Shalfleet Census 1901

Isle of Wight Registration District, Enumeration District 3 (Part). Reference RG13 / 1032

This includes the area of Brooke and Hulverstone which were formerly in Shalfleet Parish. It is not a full transcription of the District

Enumerator: Mr George Alford Kingswell


. Name and Surname of each person Relation to Head Marriage Condition Age M Age F Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born
42 Brooke Green Mary Millmore Head Wid   50 Carrier Calbourne, I of W
    James Millmore Son S 15   A Farm Servant Mottistone, I of W
    Archie Millmore Son   13     Mottistone, I of W
    Rowley Millmore Son   10     Mottistone, I of W
    Martin Millmore Son   6     Mottistone, I of W
    Alfred Groves Boarder Widr 64     Mottistone, I of W
43 Brooke Green George Millmore Head M 56   Shepherd on Farm Shalfleet, I of W
    Jane Millmore Wife M   52   Ningwood, I of W
    John Millmore Son S 24   A Farm Servant Shalfleet, I of W
    Alice Millmore Daur S   20 Housemaid Domestic Freshwater, I of W
    Thomas Millmore Son S 15   A Farm Servant Brooke, I of W
    Eva Millmore Daur     11   Brooke, I of W
    Charles New G Son   8     Netley, Hants
44 Brooke Green James Newbury Head M 40   Carpenter Brooke, I of W
    Emily Newbury Wife M   40   Wootton, I of W
    William Newbury Son   13     Brooke, I of W
    Frederick Newbury Son   11     Brooke, I of W
    Arthur Newbury Son   9     Brooke, I of W
45 Fernvale, Brooke George Hawker Head M 34   Agricultural Labourer Brixton, I of W
    Annie Hawker Wife M   37   Shorwell, I of W
    William Hawker Son   11     Mottistone, I of W
    Robert Hawker Son   10     Brixton, I of W
46 Hulverstone, Brooke Archelaus White Head M 57   Carter on Farm Chale, I of W
    Ellen White Wife M   73   Chale, I of W
    Walter White Son   29   Teamster on Farm Yafford, I of W
47 Hulverstone, Brooke Ann Newbury Head Wid 69     Newchurch, I of W
    Ellizie Ward Daur M   36   Brooke, I of W
48 Hulverstone, Brooke Elspheth Wellington Head Wid   83 Grocer and Shopkeeper Newport, I of W
49 Hulverstone, Brooke Hephzivale Hollis Head S   59 Headmistress, C E School Newport, I of W
    Clara Reich Lodger S   46 Assistant Mistress Middlesex, Bowes
50 Hulverstone, Brooke Israel Downer Head Widr 68   Agricultural Labourer Brooke, I of W
    Ann Amelia Downer Daur S   46   Brooke, I of W
51 Hulverstone, Brooke Harriet Gutteridge Head Wid   79   Brighstone, I of W
52 Hulverstone, Brooke William Morris Head M 48   A Farm Servant Wool, Dorset
    Harriet Morris Wife M   49   Winfrith, Dorset
    Joseph Morris Son S 25   Carter on Farm Winfrith, Dorset
    George Morris Son S 23   A Farm Servant Winfrith, Dorset
    Frederick Morris Son S 17   A Farm Servant Arreton, I of W
    Daisy Morris Daur     12   Hulverstone, I of W
53 Hulverstone Post Office Frank Newbury Head M 45   Gardener Brooke, I of W
    Elizabeth Newbury Wife M   48 Post Mistress Lower Wallop, Hants
    Frederick Newbury Son S 20   Carpenter (Apprentice) Brooke, I of W
    Edith Newbury Daur S   17   Brooke, I of W
    Charles Newbury Son   14   Gardener (Apprentice) Brooke, I of W
    Edward Newbury Son   12     Brooke, I of W
    Georgina Newbury Daur     10   Brooke, I of W
    Catherine Newbury Daur     10   Brooke, I of W
    Alfred Newbury Son   8     Brooke, I of W
    Mabel Newbury Daur     3   Hulverstone, I of W

Shalfleet 1901 Census

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