Shalfleet Census 1901

Isle of Wight Registration District, Enumeration District No 14. Reference RG13 / 1033

Boundary - All that part of the Parish of Shalfleet which lies to the North of the High Road leading from Shalfleet Bridge  to the Yarmouth Toll House. 

Comprising - Miss Sargeants, New Inn, The Vicarage, Horse and Groom, Ningwood Common, Upper and Lower Hamstead, Cranmore, Lucketts, Bouldnor, Eastmore (W. Nicholson Esq) and every other house unmentioned.

Enumerator: Mr George Whittington

. . Name and Surname of each person Relation to Head Marriage Condition Age M Age F Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born
1 Village St Shalfleet Ellen Sargeant Head S   69 Grocer Shalfleet Parish IW
    Selina Shotter Cousin S   49 Living on own means Shalfleet Parish IW
    Alice May Widow S   27   Hambledon, Hants
2 Village St Shalfleet Thomas Hollis Head M 75   Tailor Shalfleet Parish IW
    Jane E Hollis Wife M   78   Newport IW
3 Village St Shalfleet Andrew Barton Head M 35   Estate Lab Shalfleet Parish IW
    Frances Barton Wife M   31   Shalfleet Parish IW
    Anne Barton Daur     11   Shalfleet Parish IW
    Charles Barton Son   9     Shalfleet Parish IW
    Amy Barton Daur     5   Shalfleet Parish IW
    William Barton Son   2     Shalfleet Parish IW
    Edith Barton Daur     2   Shalfleet Parish IW
4 Village St Shalfleet William Whitewood Head M 63   Carter for Farm Mottistone, Brigh. Parish IW
    Hannah Whitewood Wife M   53   Newtown, Calbourne Parish, IW
5 Shalfleet Matthew Saunders Head M 34   Master Miller Portsmouth, Hants
    Kate Saunders Wife M   32   Newport, IW
    Harry Saunders Son   7     Newport, IW
    Olive Saunders Daur     5   Shalfleet Parish IW
    Cecil Saunders Son   3     Shalfleet Parish IW
    Dorothy Saunders Daur     1   Shalfleet Parish IW
6 Shalfleet Mill Henry Buckler Head S 59   Baker Calbourne Parish, IW
    Jane Buckler Sister S   57   Calbourne Parish, IW
    Kate Buckler Sister S   54   Calbourne Parish, IW
7 The Salterns Charles Drayton Head M 68   Stone Mason Shalfleet Parish IW
    Martha Drayton Wife M   59   Lymington, Hants
    Annie Drayton Daur S   29   Shalfleet Parish IW
8 Mill Bank Cottage James Mussell Head M 59   Estate Labourer Lover, Downton Parish, Wilts
    Elizabeth Mussell Wife     58   Lee on Solent, Hants
    Lucy E Mussell Daur S   16   Calbourne, Isle of W
    Alfred Rundle Visitor S 35   House Carpenter Modbury, Devon
9 Shalfleet Farm Edwin J Paul Head S 23   Farmer Shalfleet Parish IW
    Ethel M Paul Sister S   26 Housekeeper Shalfleet Parish IW
10 Yew Tree Charles R Mears Head M 34   Inn Keeper London, Hammersmith
    Christabella Mears Wife M   31   Hale, Hampshire
    Christabella Sarah Mears Daur     10   Shalfleet Parish IW
11 Vicarage Charles C Shute Head M 38   Clergyman (Church of England) Pembrokeshire (Milford)
    Alice L C Shute Wife M   39   London (St Pancras)
    Alfred C Shute Son   7     Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    George F Shute Son   5     Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Hardwick T Shute Son   3     Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Christine M F Shute Daur     3m   London (Shoreditch)
    Mary I Glieg Visitor S   41   India
    Charlotte A Twyman Serv S   15  General Servant (Domestic) Isle of Wight, Shalfleet Parish
12 Hamstead Lodge Walter Smith Head M 57   Market Gardener Isle of Wight, Freshwater Parish
    Jane Smith Wife M   60   Ripon, Yorks
    Elizabeth Smith Daur S   32   Isle of Wight, Shalfleet Parish
13 Ningwood Cornelius Pope Head M 75   Dairy man Isle of Wight, Bembridge Parish
    Mary Pope Wife M   67   Isle of Wight, Thorley
