Shalfleet Census 1881

R.G.11 1187

Calbourne District 8

Census taken 3 April 1881 - Enumerator: Mr Frank J Woodford

Only the area the the east of Shalfleet village has been transcribed

Part of the Parish of Calbourne. Bounded on the east by the detached part of Shalfleet Parish, on the west by the Mill Stream, on the north by the high road extending from Shalfleet Bridge to the parish boundary at Lower Watchingwell and on the south by the high road leading from Ashen Grove to the Mill Stream at Newbridge. Comprising the Cottages near Shalfleet, Guyers, Frys, Heberdens, Fullholdings, Pound, Five Houses, North Park, Swainstone, Holbrooks, Elm Farm, Stonesteps, Quarry, Taggs, Street Place, Sisford, Lower Mill, the Glebe, Albert Longs, Coopers, Bank Cottage, Langbridge, Gustar and every other unamed house or habitation within the prescribed boundary.

Note: Uncertainties in italics, invalidities marked with * and shown at foot of table.

    Name and Surname of each person Relation to Head Marriage Condition Age Male Age Female Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born
13 Sishford John Groves Head M 69   Labourer Isle Wight, Hampshire
    Ann Groves Wife M   59   Isle Wight, Hampshire
14 Shalfleet Hill George Meaning Head M 27   Cow Man Carisbrooke, I Wight
    Martha Meaning Wife M   25   Carisbrooke, I Wight
    Emma Meaning Daur     8   Shalfleet, I Wight
    Alfred William Meaning Son   1     Calbourne, I Wight
15 Shalfleet Hill Charles George Head M 36   Carter Fording Bridge, Hants
    Sarah George Wife M   38   Ringwood, Hants
    William James George Son   12   Ploughboy Alderholt, Dorset
    James Henery George Son   10   Scholar Ringwood, Hants
    Stephen Charles George Son   8   Scholar Brockenhurst, Hants
    Kate George Daur     6 Scholar Thorley, I Wight
    Edwin George George Son   4   Scholar Thorley, I Wight
16 Cottage Charles Ford Head M 43   Labourer Calbourne, I Wight
    Ellen Ford Wife M   37   Salisbury, Wilts
17 Shalfleet Hill James Mussell Head M 39   Carter Lee, Hampshire
    Elizabeth Mussell Wife M   38   Lee, Hampshire
    Tom Isaac Mussell Son   14   Assistant Carter Wellow, I Wight
    Frances Emily Mussell Daur     11 Scholar Wellow, I Wight
    Mabel Jane Mussell Daur     8 Scholar Wellow, I Wight
    Percy James Mussell Son   5   Scholar Wellow, I Wight
    Rose A M Mussell Daur     2   Brixton, I Wight
    Emma Ruth Fulford Cousin Unm   49 Invalide Blackheath, Kent
    William James Collins Nephew   8   Scholar Wellow, I Wight
    Ellen Alice Collins Niece     5 Scholar Wellow, I Wight
    Edith E E Collins Niece     4   Wellow, I Wight
    Gertrude B Collins Niece     2   Yarmouth, I Wight
18 Guyers Edwin Mew Head M 30   Labourer Isle Wight, Hampshire
    Martha Emma Mew Wife M   29   Northwood, Hants
    Charles Henry Mew Son   8   Scholar Calbourne, Hants
    George Mew Son   6   Scholar Calbourne, Hants
    Amos Mew Son   2     Apse Heath, Hants
    Everleigh E Mew Son   11m     Calbourne, Hants
    Alfred Arthur Buseu Lodger Unm 21   Labourer Ryde, Hants
19 Frys Elizah Lock Head M 43   Farm Labourer Wilts
    Fanny Lock Wife M   48   Wilts

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