Shalfleet Census 1871

R.G.10 1171

District 1

Census taken 2 April 1871 - Enumerator Mr Frank Woodford

All that part of the parish which Shalfleet lies to the north of the high Road leading from Shalfleet Bridge to Yarmouth Toll Gate comprising Mrs Sergeants, The Post Office, the Mill, the Cottages, Salterns, Shalfleet Farm, Shotters, Marks, Horse and Groom, Ningwood Common, Lucketts, Boldnor, Hamstead Common, Hamstead House and Cottages, Lower Hamstead and every other house unrecorded.

Note: Uncertainties in italics, invalidities marked with * and shown at foot of table.

    Name and Surname of each person Relation to Head Marriage Condition Age Male Age Female Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born
1 Shalfleet William Jacobs Head Mar 27   Ag Lab Southampton, Newtown
    Mary A Jacobs Wife Mar   30   Southampton, Ryde
    Mary A Jacobs Daur     2   Southampton, Shalfleet
    William F Jacobs Son   1     Southampton, Shalfleet
2 Shalfleet William F Tribe Lodger Unmar 28?   Police Constable, Hants Constabulary Hampshire, Borden, Eastwood
3 Shalfleet Sarah Wheeler Head W   72 Annuitant Southampton
    Mary A Morey Visitor     11 Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
4 Shalfleet Eliza Sargant Head W   68 Grocer Southampton, Brixton
    Ellen Sargent Daur Unmar   44   Southampton, Shalfleet
    Jane Chiverton Niece Unmar   39   Southampton, Shalfleet
    John Sweet Son in law Widr 40   ? Somerset
5 Shalfleet New Inn William Shotter Head Mar 60   Inn Keeper Southampton, Brixton
    Emma Shotter Wife Apr   59   Southampton, Brixton
    Clement Shotter Son   26     Southampton, Shalfleet
    Selina Shotter Daur     23   Southampton, Shalfleet
    Emma Shotter Daur     18   Southampton, Shalfleet
6 Shalfleet Thomas Hollis Head Mar 45   Tailor Southampton, Shalfleet
    Jane E Hollis Wife Mar   48   Southampton, Whippingham
    Florence Hollis Daur     12   Southampton, Shalfleet
    Hector Hollis Son   11   Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
    Minnie Hollis Daur     7 Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
7   Joseph Morey Head Mar 55   Ag Lab Southampton, Calbourne
    Mary A Morey Wife Mar   54   Southampton, Calbourne
    Edward G Morey Son   20   Miller Southampton, Shalfleet
    Emma Morey Daughter     9 Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
    William Urry Father in Law Widr 84   Annuitant Southampton, Calbourne
8 Shalfleet George Earney Head Mar 32   Ag Lab Winchbury, Wilts
    Emily Earney Wife Mar   38   Damesham, Wilts
    George T Earney Son   10   Farmers Servant Southampton, Calbourne
    John E Earney Son   8   Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
    Thomas E Earney Son   4   Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
    Charles H Earney Son   2     Southampton, Shalfleet
9 Shalfleet Farm Michael Cheverton Head Mar 64   Farmer of 200 acres employing 4 lab and 3 boys Southampton, Newchurch
    Caroline Cheverton Wife Mar   59 Farmers Wife Southampton, Newchurch
    Richard Cheverton Son Unmar 32   Farmers Son Southampton, Godshill
    Elizabeth Cheverton Daur Unmar   29 Farmers Daughter Southampton, Godshill
    Clara Cheverton Daur Unmar   27 Farmers Daughter Southampton, Godshill
    James C Cheverton Son Unmar 18   Farmers Son Southampton, Shalfleet
    Mary Jolliffe Sister in Law Unmar   51 Visitor? Southampton, Arreton
10 Shalfleet Mill James Stevens Head Mar 69   Miller West Bourne, Sussex
    Agnes Stevens Wife Mar   66 Millers Wife Chichester, Sussex
    Louise Brown Niece     8 Scholar Southampton, Cowes
11 Shalfleet Edward Buckler Head Mar 54   Baker Southampton, Calbourne
    Jane Buckler Wife Mar   53 Baker's Wife Suffolk
    Henry Buckler Son Unmar 29   Baker Southampton, Calbourne
    Jane Buckler Daur Unmar   26 Dress Maker Southampton, Calbourne
    Emma Buckler Daur Unmar   24   Southampton, Calbourne
    Kate Buckler Daur Unmar   24   Southampton, Calbourne
12 Shalfleet Cottage John Coverley Person Head Mar 39   Curate of Calbourne Ayton, Yorkshire
    Dorothy S Person Wife Mar   35   Monkwearmouth, Sunderland
    William H Person Son   4     Monkwearmouth, Sunderland
    Maude M Person Daur     3   Southampton, Shalfleet
    John C Person Son   1     Southampton, Shalfleet
