Shalfleet Census 1891

Isle of Wight Registration District, Enumeration District No 17. Reference RG12 / 897

Part of the Parish of Shalfleet. Bounded on the east by the high road leading from Ningwood Railway Bridge to Shalcombe on the west by the parish of Thorley on the north by the high road from Ningwood Railway Bridge to Lee Farm gate and on the South by the Parish of Brooke. Comprising Wellow (south side), Sun Inn, A. Shorts and cottages adjacent, Wellow Farm, F. Gattrells, Brickyard cottages, Stonehavens, Churchills Farm and cottages, Chessel Farm and cottage, Shalcombe Farm and cottages, Prospect and every other un-named house or habitation within the prescribed boundaries.

Enumerator: Mr George A Kingswell

. . Name and Surname of each person Relation to Head Marriage Condition Age M Age F Rank, Profession or Occupation


1 Brickyards Lane George Troth Head M 62   Farm Servant Dongath
    Mary Ann Troth Wife M   62   Dongath
    Fred Troth Son S 19   Farm Servant Thorley, I.O.W.
    Mark Jolliffe Boarder S 30   Farm Servant Atherfield, I.O.W
2 Brickyards Lane Mark Fulford Head Widr 47   Farm Servant Redlynch, Downton, Wilts
    Frank Fulford Son S 21   Farm Servant Ningwood, Isle of Wight
    Emily Fulford Daur S   25 Domestic Servant Redlynch, Downton, Wilts
    William Fulford Son S 10   Scholar Ningwood, Isle of Wight
3 Brickyards Lane John Fiander Head S 46   General Labourer Hampshire, Shalfleet
    Jane Parfitt Serv S   50 Domestic Servant Somersetshire, South Brewham
4 Brickyards Lane Robert Knowles Head M 56   Railway Station Master Kensington, Middlesex
    Susan Knowles Wife M   58   Somers Town, St Pancras
    Edith Emily Knowles Daur S   18   Sandown, Isle of Wight
    Rosa Kathleen Knowles Daur S   15   Cowes, Isle of Wight
5 Churchills Farm John William Baker Head M 60   Farmer Isle of Wight
    Eliza Flora Baker Wife M   57   Hants, Portsmouth
    Henry Baker Son S 27   Assistant Isle of Wight
    Gertrude Jane Baker Daur S   22   Isle of Wight
    Charles James Baker Son S 24   Assistant Isle of Wight
    Ada Emily Baker Daur S   19   Isle of Wight
    Emma Brown Serv S   37 Domestic Servant Isle of Wight
6 Churchills Cottage William F Cross Head M 25   Farm Servant Dorset, Broadmayne
    Emily Eliza Cross Wife M   28   Lancashire, Waterlow
    William Fred Cross Son   3     Brook, Isle of Wight
    Nora Agnes Cross Daur     5   Brook, Isle of Wight
    William R King Lodger M 16   Farm Servant Hants, Southampton
7 Churchills Cottage William Woodford Head M 25   Farm Servant Banbury
    Mary Woodford Wife M   25   Alvington, Hants
    Charles Angel Boarder S 46   Farm Servant Isle of Wight
8 Chessell Farm William Baker Head S 31   Farmer Shalfleet
    Harriet E Baker Sister S   32   Shalfleet
    Flora A Baker Sister S   21   Shalfleet, I. of W.
9 Chessell Cottage James Wilkens Head M 65   Farm Servant Hulverstone, I. of W.
    Jane Wilkens Wife M   55   Freshwater, I. of W.
    Mary Jane Wilkens Daur S   21 Domestic Freshwater, I. of W.
    Harvey Wilkens Son   12   Farm Servant Chessell, I. of W.
    Rose Annie Wilkens G daur     9 Scholar Chessell, I. of W.
    George Wallis Mew G son   4     Haven Street, I. of W.
10 Prospect Henry Woodford Head M 57   Farm Servant Isle of Wight
    Edith Woodford Wife M   57   Isle of Wight
    Robert Woodford Son S 27   Farm Servant Isle of Wight
    William Percy Woodford Son   14   Farm Servant Isle of Wight
11 Prospect Frank Woodford Head M 22   Dairyman Isle of Wight
    Bessie A Woodford Wife M   26   Wilts, Downton
    Winifred Woodford Daur     9m   Isle of Wight, Prospect
    George Woodford Brother S 25     Isle of Wight, Chillerton
    Isaac Woodford Brother S 24   Dairyman Isle of Wight, Churchills
12 Prospect James Brett Head M 67   Farm Servant Shalfleet, Isle of W
    Jane Brett Wife M   62   Newchurch, Isle of W
    George Brett Son S 19   Farm Servant Shalfleet, Isle of W
