Shalfleet Census 1891

Isle of Wight Registration District, Enumeration District No 14. Reference RG12 / 897

 Part of the Parish of Shalfleet. All that part of the parish which lies to the north of the high road leading from Shalfleet Bridge to Yarmouth Toll House comprising Mill, Sergeants, New Inn, The Vicarage, Horse and Groom, Ningwood Common, Upper and Lower Hamstead and cottages, Cranmore, Lucketts, Bouldnore and Eastmore and every other house unnamed

Enumerator: Mr James Alford Kingswell

    Name and Surname of each person Relation to Head Marriage Condition Age M Age F Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born
1 Shalfleet Farm House Ellen Sargeant Head of  family S   60 Grocer Isle of Wight, Shalfleet
    Harriett Sweet Visitor S   52 Glove Maker Somerset, Marriott
2 Post Office Thomas Hollis Head M 65   Tailor Isle of Wight, Shalfleet
    Jane E Hollis Wife M   60   Isle of Wight, Whippingham
3 Shalfleet Village Andrew Barton Head M 24   General Labourer Hants, Shalfleet
    Emma Barton Wife M   25   Hants, Shalfleet
    Annie Barton Daur     1   Hants, Shalfleet
4 Shalfleet Village William Whitewood Head M 58   Farm Servant Hants, Mottistone
    Hannah Whitewood Wife M   45   Hants, Newtown
    Harry Livington Lodger S 21   Miller Hants, St Cross
5 New Inn John Elliott Head M 46   Inn Keeper Pub Cornwall, Shevioke
    Margaret Elliott Wife M   39   Pembrokeshire, Tenby
    Margaret A Elliott Daur     12   London, Westminster
    Edward H Elliott Son S 16   Shipwright Apprentice London, Westminster
6 Shalfleet Mill Alfred Henly Head M 47   Miller, Journeyman Devon, Membery
    Sarah Henly Wife M   50   Dorset, Brockfield
    George A Henly Son   13     Isle of Wight, Shalfleet
    Annie Henly Daur     11   Isle of Wight, Shalfleet
    Kate Henly Daur     10   Isle of Wight, Shalfleet
    Mary Allen Niece S   24   Somerset, Chardstock
7 Shalfleet Mill Edward Buckler Head Widr 75   Baker Calbourne, Isle of Wight
    Henry Buckler Son S 49   Baker Calbourne, Isle of Wight
    Jane Buckler Daur S   47 Housekeeper Calbourne, Isle of Wight
    Kate Buckler Daur S   44 Baker Calbourne, Isle of Wight
8 Millbank Cottage James Mussell Head M 50   Farm Servant Lover, Wilts
    Elizabeth Mussell Wife M   49 Nurse Lee, Hants
    Mabel J Mussell Daur S   18 Domestic Servant Wellow, Isle of Wight
    Percy Mussell Son S 15   Farm Servant Wellow, Isle of Wight
    Rose A M Mussell Daur S   12 Scholar Brixton, Isle of Wight
    Lucy E Mussell Daur S   2 Scholar Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Esau Pertty * Father in Law Wid 80     Newton Stoney, Hants
    William J Collins Nephew S 18   Farm Servant Wellow, Isle of Wight
9 The Salterns Benjamin Drayton Head M 58   Stone Mason Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Martha Drayton Wife M   49   Lymington, Hants
    Thomas Drayton Son S 25   Gardener Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Louis Drayton Son S 21   Carpenter Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Annie Drayton Daur S   19   Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
10 The Village Clement Shotter Head S 47   Living on own means Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Selina Shotter Sister S   43 Living on own means Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
11 The Vicarage John Thomas Head M 47   Clerk in Holy Orders and Tutor Cardiganshire
    Frances Thomas Wife M   47   Kent, Shooters Hill
    Ellen Pyke Governess S   42 Governess Cambridgeshire
    Josephine M Gilks Gov S   15 Governess, School London
    William G Charles Scholar   10   Scholar Bengal, British Subject
    John W H White Scholar   10   Scholar Isle of Wight, Yaverland
    Gervaise H S Ferress Scholar   9   Scholar Sussex, Brighton
    William B Way Scholar   7   Scholar Isle of Wight, Chale
    Cyril Bowers Scholar   6   Scholar Isle of Wight, Chale
    Charlie Wykeham Scholar   7   Scholar Hampshire, Southsea