    Mary Person Daur     1m   Southampton, Shalfleet
    Fanny Meaning Serv     26 Domestic Servant Southampton, Ningwood
    Louisa Meaning Serv     24 Domestic Servant Southampton, Ningwood
    Sarah Cox Nurse W   63 Nurse Southampton, Newport
    Harry Cooper Groom   18   Groom Southampton, Brixton
13 Saltern Cottage Charles Drayton Head Mar 38   Ag Lab Southampton, Shalfleet
    Martha Drayton Wife Mar   29   Lymington, Hants
    James Drayton Son   7   Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
    Thomas Drayton Son   5   Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
    Ambrose Drayton Son   3   Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
    Louis Drayton Son   1   Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
14 Ningwood Lodge James Markas Head Widr 71   Carpenter Southampton, Ningwood
    Louise M Markas * Grand daur Unmar   20   Southampton, Ningwood
15   Lucy Reynolds Head W   67 Grocer Portland, Hants
    George Reynolds Son Mar 26   Carrier Southampton, Thorley
    Louisa Reynolds Wife Mar   27   Bere, Dorsetshire
    Eleanor I Reynolds ?     15m   Portland, Dorsetshire
16 Ningwood Thomas Hollis Head Mar 68   Ag Lab Southampton, Shalfleet
    Jane Hollis Wife Mar   64   Southampton, Shalfleet
    Jane Hollis Daur Unmar   29   Southampton, Shalfleet
    George Hollis Grandson   7   Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
17 Horse and Groom Thomas Hollis Head Mar 31   Inn Keeper Southampton, Shalfleet
    Matilda Hollis Wife Mar   40   Southampton, Yarmouth
18 Ningwood George Ablitt Head Mar 56   Dairyman 15 acres Suffolk
    Caroline Ablitt Wife Mar   51   Southampton, Shalfleet
    George H Ablitt Son Unmar 22   Dairymans Son Southampton, Shalfleet
    Caroline H Ablitt Daur Unmar   21   Southampton, Shalfleet
    Druscilla Ablitt Daur Unmar   18   Southampton, Shalfleet
    Edward A Ablitt Son   15   Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
    Herbert Ablitt Son   11   Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
    Matilda Ablitt Daur     9 Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
19 Ningwood Common Andrew Buckett Head Mar 34   Bricklayer Shalfleet, Hants
    Elizabeth Buckett Wife Mar   34 Bricklayers Wife Ningwood, Hants
    Sarah-Ann Buckett Daur     6 Scholar Newbridge, Hants
    Richard H Buckett Son   4   Scholar Ningwood, Hants
    Beatrice E Buckett Daur     2   Hamstead, Hants
    Theresa F Buckett Daur     1m   Ningwood, Hants
20 Ningwood Common Sophia Leabiler Head Mar   50   Wisborough Green, Sussex
    Caroline Foster Wife Mar   27   Farnham
    Ann M Foster Daur     4 Scholar Southampton
    William G Foster Son   2     Ningwood, Southampton
    Henry I Foster Son   3m      
21   Sidney Reynolds Head Mar 29   Ag Lab Southampton, Thorley
    Mary Reynolds Wife Mar   22   Southampton, Wootton Bridge
    Teresa Reynolds Daur     1   Southampton, Ningwood
22 Lucketts Barnabas Biddlecombe Head Widr 49   Dairyman Southampton, Shalfleet
    Hannah Gabrill Sister W   62   Southampton, Shalfleet
    Ann Woolgar Sister W   55   Southampton, Shalfleet
    James Biddlecombe Son   13   Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
23 Boldnor House Edward Waterfield Head Mar 43   Land Steward Leicester
    Sarah Waterfield Wife Mar   37 Domestic Broadstairs,Kent
    Rose Waterfield Daur     13 Scholar Camberwell, London
    Edward Waterfield Son   7   Scholar Rotherhithe, London
    George Waterfield Son   5   Scholar St Luke, Clerkenwell
    Thomas Turnbull Visitor Unmar 36   Farm Baliff Scotland
24 Cranmore John Havelock Head Mar 50   Gamekeeper Durham, Birtley
    Catherine Havelock Wife Mar   54 Gamekeepers wife Norfolk, Melton Constable
    William Havelock Son Unmar 17   Gamekeepers son Yorkshire, Londesborough
    John Havelock Son Unmar 16   Gamekeepers son Yorkshire, Londesborough
    Maryann Havelock Daur     11 Scholar Yorkshire, Bretton
25 Hamstead James Wheeler Head Widr 66   Ag Lab Southampton, Shalfleet
    Martha Joliffe Farm Helper W   44 Ag Lab Southampton, Cowes
    Luke Joliffe Son   16   Scholar Southampton, Newport
    Martha Joliffe Daur     14 Scholar Southampton, Newport
    James Joliffe Son   7     Southampton, Newport
    William Tryham Boarder Unmar 28   Ag Lab Southampton, Cowes
