Shalfleet Census 1901

Isle of Wight Registration District, Enumeration District No 16. Reference RG13 / 1033

Boundary - All that part of  Shalfleet Civil Parish bounded on the east by the Mill Stream extending from Shalfleet Bridge to Sisford, on the west by the Parish of Thorley, on the north by the high road leading from Shalfleet Bridge  to the Yarmouth Toll House and on the south by the high road from Lee farm Gate to Ningwood Railway Bridge and the Railway Line to Sishford.

Comprising - Old Vicarage and cottages near the bridge, Pond Farm, Warlands, Atkeys, School House, Pitts Farm, Little Bouldnor, Toll House, Little Lee, Lee Farm, Wellow (North Side), Tree Place, Mount Pleasant, Rossiters, Ningwood Green Farm and all the other unnamed houses and habitations within the prescribed boundaries.

Enumerator: Rev. Charles C Shute

Uncertain names marked in italics.


. Name and Surname of each person Relation to Head Marriage Condition Age M Age F Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born
1 Atkeys Anthony Hendy Head Widr 74   Agricultural Labourer I W, Freshwater
    Augusta Jackman G Daur S   22   I W, Brighstone
2 Cottage Frederick Fallick Head M 30   Gamekeeper I W, Calbourne
    Fanny Louisa Fallick Wife M   32   I W, Calbourne
    Frederick James Fallick Son   6     I W, Calbourne
    Charles Henry Fallick Son   4      
3 Ivy Cottage Charles Cleveland Head M 41   Foreman Platelayer Kent, Sydenham
    Lily Cleveland Wife M   36   I W, Thorley
    Archibald Cleveland Son   13     Hants, Buckland
    Charles Cleveland Son   11     I W, Carisbrooke
    Emily Cleveland Daur     9   I W, Carisbrooke
    Frederic Cleveland Son   8     I W, Carisbrooke
    William Cleveland Son   6     I W, Shalfleet
    Lily Cleveland Daur     1   I W, Shalfleet
4 Ningwood House Jane Ridett Servant S   47 Housekeeper (Domestic) I W, Shalfleet
    Esther Newnham Servant S   33 Housemaid (Domestic) I W, Freshwater
5 Dairy Farm William Attrill Baker Head M 38   Farmer I W, Shalfleet
    Rosa May Baker Wife M   38   I W, Ventnor
    William Lambert Baker Son   6     I W, Shalfleet
    Frederick Reynolds Servant S 18   Yardman I W, Chale
    Bessie May Young Servant S   14 General Servant Dorset, Sherborne
  Temperance Cottage Unoccupied            
6 Temperance Cottage William Meaning Head M 49   Carter for Farm I W, Ningwood
    Ellen Meaning Wife M   47   Bucks, Towersley
    Harry Meaning Son   13     I W, Ningwood
    Sydney Meaning Son   11     I W, Ningwood
    William Meaning Son   6     I W, Ningwood
7 Cottage James Brett Head M 76   Formerley a Coachman I W, Atherfield
    Charlotte Brett Wife M   78   I W, Shalfleet
    Alfred Chopping Boarder S 21   Labourer Essex, Mountnessing
8 Cottage Edgar Herbert Buckett Head M 35   Bicklayer I W, Shalfleet
    Charlotte Elizabeth Buckett Wife M   35   I W, Newbridge
9 School House Thomas Deeth Head M 50   School Master Berks, Reading
    Elizabeth Mary Deeth Wife M   50 School Mistress London, Regents Park
    Florence Emily Deeth Daur S   24 Teacher in School Bucks, Calverton
    Alice Dora Deeth Daur     16   Leicester, Belgrave
    Olwen Frances Deeth Daur     14   N Wales, Penmauwaer
10 Cottage William Woodford Head M 34   Labourer for Builder Sussex, Brighton
    Mary Woodford Wife M   35   Hants, Winchester
    Helen Woodford Daur     6   I W, Shalfleet
    Charles Woodford Son   4     I W, Shalfleet
    Austen Woodford Son   4     I W, Shalfleet
    Agnes Woodford Daur     2   I W, Shalfleet
11 Farm House Albert Edward Ablitt Head M 45   Dairyman I W, Shalfleet
    Emily Isabeela Ablitt Wife M   42   Hants, Gosport
