Shalfleet Census 1901

Isle of Wight Registration District, Enumeration District No 17. Reference RG13 / 1033

Boundary - All that part of  Shalfleet Civil Parish bounded on the east by the high road leading from Ningwood Railway Bridge to Shalcomb, on the west by the Parish of Thorley, on the north by the high road leading from Ningwood Railway Bridge to Lee Farm Gate, on the south by the parishes of Brooke and Mottistone.

Comprising - Wellow (South side), Sun Inn, Wellow Post Office and cottages adjacent, Wellow Farm, Bundays, Gatrells, Brickyard cottages, J Fiander, Churchills, Chessell Farm and cottages, Prospect and every other unnamed house and habitation within the prescribed boundaries. A formerly detached part of St Nicholas civil parish comprising Shalcomb Farm and cottages.

Enumerator: Mr George Alford Kingswell

Note:  Invalidities marked by asterisk next to name and detailed below


. Name and Surname of each person Relation to Head Marriage Condition Age M Age F Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born
1 Wellow Robert Lock Head M 50   Farm Labourer Bowcombe
    Sarah Jane Lock Wife M   46   Bowcombe
    Fanny Lock Daughter S   26   Bowcombe
    Henry Lock Brother S 70     Bowcombe
2 Wellow William Hodge Head M 59   Colporteur Great Gransden, Herts
    Deborah Hodge Wife M   57   Rowell, Cambs
    Stephen Hodge Son S 24   House Decorator Wellow, I W
    Norman Hodge Nephew S 14   House Decorators Apprentice Wellow, I W
    Walter B Plucknett Boarder S 22   House Decorator Carisbrooke, I W
3 Wellow Joseph Carpenter Head M 66   Living on own means Middx, Hadley
    Harriett Carpenter Wife M   62   ? Wakefield
    Ellen Sarah Backshall Daughter M   34   London, Holloway
    Emily H Backshall G Daughter S   11   Thorley, I W
4 Wellow Edgar Preedy Head M 32   Dealer in Cattle Kingsland, Dalston, London
    Elizabeth E Preedy Wife M   30   Gibraltar
    Jessie L Preedy Daughter     3   Wellow, I W
    May A Preedy Daughter     2   Wellow, I W
    Donald C J Preedy Son   1     Wellow, I W
5 Wellow William Hands Head M 76   Farm Labourer Downton, Wilts
    Lowyne Hands Wife M   73   Downton, Wilts
    Mary Ann Preedy Lodger S   76   Andover, Hants
6 Wellow Charles Bradley Head M 63   Gardener Lyndhurst
    Jane Bradley Wife M   54   Beaulieu
    George Bradley Son S 22   A Farm Servant Wellow, I W
    Fred Bradley Son S 18   A Farm Servant Wellow, I W
    Albert Bradley Son S 14   A Farm Servant Wellow, I W
    Agnes Bastiani Visitor S   22   Freshwater, I W
7 Sun Inn W J Sawyer Head M 67   Inn Keeper Limsbury
    Jane Sawyer Wife M   60   Brook, I W
    Herbert W Sawyer Son S 29   A Farm Servant Newbridge, I W
    George Gatrell Lodger S 55   A Farm Servant Ryde, I W
8 Wellow George Brett Head M 28   Carter on Farm Prospect, I W
    Mary Jane Brett Wife M   27   Yarmouth, I W
    Ada Florence Brett Daughter   3     Wellow, I W
9 Wellow James H Drake Head S 44   Farmer Shalfleet, I W
    Alexander Short Bro in law M 41   Post Master Brockenhurst
    Alice Short Sister M   49 Post Mistress (Shopkeeper) Shalfleet, I W
10 Wellow John Scovell Head Wid 60   Bricklayers Labourer Newbridge, I W
    William Scovell Son S 21   A Farm Servant Wellow, I W
    Herbert Scovell Son S 16   A Farm Servant Wellow, I W
    Arthur Scovell Son   11     Wellow, I W
11 Wellow Alfred Hands Head M 41   Dairyman Downton, Wilts
    Eleanor Hands Wife M   47   Shalfleet, I W
    Mabel E Hands Daughter S   19   Shalfleet, I W
12 Wellow Morris White Head S 38   Carter at Farm Shalfleet, I W
    Sophia White Mother Wid   62   Shalfleet, I W
13 Wellow Charles Budden Head M 49   Carter at Farm Wroxall, I W
    Sabrina Budden Wife M   40   Wellow, I W
    Charles E Budden Son S 16   A Farm Servant Wroxall, I W
    Ethel S Budden Daughter S   15 General Servant, Domestic Wellow, I W
    William G Budden Son   12     Wellow, I W
    Pavey G Budden Son   8     Wellow, I W
    Maurice D Budden Son   6     Wellow, I W
14 Wellow Albert Hiscock Head M 28   Carman Burley, Ringwood, Hants
    Eva Hiscock Wife M   26   Wellow, I W
    Francis Hiscock Daughter     5   Wellow, I W
    Bertie Hiscock Son   2     Wellow, I W
15 Wellow Ann Bunday Head Wid   76   Shorwell, I W
16 Wellow Edward Cooper Head S 67   Postman/Letter Delivery Shalfleet, I W
    To let empty house            
17 Wellow Manor George A Kingswell Head M 61   Farmer Godshill, I W
    Mary Jane Kingswell Wife M   58   Brixton, I W
    George A Kingswell Son S 25   Farmers Son Wellow, I W
    Agnes Kingswell Daughter S   22   Wellow, I W
    Robert Kingswell Son S 20   Farmers Son Fleetlands, I W
    Ella Kingswell Daughter S   16   Fleetlands, I W