26 Hamstead Cottage William Marks Head Mar 45   Ag Lab Southampton, Shalfleet
    Maryann Marks Wife Mar   48 Ag Lab Worcester, St Martins
    Joseph Proles Boarder   27   Ag Lab Herefordshire, Leominster
27 Hamstead Cottage James Brett Head Mar 42   Coachman Southampton, Shalfleet
    Charlotte Brett Wife Mar   46 Coachmans Wife Southampton, Shalfleet
    Louisa M Brett Daur Unmar   15 Coachmans Daur Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
    James Brett Son   13   Coachmans Son  Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
    Henry Brett Son   10   Coachmans Son  Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
    John Brett Son   9   Coachmans Son Southampton, Shalfleet
    Charlotte E Brett Daur     6 Coachmans Daur Southampton, Shalfleet
    Frank Brett Son   2 weeks   Coachmans Son Southampton, Shalfleet
    Louisa Marks Mother in law W   65 Domestic Southampton, Shalfleet
28 Hamstead House Walter W Stutte Head Mar 27   Gardener Southampton, Freshwater
    Jane Stutte Wife Mar   31 Gardeners wife Yorkshire, Ripon
    Charles Stutte Son   5     Southampton, Shalfleet
29   John Pennethorne Head Unmar 68   Landowner Worcester
    Ann Pennethorne Sister Unmar   70 Landowner Worcester
    Sarah Pennethorne Sister Unmar   67 Independent Worcester
    Ann Wright Serv Unmar   58 Parlour Maid Bromsgrove
    Elizabeth Bird Serv Unmar   50 Ladies Maid Worcester
    Mary A Morey Serv Unmar   23 Cook Southampton, Shalfleet
30 Hamstead Edward Frecker Head Unmar 46   Farmer of 534 Acres, 8 labourers and 1 boy Wilts, Imber
    Deborah Vance Aunt Unmar   75 House Keeper Berkshire, Speen
    John W Batchelor Servant Unmar   13 Farm Servant Southampton, Newchurch
31 Hamstead Charles Meaning Head Mar 59   Ag Lab Southampton, Brixton
    Ann Meaning Wife Mar   57 Ag Labs wife Southampton, Shalfleet
    William Meaning Son Unmar 20   Ag Lab Southampton, Shalfleet
    Frank Meaning Son Unmar 18   Ag Lab Southampton, Shalfleet
    Mary A Meaning Daur     15 Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
32 Hamstead Isaac Adams Head Mar 42   Ag Lab Southampton, Chillerton
    Mary Adams Wife Mar   36 Laundress Southampton, Shalfleet
    Elizabeth Adams Daur     12   Southampton, Carisbrooke
    Rufin A Adams Daur     6   Southampton, Shalfleet
    William J Adams Son   6     Southampton, Shalfleet
33 Hamstead the Gange Henry Farnell Head Mar   42 Lieut of the Isle of Wight Artillery Isleworth, Middlesex
    Fanny Farnell Wife Mar   36 Officers wife Wallingford, Berkshire
    Elizabeth Ware   Unmar   26 Cook Shirley, Hants
    Alice Adams   Unmar   15 Housemaid Southampton, Ningwood
    William J Thompson   Unmar   22 Coachman Brentford, Middlesex
    John Hull   Unmar   19 Groom Stanwell, Middlesex
34 Lower Hamstead Benjamin Morey Head Mar   58 Ag Lab Southampton, Calbourne
    Elizabeth Morey Wife Mar   58 Ag Labs wife Suffolk, Blackhill
    George Morey Son     15 Ag Lab Southampton, Shalfleet
    Sarah Morey Daur     11 Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
    Henry Snell Grandson     1   Southampton, Shalfleet
35 Lower Hamstead George Couch Head Mar 46   Packet Guard Cowes Boatman Cornwall, St Clements
    Susan Couch Wife Mar   36 Packet Guard Cowes Boatmans wife Chichester, Sussex
    Susan Couch Daur     10 Scholar Southampton, Cowes
    George Couch Son   8   Scholar Southampton, Cowes
    Annie Couch Daur     6 Scholar Southampton, Cowes
    John Couch Son   5   Scholar Southampton, Cowes
    Mary Couch Daur     4 Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
    Henry Couch Son   2   Scholar Southampton, Shalfleet
    Caroline Couch Son     3m   Southampton, Shalfleet
36 Hamstead Brickyard Henry Jacobs Head Mar 35   Fisherman Southampton, Newtown
    Sarah Jacobs Wife Mar   25 Fishermans wife Southampton, Newtown
    Kate Jacobs Daur     1   Southampton, Newtown
37 Little Hamstead John Hillier Head Mar 44   Farmer of 26 acres, 1 labourer and 1 boy Southampton
    Mary A Hillier Wife Mar   46   Southampton
    Mary A Hillier Daur     15   Southampton
    Alfred Hillier Son   14     Southampton
    Ellen M Hillier Daur     11 Scholar Southampton
    Kate E Hillier Daur     5 Scholar Southampton
    Emma S Hillier Daur     2   Southampton

* Louise M Markas - Deaf

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