    George Henry Ablitt Son   7     I W, Shalfleet
    Hilda Alice Ablitt Daur     6   I W, Shalfleet
    Ivy Eveline Ablitt Daur     5   I W, Shalfleet
    Albert Victor Ablitt Son   3     I W, Shalfleet
    Amy Myra Ablitt Daur     3m   I W, Shalfleet
12 Pitts Farm David Newbery Head M 65   Dairyman I W, Brooke
    Rosa Mary Newbery Wife M   67   I W, Gatcombe
    David Newbery Son S 31   Dairymans Son I W, Cowes
    Florence Newbery Daur S   25   I W, Cowes
    Maurice Sydney Newbery Son S 23   Dairymans Son I W, Shalfleet
    Minnie Newbery Daur S   19   I W, Shalfleet
13 Cottage James Brett Head M 43   Foreman in Brickyard I W, Shalfleet
    Eliza Brett Wife M   39   Dorset, Corfe Castle
    William James Brett Son S 18   Carter in Brickyard I W, Shalfleet
    Henry Milton Brett Son   14   Boy for Carrier I W, Shalfleet
    George Edgar Brett Son   12     I W, Shalfleet
    Eustace Martin Brett Son   9     I W, Shalfleet
    Louis Victor Brett Son   6     I W, Shalfleet
    Ethel Irene Brett Daur     4   I W, Shalfleet
    Edith Kathleen Brett Daur     4m   I W, Shalfleet
14 Ningwood Common Francis Light Head M 65   Foreman in Brickyard Wilts, Downton, Redlynch
    Rosina Light Wife M   63   Wilts, Downton, Redlynch
    Chris Francis Light Son M 29   Maltster I W, Cowes
    Laura Light D in Law M   28   I W, Wellow
15 Little Bouldnor Charles Henry Trowbridge Head M 33   Dairyman I W, Shorewell
    Fanny Trowbridge Wife M   34   Wilts, Salisbury
    Charles Henry Trowbridge Son   13   Drapers Apprentice I W, Shalfleet
    Wm John Thomas Trowbridge Son   9     I W, Shalfleet
    Archibald Joseph Trowbridge Son   6     I W, Shalfleet
    George Hendy Boarder S 20   Labourer on Farm I W, Newport
16 Rest a Wyle, Bouldnor Harriett Smith Head Wid   49 Caretaker Sussex, Westbourne
    Alfred Smith Son S 22   Tailor I W, Thorley
    Laurence Cecil Smith Son   13     I W, Thorley
  Bouldnor 3 uninhabited houses            
17 Toll House Charles Bay Head M 56   Ordinary Farm Labourer I W, Brighstone
    Lucy Charlotte Bay Wife M   47   I W, Newport
    Fredrica Bay Daur S   22   I W, Newport
    Jane Lucy Bay Daur     16   I W, Thorley
    Hannah Tooley M in Law Wid   85   I W, Newport
18 Lee Farm, Wellow Leonard Cooper Head M 75   Farmer I W, Shalfleet
    Martha Bailey Cooper Wife M   69   I W, Yarmouth
    Ernest Leonard Cooper Son S 34   Farmers Son I W, Shalfleet
    Agnes May Cooper Daur S   30   I W, Shalfleet
    Henry Martin Cooper Son S 23   Farmers Son I W, Shalfleet
19 Little Lee, Wellow George Henry Ablitt Head M 52   Farmer I W, Shalfleet
    Emma Ablitt Wife M   54   I W, Calbourne
    Maud Ablitt Daur     14   I W, Shalfleet
20 Wellow Albert Trott Head Widr 59   Farmer Somerset, Dunyatt
    Jane Blake Servant Wid   60 Housekeeper I W, Arreton
21 Downs View, Wellow James Preedy Head M 61   Retired Builder London, Hoxton
    Emma Gay Preedy Wife M   63   Devon, Brixham
    Arthur Joseph Preedy Son S 36   Groom London, Hackney
    Maurice James Drake G Son   10     I W, Wellow
    Florence Sweet Servant S   17 General servant (Domestic) I W, Wellow
22 Wellow Joseph Newberry Head M 50   Contractor Man Somerset, Dunyatt
    Catherine Newberry Wife M   56   I W, St Catherines
    Bertie Ashford John Newberry Son S 24   Contractor's Carter I W, Thorley
    Clara Emma Sophia Newberry Daur S   17 Mothers Help I W, Thorley
23 Wellow George White Head M 29   Ag Cattle Man I W, Shalfleet
    Beatrice White Wife M   26   Hants, Nursling
    Edwin White Son   4     I W, Shalfleet
    Leslie White Son   2     I W, Shalfleet
