Servant Unmar   16 Servant Calbourne, IW
33 Hamstead James Brett Head Mar 49   Coachman (Domestic) Brixton, I.W
    Charlotte Brett Wife Mar   55   Shalfleet, I.W
    Edwin Brett Son Unmar 27   Labourer Shalfleet, I.W
    Louise M Thorlow Daur Mar   25   Shalfleet, I.W
    James Brett Son Unmar 23   Fisherman Shalfleet, I.W
    Frank Brett Son   10   Scholar Shalfleet, I.W
    LottieThorlow Grandaur     1   Arreton, I.W
34 Hamstead Walter W Smith Head Mar 37   Gardener Freshwater, I.W.
    Jane Smith Wife Mar   42   Ripon, Yorkshire
    Charles Smith Son   15   Scholar Shalfleet, I.W
    Elizabeth Smith Daur     12 Scholar Shalfleet, I.W
35 Hamstead William Marks Head Mar 54   Labourer (Agricultural) Shalfleet, I.W
    Margaret Marks Wife Mar   58   St Nicholas, Worcester
36 Newtown River Harry Hollins   Mar 33   Master Portsmouth, Hants
  SS Arrow              
37 Newtown River Thomas Holbrook   Unmar 48   Mate Shalfleet, I W
  Smack Wellington George Lock   Unmar 16   Boy Newport, I W

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