18 Wellow William Newberry Head M 74   Gardener Dongall, Somerset
    Susan Newberry Wife M   73   Honiton, Somerset
19 Wellow Frank Cooper Head Widr 64   Carpenter Wellow, I W
    Henry Niblett Lodger M 40   A Farm Servant Godshill, I W
    Caroline Niblett Lodger M   42 Housekeeper, Domestic Brixton, I W
    Henry Cook Lodger S 44   A Farm Servant Brixton, I W
    Alford W Bishop * Lodger S 16     Ireland
20 Wellow Jane Brett Head Wid   73   Ashey, Brading, I W
21 Wellow Thomas Hayles Head S 60   Shephard Wellow, I W
    Fanny Cook Sister Wid   58   Wellow, I W
    Charles W Cook Son S 20   A Farm Servant Wellow, I W
22 Wellow Mary Lawes Head Wid 67   General Servant Shorwell, I W
23 Wellow Herbert Bunday Head M 42   Brick Burner Clavendon, Wilts
    Ellen Bunday Wife M   39   Portsmouth, Hants
    Lily Bunday Daughter     12   Wellow, I W
    Ralph Bunday Son   7     Wellow, I W
    Leanora Bunday Daughter     3m   Wellow, I W
24 Wellow Frank Gatrell Head M 64   A Farm Servant Isle of Wight
    Fanny Gatrell Wife M   65 Laundress Isle of Wight
    Clara Gatrell Daughter S   31 Laundress Isle of Wight
    Arthur Gatrell Son S 28   A Farm Servant Isle of Wight
    George Gatrell Son S 25   A Farm Servant Isle of Wight
    Dorothy Gatrell G Daughter     6   Isle of Wight
25 Brickyard Cottage John Cook Head M 34   A Farm Servant Isle of Wight
    Sophia Cook Wife M   30   Isle of Wight
    James Hunt Father in law Widr 63   Shephard Isle of Wight
    William Hunt Son S 33   A Farm Servant Isle of Wight
26 Brickyard Cottage Charles Sheath Head M 43   Carter on Farm Isle of Wight
    Lucy Sheath Wife M   38   Isle of Wight
    Sarah Alice Sheath Daughter S   16 Domestic Servant Isle of Wight
    Barton Sheath Son S 14   A Farm Servant Isle of Wight
    Fanny Sheath Daughter     11   Isle of Wight
    Agnes M Sheath Daughter     8   Isle of Wight
    Adolphus H Sheath Son   2     Isle of Wight
    Linda M Sheath Daughter     1   Isle of Wight
27 Ningwood Thomas Hollis Head M 61   A Farm Servant Ningwood, I W
    Matilda Hollis Wife M   71   Brockenhurst
28 Ningwood John Fiander Head S 55   Dairyman Shalfleet, I W
    Jane Parfitt Servant S   60 General Servant, Domestic Somerset, South
29 Stonehaven George Brett Head M 26   Bricklayers Labourer Shalfleet, I W
    Sarah Brett Wife M   34   Mottistone, I W
    Amy Brett Daughter     5   Shalfleet, I W
    Arthur Brett Son   4     Shalfleet, I W
    Sylvia Brett Daughter     2   Shalfleet, I W
    Wallace Cook Brother in law S 16   A Farm Servant Mottistone, I W
30 Churchills Farm Charles J Baker Head M 34   Farmer Churchills, I W
    Georgina Baker Wife M   30   Ningwood, I W
    Jessie G Baker Daughter     8   Churchills, I W
    John Baker Son   7     Churchills, I W
    Charles H Baker Son   6     Churchills, I W
    Edith M Baker Daughter     4   Churchills, I W
    Lillian G Baker Daughter     2   Churchills, I W
    Eva Beatrice Brett Servant S   18 General Servant, Domestic Ningwood, I W
31 Churchills Cottage George Ballard Head M 23   Carter on Farm Arreton, I W
    Lottie Ballard Wife M   20   London
  Churchills Cottage To let empty house            
32 Chessell Farm Frances P Brown Head M 28   Farmer Mottistone, I W
    Gertrude Brown Wife M   32   Shalfleet, I W
    Edward P Brown Son   1     Shalfleet, I W
    Emma Brown Servant S   50 General Servant, Domestic Carisbrook, I W
33 Chessell Cottage Charles Munt Head M 31   Carter on Farm Shalfleet, I W
    Emily Munt Wife M   29   Woodford, Dorset
    Eva Munt Daughter     6   Shalfleet, I W
    Gertrude Munt Daughter     1   Shalfleet, I W
34 Prospect George Grist Head M 53   Farmer Porchfield, I W
    Harriett Grist Wife M   54   Shalfleet, I W
    Jacob Woodford Nephew Widr 24   Carter on Farm Calbourne, I W
    George Reynolds Nephew S 16   A Farm Servant Shalfleet, I W
35 Prospect John Beck Head M 55   A Farm Servant England
    Jessie Beck Wife M   43   Scotland

Desribed as being part of St Nicholas outside the Castle

36 Shalcomb House Eliza Baker Head Wid   66 Farmers Widow Southsea, Hants
    Ada Baker Daughter S   29   Isle of Wight
37 Shalcomb Cottage John Whittington Head M 39   Carter on Farm Shalfleet, I W
    Alice Whittington Wife M   36   Newbridge, I W
    Maude Whittington Daughter     14   Newbridge, I W
    Daisey Whittington Daughter     8   Newbridge, I W
    Dorothy Whittington Daughter     6   Newbridge, I W
    Martha Whittington Daughter     3   Newbridge, I W
    Agnes Whittington Daughter     8m   Newbridge, I W
  Shalcomb Lodge To let empty house            

* Noted as Cripple

Shalfleet 1901 Census

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