14 Hamstead Frederick Pitman Head M 31   Farmer Isle of Wight, Shalfleet
    Jane Pitman Wife M   31   Isle of Wight, Shalfleet
    James H Pitman Son   2     Isle of Wight, Shalfleet
    Hedley H Pitman Son   1     Isle of Wight, Shalfleet
15 Hamstead Edwin Brett Head M 47   Estate Labourer Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Maria Brett Wife M   37   Town of Leicester
    Frances Brett Daur     9   Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
16 Hamstead George Hollis Head M 37   Dairy man Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Julia Hollis Wife M   41   Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    George Hollis Son S 16   Game Keeper Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Harry Hollis Son S 13     Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
17 Lower Hamstead Irwin Phillips Head S 27   Farmer Isle of Wight (Yarmouth)
    Cyril Phillips Brother M 22   Ordinary Farm Labourer Isle of Wight (Yarmouth)
    Rose Phillips S. in Law M   28 Housekeeper Kent, Charlton
18 Lower Hamstead Josiah Pitman Head M 37   Agricultural Labourer Isle of Wight (Calbourne)
    Sarah Pitman Wife M   36   Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    William H Pitman Son   12     Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Roy E Pitman Son   10     Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Florence M Pitman Daur     9   Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Eva F Pitman Daur     7   Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Oliver J Pitman Son   5     Isle of Wight (Calbourne)
    Daisy M Pitman Daur     3   Isle of Wight (Calbourne)
    Louisa K Pitman Daur     1   Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
19 The Grange, Upper Hamstead Alfred Whitley Head M 46   Living on own means Jersey
    Louisa M Whitley Wife M   29   Hambledon, Surry
    Fanny M Woodland Serv S   17 Cook (Domestic) Isle of Wight (Cowes)
    Lottie L G Thurlow Serv S   21 Houseparlour Maid (Domestic) Isle of Wight (Wootton)
20 The Grange, Upper Hamstead William King Head M 35   Gardener (Domestic) Isle of Wight (Whitwell)
    Kate King Wife M   29   Isle of Wight (Newport)
    May D K King Daur S   7   Isle of Wight (Sandown)
    Charles W King Son S 5     Isle of Wight (Newport)
21 Upper Hamstead Charles Hobbs Head M 56   Coachman Domestic Bagborough, Somerset
    Jane Hobbs Wife M   58   West Buckland, Somerset
    Lily Hobbs Daur S   23   Bishops Hull, Somerset
22 Hamstead House Rose Pennethorne Head S   58 Living on own means Middlesex (Highgate)
    Harriet H Holden Serv S   36 Parlour maid (Domestic) Surrey (Fisle)
    Mabel E Creeth Serv S   20 Housemaid(Domestic) Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Beatrice M Creeth Serv S   20 Cook (Domestic) Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
23 Hamstead Farm John Jones Head Widr 56   Farmer Isle of Wight (Newport)
    Blanche Jones Daur S   26   Isle of Wight (Freshwater)
    Martha Reynolds Niece S   42   Isle of Wight (Rookley)
24 Upper Hamstead Fred Taylor Head M 28   Stockman on Cattle Farm Gloucestershire (Slimbridge)
    Mary Taylor Wife M   37   Dorset (Holwell)
    Henry Grater Boarder   57   Carter on Farm Hants (Easton)
25 West Hamstead William Marks Head M 74   Estate Labourer Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Martha Marks Wife M   49   Berkshire (Lockinge)
26 Cliff Cottage Cranmore Joseph F Taylor Head M 50   Retired Musician India
    Agnes H Taylor Wife M   52 Poultry Farmer Scotland
27 Cliff Cottage Cranmore James Plucknett Head Widr 68   Agricultural Labourer Isle of Wight (Parish N K)
28 Cliff Cottage Cranmore John Brett Head M 30   Carter on Farm Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Alice Brett Wife M   31   Isle of Wight (Yarmouth)