24 Hattons House, Wellow Alfred Ed. Baker Wake Head M 64   Dealer Somerset, Brewham
    Jane Wake Wife M   62   Somerset, Corton
    Morgan Wake Son S 41   Cowman Ag Cattle Somerset, Ilchester
    Mabel Wake Daur S   22   I W, Shalfleet
    Laban Wake G Son   4     I W, Shalfleet
25 Blake's Farm Wellow William Biddlecombe Head M 30   Carter on Farm Wilts, Louver
    Elizabeth Biddlecombe Wife M   25   I W, Yarmouth
    Alfred Biddlecombe Son   10m     I W, Shalfleet
    Harriett Sweet Aunt S   50   Somerset, Merriott
26 Wellow Henry Welsted Head M 43   Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Parkstone
    Emma Welsted Wife M   42   Dorset, Blandford
    Robert Welsted Son   8     I W, Wellow
    Hilton Welsted Son   7     I W, Wellow
    Louisa Wake Boarder     12   I W, Wellow
27 Wellow Charles Hiscock Head M 54   Labourer on Farm Hants, Ringwood
    Kate Hiscock Wife M   52   Hants, Burley
    Lynda Hiscock Daur S   19   I W, Thorley
    Eva Hiscock Daur S   17   I W, Thorley
    Ralph Hiscock Son   14     I W, Thorley
    George Woodford Boarder S 35   Carter on Farm I W, Chillerton
    Albert White Boarder S 62   Farm Labourer I W, Wellow
    1 House Uninhabited            
28 Tree Place Fredk. Benjamin Cooper Head Widr 78   Naval Pensioner I W, Shalfleet
29 Tree Place Charles Long Head M 48   General Dealer I W, Calbourne
    Mary Long Wife M   30   I W, Freshwater
30 Mt. Pleasant, Wellow Charles William Cooke Head M 44   Collector of Taxes, Sec. Ast. I W, Shalfleet
    Louisa Cooke Wife M   39   Wilts, Downton
    Archie Barton Cooke Son   8     I W, Shalfleet
    Flora Ruby Cooke Daur     1   I W, Shalfleet
    Bessie Louisa Tross Step daur     14   I W, Northwood
31 Wellow Elijah Lock Head M 70   General Labourer Wiltshire, Clarendon
    Fanny Lock Wife M   70   Wiltshire, Waterslow
32 Rossiters Maurice Drake Head M 39   Contractor I W, Shalfleet
    Mary Drake Wife M   39   I W, Cowes
    Rosanna Twaite Lodger Wid   67   Devon, Brixham
33 Wellow Robert Jackman Head M 53   Bricklayer I W, Brighstone
    Kate Jackman Wife M   50   I W, Shalfleet
    Olive Jackman Daur     12   I W, Wellow
34 Read's Cottage John Henry Gibbs Head M 57   Gardener Somerset, Donyatt
    Rhoda Gibbs Wife M   52   Wilts, Redlynch
35 Ningwood Farn Alfred Baker Harvey Head M 46   Farmer I W, Brading
    Emma Harvey Wife M   44   I W, Thorley
    Claire May Harvey Daur     14   I W, Arreton
    Helen Irene Harvey Daur     13   I W, Arreton
    Hilton Harvey Son   12     I W, Arreton
    Dorothy Caroline Harvey Son     10   I W, Arreton
    Olive Muriel Harvey Daur     9   I W, Arreton
    Oscar Baker Harvey Son   7     I W, Rookley
    Ernest John Harvey Son   6     I W, Ningwood
    Ethel Victoria Harvey Daur     3   I W, Ningwood
    Marjorie Gladys Harvey Daur     2   I W, Ningwood
36 Ningwood Charles Seager Head M 69   Haycutter I W, Shalfleet
    Sophia Seager Wife M   71   I W, Shalfleet
    Mary Sophia Seager Daur S   38 Monthly Nurse I W, Carisbrooke
37 Ningwood George Trott Head M 75   Ordinary Agricultural Labourer Somerset, Dunyatt
    Mary Ann Trott Wife M   75   Somerset, Coombe St Nicholas
38 Ningwood Robert Reed Nelten Head M 32   General Labourer I W, Cowes
    Kathleen Elizabeth Nelten Wife M   30   I W, Northwood
    Herbert Leonard Nelten Son   8     I W, East Cowes
    Hilda Lilian Nelten Daur     7   I W, Porchfield
    Kathleen Nelten Daur     4   I W, East Cowes
    Winifred Nelten Daur     3   I W, East Cowes
39 Ningwood Henry George Spinks Head M 33   Station Master London, Kensington
    Christina Spinks Wife M   36   Hants, Broughton