    Victor H Bowers Scholar   5   Scholar Isle of Wight, Chale
    Beatrice E Mussell Servant S   18 General Servant, Domestic Isle of Wight, Chale
12 Ningwood Mary Munday Head Wid   64 Dairy Woman Hants, Isle of Wight
    Robert Buckett Son M 23   Bricklayer Hants, Isle of Wight
    Emma Buckett Daur M   23   London
    Wallie Buckett Son   1     Hants, Isle of Wight
13 Ningwood Lucy A Reynolds Head Wid   88   Hurstbourn Prior
14 Hamstead Elizabeth Blow Head Wid   50 Farmer Boldre, Hants
    Elizabeth Blow Daur S   24   Isle of Wight
    Mabel Blow Daur S   14   Isle of Wight
    Janet Blow Daur     11 Scholar Isle of Wight
    George W Blow Son   10   Scholar Isle of Wight
    Jessie Blow Daur     9 Scholar Isle of Wight
    Amy Blow Daur     7 Scholar Isle of Wight
    Eleanor G Blow Daur     4   Isle of Wight
    Benjamin J Blow Son   2     Isle of Wight
    Fanny Kelloway Visitor S   34   Boldre, Hants
    William Kelloway Boarder S 32     Boldre, Hants
15 Hamstead Isaac Adams Head M 68   Farm Servant Isle of Wight, Brighstone
    Mary Adams Wife M   56   Isle of Wight, Shalfleet
    William Adams Son S 26   Farm Servant Isle of Wight, Shalfleet
    Kezia Adams Daur S   24   Isle of Wight, Shalfleet
    Mary Adams Gran Daur S   19   Isle of Wight, Shalfleet
16 Hamstead George Hollis Head M 28   General Labourer Hants, Isle of Wight
    Julia Hollis Wife M   31   Hants, Isle of Wight
    George Hollis Son   6     Hants, Isle of Wight
    Harry Hollis Son   4     Hants, Isle of Wight
    Fred Hollis Son   2     Hants, Isle of Wight
17 Hamstead James Pitman Head M 32   General Labourer Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Elizabeth Pitman Wife M   33   Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight
    Katurah Pitman Daur     9   Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Edith Pitman Daur     1   Calbourne, Isle of Wight
18 Hamstead James Pitman Head M 54   Farmer Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Ann Pitman Wife M   53   Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Mary J Pitman Daur S   25   Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Frederick Pitman Son S 21     Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Louisa Pitman Daur S   18   Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Edward J Pitman Grd Son   4     Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Amy E Pitman Grd Daur     1m   Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
19 Hamstead Robert Horsford Head S 51   Farmer Isle of Wight, Shorwell
    Sarah Horsford Sister S   54   Isle of Wight, Shorwell
    Emily Horsford Sister S   43   Isle of Wight, Shorwell
20 Hamstead George Meaning Head M 38   Farm Servant Carisbrooke
    Martha J Meaning Wife M   36   Carisbrooke
    Emma Meaning Daur     13 Scholar Shalfleet
    Alfred W Meaning Son   11   Scholar Calbourne
    Kate L Meaning Daur     9 Scholar Calbourne
21 Hamstead James Downer Head M 46   General Labourer Hants, Isle of Wight
    Emma Downer Wife M   42   Hants, Isle of Wight
    Edgar P Downer Son   12     Hants, Isle of Wight
    Mildred Downer Daur     4   Hants, Isle of Wight
22 Hamstead Rose Pennithorn Head S   49 Living on her own means Middlesex, Highgate
    Katherine Adams Servant S   39 Cook, Domestic Lockings, Berkshire
    Eleanor Brimson Servant S   25 Parlour Maid Newport, Isle of Wight
    Betsie Kettle Servant S   24 Housemaid Tunbridge, Kent
23 Hamstead Henry Bailey Head M 40   Retired Army Officer ? House ?
    Eveline Bailey Wife M   36   Germany
    May Bailey Niece S   16   Germany
    Alice Clark Servant S   20 Domestic Servant, Cook Hampshire
    Elsie Jacobs Servant S   19 Domestic Servant, Parlour Maid Isle of Wight
24 Hamstead Walter Smith Head M 47   Gardener Isle of Wight, Freshwater
    Jane Smith Wife M   51   Yorkshire, Ripon
25 Hamstead George Saunders Head M 28   Gardener Calbourne