    Rosie Brett Daur   6     Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
29 Eastmore Lodge Edward Smith Head M 69   House Carpenter Isle of Wight (Freshwater)
    Emily L Smith Wife M   64   Hants (Southampton)
    Edward J Smith Son S 36     Isle of Wight (Freshwater)
30 Eastmore Elizabeth Nicholson Head M   61   Kent (Luddledown)
    Maud Nicholson Daur S   29   Kent (Hoo)
    Agnes Nicholson Daur S   25   Kent (Hoo)
    Frederick Nicholson Son S 20   Lieut.  5th B Hampshire Reg. Kent (Hoo)
    Helen D Nisbet Visitor S   43   Surry (Stockwell)
    Emily Curtis Serv M   49 Cook (Domestic) Wilts (Devizes)
    Banche Sharley Serv S   26 Housemaid (Domestic) Hants Lymington
    Elsie M Smith Serv S   17 Housemaid (Domestic) Isle of Wight (Thorley)
31 Bouldnor Park John Fowle Head M 70   Architect and Surveyor Kent (Tonbridge)
    Mary Fowle Wife M   38   London
    Richard Fowle Brother S 63   Civil Servant Sussex (Hastings)
    Alma Brett Serv S   17 General Domestic Isle of Wight Shalfleet
32 Lucketts James Biddlecomb Head M 40   Dairyman Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Ann Biddlecomb Wife M   40   Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Amy Biddlecomb Daur     2   Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Ella Biddlecomb Daur     10m   Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
33 Ningwood Agnes M Bright Head Wid   60 Dairywoman Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Ada M Bright Daur S   24 Dressmaker Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    James Bradley Boarder   16   Cowboy Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
34 Ningwood Elizabeth Buckett Head Wid   64 Laundress Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Beatrice E Buckett Daur S   32 Laundress Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Florence T Buckett Daur S   30 Laundress Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Effie A T Barton Granchild     5   Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Percy H T Curtis Boarder S 19   Estate Manager Dorset (Poole)
35 Ningwood Ellen Creeth Head Wid   56 Charwoman Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Elsie Cooper Niece     11   Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Mark Jolliffe Lodger S 45   Contractor Isle of Wight (Chale)
36 Ningwood George Ablett Head Widr 88   Dairyman Suffolk
    Druscilla Ablett Daur S   48 Helper in Dairy work Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Herbert Ablett Granson S 14     Hants (Portsmouth)
37 Ningwood Sidney P Reynolds Head M 27   General Carrier Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Alice J Reynolds Wife M   29   Kent (Hawkhurst)
    Nellie Piper Sister     16   Kent (Hawkhurst)
38 Ningwood Elenor J Reynolds Head S   31 Inn Keeper Dorset (Portland)
    Kate Reynolds Sister S   29   Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Hector Reynolds Brother S 18   Coal Merchant Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
39 Shalfleet Thomas Mussell Head M 34   Market Gardener Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
    Ester Mussell Wife M   33   Devon (Ringmore)
    Daisy A Mussell Daur     3   Kent (St Pauls Cray Common)
    Winifred M Mussell Daur     2   Isle of Wight (Shalfleet)
40 Hamstead Edward Dimmer Head M 28   Gardener (Domestic) Ryde, Isle of Wight
    Clara A Dimmer Wife M   28   Ryde, Isle of Wight
    George Dimmer Son   3     Ryde, Isle of Wight
    Daisy Dimmer Daur     2   Ryde, Isle of Wight
    Doris Dimmer Daur     1   Shanklin, Isle of Wight

Shalfleet 1901 Census

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