    Lucy Ash G Daur     6   Shalfleet, Isle of W
    Henry Whittington Widowr M 89     Godshill, Isle of W
13 Prospect Joseph Lawes Head M 72   Carpenter [Blank]
    Mary Lawes Wife M   55 Chair Woman Shorwell, Isle of Wight
    George Lawes Son S 15   Farm Servant Prospect, Isle of Wight
    Beatrice E Lawes Daur     13   Prospect, Isle of Wight
14 Wellow Frederick Bailey Head M 27   Broom Maker Verwood, Dorset
    Marion Bailey Wife M   22   Bishopstone, Wilts
    Rosa M Bailey Daur     1   Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
15 Wellow Charles Hall Head M 31   Carpenter Brook
    Gertrude Hall Wife M   29   Cows
    Ethel Hall Daur     7 Scholar Porchfield
    Harold Hall Son   6   Scholar I. Of W.Shalfleet
    Ella Hall Daur     4 Scholar I. Of W.Shalfleet
    Evelyn Francis Hall Daur     2   I. Of W.Shalfleet
16 Wellow William Hand Head M 66   Farm Bailiff Wilts, Downton
    Harriet Hand Wife M   61 Laundress Wilts, Downton
    Arthur W Hand Son S 20   Farm Servant Isle of Wight, Wellow
    Louisa Tross Daur Wid   29 Laundress Wilts, Downton
    Bessie Louise Tross G Daur     4   Isle of Wight, Northwood
    Beatrice Annie Hand G Daur S   16 Laundress Hants, Chilworth
    Bessie Hopkins G Daur     13   Isle of Wight, Wellow
    William Biddlecombe Boarder S 30   Farm Servant Wilts, Redlynch
17 Wellow Charles Bradley Head M 52   Gardener Lindhurst, Hants
    Jane Bradley Wife M   41   Buckham Hants
    William Bradley Son   14   Farm Servant Wellow, Isle of Wight
    George Bradley Son   12     Wellow, Isle of Wight
    Beatrice Bradley Daur     10   Wellow, Isle of Wight
    Frederick Bradley Son   8     Wellow, Isle of Wight
    Charles Bradley Son   6     Wellow, Isle of Wight
    Albert Bradley Son   3     Wellow, Isle of Wight
18 Sun Inn, Wellow William J Sawyer Head M 57   Inn Keeper Finsbury
    Jane Sawyer Wife M   49   Brook
    Ida Bertha Sawyer G daur     7   Newbridge
    George Gatrell Lodger S 47   Farm Servant [Blank]
    Frank Groves Lodger S 43   Farm Servant [Blank]
19 Wellow John Bunday Head M 68   Brick Maker Redlynch
    Ann Bunday Wife M   60   Charlton
20 Wellow Hubert Bunday Head M 31   Farm Servant Wilts, Clarendon
    Harriet B Bunday Wife M   29   Hants, Portsmouth
    Lille Bunday Daur     2   Wellow, Shalfleet, I of W
21 Wellow Frank Gatrell Head M 54   Sawyer I. Of W. Wellow, Shalfleet
    Fanny Gatrell Wife M   55 Laundress I. Of W. Wellow, Shalfleet
    Clara Gatrell Daur S   21 Laundress I. Of W. Wellow, Shalfleet
    Arthur Gatrell Son S 18   Sawyer I. Of W. Wellow, Shalfleet
    George Gatrell Son S 16     I. Of W. Wellow, Shalfleet
22 Wellow William Cooke Head M 61   Farm Servant Mottistone, Isle of Wight
    Ann Cooke Wife M   52   Somersetshire
    Walter G Cooke Son   14   Farm Servant Mottistone, Isle of Wight
    Ernest Cooke Son   11   Scholar Brook, Isle of Wight
    Wallace Cooke Son   6   Scholar Hulverstone, Isle of Wight
23 Wellow James Harry Drake Head S 54   Farmer and Grocer Wellow, Isle of Wight
24 Wellow Alexander Short Head M 31   Grocer Brockenhurst, Hants
    Alice Short Wife M   39 Grocers Assistant Wellow, Isle of Wight
25 Wellow Richard Rice Head Widr 73   Cowman Colemans, Isle of Wight
    Alfred Hand Son in law M 31   Cowman Downton, Salisbury, Wilts
    Elenor Hand Daur M   37   Ningwood, Isle of Wight
    Mabel Eleanor Hand G Daur     9 Scholar Wellow, Isle of Wight
26 Wellow Sophia White Head M   57 Wife of George White in Lunatic Asylum Wellow, Isle of Wight
    Maurice White Son S 28   Farm Servant Wellow, Isle of Wight
    William G White Son S 18   Farm Servant Wellow, Isle of Wight
    Emily White Daur S   15 Domestic Servant Wellow, Isle of Wight
27 Wellow Charles Bundy Head M 35   Farm Servant Wiltshire
    Mary E Bundy Wife M   25   Northamptonshire
    John C Bundy Son   6   Scholar Kent
    William Bundy Son   3     Wellow, Isle of Wight
    Henry Bundy Son   1     Wellow, Isle of Wight