    Ellen F Saunders Wife M   23   Brading
    Maud E Saunders Daur     1m   Shalfleet
    George Dunnett Lodger S 18   Groom Suffolk
    James Bartlett Lodger S 22   Groom Portsmouth
26 Hamstead James Butt Head M 60   Coachman (Domestic) Isle of Wight, Shorwell
    Charlotte Butt Wife M   64   Isle of Wight, Shalfleet
    Charlotte E Butt Daur S   26   Isle of Wight, Shalfleet
    Frank Butt Son S 20   Printer Isle of Wight, Shalfleet
27 Hamstead William Marks Head Widr 64   Dairyman Hants, Isle of Wight
    Edwin Brett Boarder M 36   Gardener Hants, Isle of Wight
    Maria Brett Boarder M   27   Leicester
28 Ningwood Common William Bright Head M 56   Dairyman Hurstbourn, Hants
    Agnes M Bright Wife M   52 Laundress Newbridge, Isle of Wight
    Emily J Bright Daur S   32   Elson, Hants
    Robert Bright Son S 26   Domestic Servant Wellow, Isle of Wight
    Harry Bright Son S 24   Yacht Steward Wellow, Isle of Wight
    Ada M Bright Daur S   14 Scholar Ningwood, Isle of Wight
29 Cranmore James Plucknett Head M 56   Farm Servant Isle of Wight
    Ellen Plucknett Wife M   59 Farm Servant Isle of Wight
    Mary J Plucknett Daur S   18   Isle of Wight, Yarmouth
    John Brett Son in Law M 21   Farm Servant Isle of Wight, Shalfleet
    Alice Brett Daur M   21   Isle of Wight, Yarmouth
30 Lucketts Robert Drake Head M 67   Dairyman Isle of Wight, Hants
    Ellen Drake Wife M   69   Isle of Wight, Hants
    Charles Blake Boarder S 22   General Labourer Isle of Wight, Hants
31 Bouldnore Unoccupied            
32 Bouldnore Susan May Widow Wid   62 Caretaker Isle of Wight, Yarmouth
33 Bouldnore (Eastmore) Elizabeth Nicholson Wife of Head M   51   Kent, Luddistone
    Maud Nicholson Daur S   19   Kent, Luddistone
    Edith Nicholson Daur S   18   Kent, Luddistone
    Agnes Nicholson Daur S   15   Kent, Luddistone
    Robert Nicholson Son S 6     Hants, Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
    Victor Nicholson Son   4     Hants, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
    James C W Smith Serv S 25   Butler, Domestic Servant Hants, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
    Helen Nisbet Governess S   32 Governess Surrey, Stockwell
    Emily Curtis Serv S   38 Cook, Domestic Servant Wilts ?
    Frances Keeping Serv S   21 Housemaid, Domestic Servant Hants, Perrington
    Ada E Langford Serv S   16 Housemaid, Domestic Servant Somerset, Ilminster
    Ada Clark Serv S   21 Kitchenmaid, Domestic Servant Hants, Exbury
34 Bouldnore Edward Smith Head M 49   Gardener Isle of Wight, Freshwater
    Emily L Smith Wife M   52   Hants, Southampton
    John W Smith Son S 21   Groom Isle of Wight, Freshwater
35 Ningwood Emily Hodge Head Wid   43   Isle of Wight, Calbourne
    Jacob Fry Father Widr 76     Isle of Wight, Calbourne
    Albert P Wood GranSon   5   Scholar Sussex, Steyning
    William J Scott Lodger S 23   Dairyman Somerset, Shipton
    Amos Scott Visitor M 59   Farmer Somerset, Shipton
36 Ningwood Effie A Buckett Head S   18 Laundress Isle of Wight, Ningwood
37 Ningwood George Ablitt Head Wid 78   Dairyman Suffolk
    Caroline Ablitt Daur S   41   Isle of Wight, Hants
    Drusilla Ablitt Daur S   38   Isle of Wight, Hants
    Albert Ablitt Son S 35     Isle of Wight, Hants
    Herbert M Ablitt GranSon   4     Portsmouth, Hants
38 Horse and Groom Inn George Reynolds Head M 46   Carter and Inkeeper Isle of Wight, Hants
    Louisa Reynolds Wife M   46   Dorset
    Percy Reynolds Son S 17     Isle of Wight, Hants
    Fred Reynolds Son S 15   Ironmongers Apprentice Isle of Wight, Hants
    William Reynolds Son S 12     Isle of Wight, Hants
    Hector Reynolds Son S 8     Isle of Wight, Hants
39 Ningwood Josiah Pitman Head M 27   General Labourer Shalfleet
    Sarah J Pitman Wife M   26   Newbridge
    William J Pitman Son   2     Hamstead
    Rose E Pitman Daur     11m   Ningwood

* Marked as Infirm

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