    May Spinks Daur     10   London, Kensington
    Hilda Spinks Daur     6   I W, Newport
    William Spinks Son   2     I W, Ningwood
    Percy Spinks Son   5m     I W, Ningwood
40   James Arnold Blake Lodger S 43   Merchant I W, Yarmouth
41 Green Farm, Ningwood John William Harvey Head M 49   Farmer I W, Freshwater
    Jane G Harvey Wife M   45   I W, Shalfleet
    Archibald Harvey Son   15   Grocer's Apprentice I W, Shalfleet
    Hilda G Harvey Daur     14   I W, Shalfleet
    Edith C Harvey Daur     13   I W, Shalfleet
    Rosalie E Harvey Daur     10   I W, Shalfleet
    Amy C Harvey Son     6   I W, Shalfleet
42 Walnut Cottage Richard Trickett Head M 86   Grocer Hulverstone/Shalfleet, I W
    Caroline Mary Trickett Wife M   68   Cambridge
43 Ningwood Frank Cassell Head M 24   Platelayer I W, Brooke
    Sarah Cassell Wife M   32   Hants, Southampton
    Amy Cassell Daur     7   I W, Carisbrooke
    Charlie Cassell Son   4     I W, Carisbrooke
    Frank Cassell Son   6m     I W, Shalfleet
44 Ningwood Barton Reynolds Head Widr 58   Farm Labourer I W, Shalfleet
    Mabel Reynolds Daur S   21   I W, Shalfleet
    Roland Reynolds Son S 19   Farm Labourer I W, Shalfleet
45 Ningwood Edward Welstead Head M 42   Carter on Farm Dorset, Parkstone
    Annie Welstead Wife M   40   Hants, Boldre
    Fred Welstead Son   13     I W, Thorley
    Mary Welstead Daur     11   I W, Thorley
    Jane Welstead Daur     8   I W, Shalfleet
    Annie Welstead Daur     3   I W, Shalfleet
    Thomas Welstead Son   1     I W, Shalfleet
    Alice Welstead Daur     2m   I W, Shalfleet
46 Ningwood William Fiander Head M 60   Dairy Farmer I W, Shalfleet
    Caroline Fiander Wife M   64   Hants, Hordle
    Annie Fiander Daur S   39   I W, Shalfleet
47 Lower Dodpitt, Ningwood Luke Priddle Head M 58   Farmer Somerset, Kimpton
    Sarah Ann Priddle Wife M   56   Dorset, Leigh
    William Henry Priddle Son S 26   Farmer's Son I W, Calbourne
    Kate Elizabeth Priddle Daur     17   I W, Shalfleet
    William James Thomson Servant S 18   Cowman I W, Chale
    Fred Priddle Son S 20     I W, Shalfleet
    Julia Priddle Daur S   15   I W, Shalfleet
48 Warlands, Shalfleet Frank James Woodford Head M 57   Farmer I W, Calbourne
    Caroline Woodford Wife M   58   I W, Shalfleet
    Amy Eldia Jackman Servant     16 Domestic General Sussex, Dallington
49 Eddies, Shalfleet Wallace Greenen Head M 48   Dairyman I W, Shalfleet
    Mary Jane Greenen Wife M   50   I W, Shalfleet
    Cyril Wiseman Greenen Son S 24   Dairyman's Son I W, Shalfleet
    Dora S Greenen Daur S   20   I W, Shalfleet
    Harry Greenen Son   16     I W, Shalfleet
    Maud Greenen Daur     14   I W, Shalfleet
    May Greenen Daur     10   I W, Shalfleet
50 Pond Close, Shalfleet Charles Rashley Head M 52   Farmer I W, Niton
    Alice Mabel Rashley Wife M   30   I W, Freshwater
    Charles John Rashley Son   4m     I W, Shalfleet
51 Old Vicarage, Shalfleet Michael Saunders Head M 64   Miller Somerset
    Frances Ann Saunders Wife M   65   Dorset
52 Shalfleet Frank William Sheath Head M 40   Agricultural Labourer I W, Wootton Bridge, Arreton
    Elizabeth Sheath Wife M   42   I W, Ningwood
    Arthur Lionel Sheath Son   13     I W, Wroxall
    Mary Elizabeth Sheath Daur     11   I W, Newchurch
    Mildred Alice Sheath Daur     4   I W, Ventnor
    Hilda May Sheath Daur     4   I W, Ventnor
53 Shalfleet Charles Barton Head M 72   Sub Postmaster I W, Calbourne
    Ann Barton Wife M   66   I W, Shalfleet
    Amy Woodmore G Daur     6   I W, Thorley

Shalfleet 1901 Census

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