    Charles Cooke Lodger S 16   Farm Servant Mottistone, Isle of Wight
    Arthur Cooke Lodger   12   Scholar Mottistone, Isle of Wight
28 Wellow Charles Budden Head M 39   Farm Servant Wroxall, Newchurch
    Sabina Budden Wife M   30   Wellow, Shalfleet
    Charles E Budden Son   6   Scholar Wroxall, Newchurch
    Ethel Budden Daur     5 Scholar Wellow, Shalfleet
    William G Budden Son   2     Wellow, Shalfleet
    Eva White Sister in law S   17 General Domestic Wellow, Shalfleet
29 Wellow Edward Cooper Head S 49   Blacksmith I of W, Shalfleet
30 Wellow Charles Miller Head Widr 38   Butcher Hermitage
    Claude C Miller Son   10   Scholar Hants, Southsea
    Ernest P Miller Son   9   Scholar Bucks, High Wycombe
    Aubrey G Miller Son   7   Scholar Hants, Emsworth
31 Wellow Robert Lock Head M 55   Farmer Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Emily S Lock Wife M   29   Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
    Robert Lock Son   6   Scholar Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Bernard Lock Son   4   Scholar Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Ella Lock Daur     3 Scholar Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Harry Lock Son   2     Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Theresa Lock Daur     2m   Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Emma Lock Mother Wid   74 Living on own means Alverstoke, Hants
32 Wellow William Newbury Head M 64   Dairyman Somerset, Elminster
    Susan Newbury Wife M   68   Somerset, Danyett
    Wilson Newbury Son S 18   Farm Servant Thorley, Isle of Wight
33 Wellow Frank Cooper Head M 55   Carpenter Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Ellen Cooper Wife M   54   Cowes, Isle of Wight
    Laura Cooper Daur S   18   Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
34 Wellow John Scovell Head M 48   Farm Servant Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Fanny Scovell Wife M   37   Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Rose Scovell Daur S   17   Calbourne, Isle of Wight
    Janet Scovell Daur     14   Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    William Scovell Son   11   Scholar Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Albert Scovell Son   6   Scholar Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Bessie Scovell Daur     4 Scholar Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Arthur Scovell Son   1     Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
35 Wellow Arthur Cook Head M 77   Farm Servant Isle of Wight
    Fanny Cook Wife M   48   Isle of Wight
    Andrew Cook Son   14   Farm Servant Isle of Wight
    Charles Cook Son   11   Scholar Isle of Wight
    Thomas Hayles Lodger S 50   Shepherd Isle of Wight
36 Wellow George Holbrook Head M 50   Farm Servant Isle of Wight
    Jane Holbrook Wife M   56   Isle of Wight
    Elizabeth Holbrook Daur S   15 Domestic Isle of Wight
37 Stonehavens William Downer Head M 62   Farm Servant Carisbrooke Parish
    Emma Downer Wife M   59   Godshill Parish
    Frank Downer Son S 32   Farm Servant Carisbrooke Parish
    Fanny Downer Daur S   25   Gatcombe Parish
    Ellen Downer Daur     22   Gatcombe Parish
    George A Downer G son   6   Scholar Shalfleet Parish
End of Ecclesiastical Parish of Shalfleet (Part of). The dwellings below are shown as part of St Nicholas Parish (which was apparently land originally owned by Carisbrooke Castle). This part was merged with the civil parish of Shalfleet in1888.
38 Shalcomb Cottage Thomas Viney Head M 46   Farm Servant Wilts
    Jane Viney Wife M   46   Hants
    Charles Viney Son S 16   Farm Servant Arreton, Isle of Wight
    Frederick Viney Son   1     Shorwell, Isle of Wight
39 Shalcomb Cottage James Cross Head M 52   Farm Servant Dorsetshire
    Susanna Cross Wife M   49   Durham
  Shalcomb House is shown as being unoccupied        

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